Wednesday, September 11, 2013

▸ 9/11 Remembrance 2013

Good afternoon! Yesterday was TV day. I went to Sears & picked up a digital converter box & then spent the rest of the day setting it all up. I moved the TV out of the bedroom & put it on the kitchen counter where I can see it from my office (2nd pic). I love it! I missed having live TV. Local news, channel surfing to see what's on ... I really missed it. I didn't have an antenna for the converter box except for an OLD dual antenna that I think was for an old scanner. It sorta worked, I got a few channels with it, but not many. Probably
about 10. Then I picked someone up in Princeton & we went to Walmart so they could pick up some things they needed. While we were there I bought a REAL antenna that's made for a digital converter box (3rd pic). With the new antenna I can pick up about 30 channels. The Walmart trip took a long time, & setting up the TV, new antenna, & moving everything around so it all fit took a while too. By the time I was done I didn't see the point of going back to my schedule because it was SO late
already. So, I just sat back & enjoyed having live TV again until someone got home from work. It was great! Yesterday's Sims game was Lakeside Mansion & my Sim Nikki has been working on her skills. This morning I took the dogs out, made a cheese omelet for breakfast, got the mail, & spoke to a company about a job. I'm pretty sure the job is mine if I want it, but it sounds like too much of an experimental business idea & I'm not sure it's going to work out. My pay would be dependent on people's "donations". I would get in my truck, drive all the way into downtown Dallas to pick people up & drive them home no matter where that is, then depend on them paying me "something". Now there's a "suggested donation" amount, but if I'm understanding this correctly, they could just get out without paying anything. According to the company, I could make a fortune. From what I'm understanding about how customers are supposed to pay, I could also go broke in fuel costs & end up losing money. How many people will actually pay the suggested donation amount? How many people would pay nothing at all since they don't HAVE to pay? How many people would just throw me whatever they had on them? $1? $5? I don't know, it sounds risky. I'd also be taking the same risks as a cab driver. Would I get mugged? car-jacked? What kind of neighborhoods would I end up in? I think I may want a carry permit before taking this type of job. I never used to think about all the liability of something until I had teenagers. I spend so much time trying to explain liability of their actions / non-actions to them, that now I can't help but think about the liability of anything I might do. What once would have just been a driving job to me is now multiple risks ... financial & personal. Today's Sims game is Modern Condo & my Sim Victoria is in the university on an apprentice fine arts degree.
Remembering 9/11

•     7:59 am – American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 with 92 people aboard, takes off from Boston's Logan International Airport en route to Los Angeles.

•    8:14 am – United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767 with 65 people aboard, takes off from Boston; it is also headed to Los Angeles.

•    8:19 am – Flight attendants aboard Flight 11 alert ground personnel that the plane has been hijacked; American Airlines notifies the FBI.

•    8:20 am – American Airlines Flight 77 takes off from Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, D.C. The Boeing 757 is headed to Los Angeles with 64 people aboard.

•    8:24 am – Hijacker Mohammed Atta makes the first of two accidental transmissions from Flight 11 to ground control (apparently in an attempt to communicate with the plane's cabin).

•    8:40 am – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) alerts North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)'s Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) about the suspected hijacking of Flight 11. In response, NEADS scrambles two fighter planes located at Cape Cod's Otis Air National Guard Base to locate and tail Flight 11; they are not yet in the air when Flight 11 crashes into the North Tower.

•    8:41 am – United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 with 44 people aboard, takes off from Newark International Airport en route to San Francisco. It had been scheduled to depart at 8:00 am, around the time of the other hijacked flights.

•    8:46 am – Mohammed Atta and the other hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11 crash the plane into floors 93-99 of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, killing everyone on board and hundreds inside the building.

•    8:47 am – Within seconds, NYPD and FDNY forces dispatch units to the World Trade Center, while Port Authority Police Department officers on site begin immediate evacuation of the North Tower.

•    8:50 am – White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card alerts President George W. Bush that a plane has hit the World Trade Center; the president is visiting an elementary school in Sarasota, Florida at the time.

