Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1, 2014

Good morning! I took yesterday off. I was too excited. I uploaded my 1st Minecraft map (6th pic) & I already had a rave review! If you'd like to download it, the link is:
After that I couldn't help it, I just had to start February's map! I welcome all suggestions as the maps should only get better with experience & your suggestions.
After uploading January's map I started February's. It only took 2 tries this time. The 1st try put me on the top edge of a mountain in an extreme hills biome. Not very useful for building anything. The 2nd try put me in a forest surrounded by trees & beautiful flowers. WIN! I created a Simple Suburban Train Station (5th pic) & then started building out from there. Unlike my 1st map, this one is more
organized. There are 4 tracks that branch out from the train station & the houses are spaced along the tracks starting out a bit from the station so you can still enjoy the biome. I didn't have to knock down every tree. The 1st house I created is the one I still live in, Alpine Retreat (2nd pic). Then I created the Candy Cane Cabin (3rd pic), a castle (4th pic), & 1007 (1st pic). Notice there is a lot of natural biome around each
house that's great for exploring & gathering resources. No matter which house you choose, you'll have space. The 1st map was more like being in a city, this is out in the country where you can barely see your neighbor's house. :) This is going to be a great map folks! It'll be uploaded on Thursday the 28th.