•    9:02 am – After initially instructing tenants of the WTC's South Tower to remain in the building, Port Authority officials broadcast orders to evacuate both towers via the public address system; an estimated 10,000 to 14,000 people are already in the process of evacuating.

•    9:03 am – Hijackers crash United Airlines Flight 175 into floors 75-85 of the WTC's South Tower, killing everyone on board and hundreds inside the building

•    9:08 am – The FAA bans all takeoffs of flights going to New York City or through the airspace around the city.

•    9:21 am – The Port Authority closes all bridges and tunnels in the New York City area.

•    9:24 am – The FAA notified NEADS of the suspected hijacking of Flight 77 after some passengers and crew aboard are able to alert family members on the ground.

•    9:31 am – Speaking from Florida, President Bush calls the events in New York City an "apparent terrorist attack on our country."

•    9:37 am – Hijackers aboard Flight 77 crash the plane into the western façade of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., killing 59 aboard the plane and 125 military and civilian personnel inside the building.

•    9:42 am – For the first time in history, the FAA grounds all flights over or bound for the continental United States. Some 3,300 commercial flights and 1,200 private planes are guided to airports in Canada and the United States over the next two-and-a-half hours.

•    9:45 am – Amid escalating rumors of other attacks, the White House and U.S. Capitol building are evacuated (along with numerous other high-profile buildings, landmarks and public spaces).

•    9:59 am – The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.

•    10:07 am – After passengers and crew members aboard the hijacked Flight 93 contact friends and family and learn about the attacks in New York and Washington, they mount an attempt to retake the plane. In response, hijackers deliberately crash the plane into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, killing all 40 passengers and crew aboard.

•    10:28 am – The World Trade Center's North Tower collapses, 102 minutes after being struck by Flight 11.

•    11 am – Mayor Rudolph Giuliani calls for the evacuation of Lower Manhattan south of Canal Street, including more than 1 million residents, workers and tourists, as efforts continue throughout the afternoon to search for survivors at the WTC site.

•    1 pm – From a U.S. Air Force base in Louisiana, President Bush announces that U.S. military forces are on high alert worldwide.

•    2:51 pm – The U.S. Navy dispatches missile destroyers to New York and Washington, D.C.

•    5:20 pm – The 47-story Seven World Trade Center collapses after burning for hours; the building had been evacuated in the morning, and there are no casualties, though the collapse forces rescue workers to flee for their lives.

•    6:58 pm – President Bush returns to the White House after stops at military bases in Louisiana and Nebraska.

•    8:30 pm – President Bush addresses the nation, calling the attacks "evil, despicable acts of terror" and declaring that America, its friends and allies would "stand together to win the war against terrorism."

American TV shows cancelled in 2010 top 10:
  1. As the World Turns (53 seasons)
  2. Bonnie Hunt Show (2 seasons)
  3. Ugly Betty (4 seasons)
  4. Saving Grace (4 seasons)
  5. Numb3rs (6 seasons)
  6. Nip/Tuck (7 seasons)
  7. Lost (6 seasons)
  8. Last Comic Standing (7 seasons)
  9. Cold Case (7 seasons)
  10. 24 (8 seasons)
Ask, "New shoes?" to everyone you see through the course of the day.

Because it was considered a sacred place, the ancient Greeks prohibited people from dying on the island of Delos.

Do you know what an economic adviser is? Well, an economic adviser, that's a guy w/ a steady job who explains why you don't have one.

For a milestone birthday, such as a 13th, write down 30 things on separate pieces of paper that you love about the person whose birthday it is. Fill a jar w/ the slips of paper, & make a tag for the jar that says "30 things I love about you."

Help a loved one w/ a problem even if they resist. If they continue to resist, try a sleeper hold just like the big-time wrestlers. Works every time.

If you can't find a lint roller, wrap tape around your fingers, sticky side out, to remove hair & specks from clothes.
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What a difference real understanding can make! All the well-meaning advice in the world won't amount to a hill of beans if we're not even addressing the real problem.

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