Wednesday, September 4, 2013

► September 4, 2013

Good afternoon! Yesterday was such a busy day & I'm still feeling the aftermath. I spent 4½ hours cleaning the house which included processing an Avon shipment & getting the mail somewhere in there. Then it was straight onto the treadmill, then outside to do some landscaping. By the time all the physical part of my day was over, it was a total of 7½ hours. And yesterday was my day OFF! With days off like that, I'd rather be at work. When I finally sat down, it was to update the apps on my iPad mini, make sure the new ones were accounted for, then sync w/ iTunes on my PC, then sit back & peruse the WFAA app. I ended up reading about the 2nd confirmed case of West Nile virus in Tarrant
County. With all the mosquitoes around here & taking into account how much they love me, I'm surprised I haven't gotten it yet. Just uber lucky I guess! I really should use repellant more often, but I just can't stand being coated in stinky bug spray & then forgetting & wiping my mouth or something & then UGH! That taste! Or worse, forget & rub my eye & set it on fire ... something like that. BUT, on the other hand ... when taking West Nile into account I should probably opt for the bug spray, huh? Speaking of bugs, after I was finished reading about West Nile what did I do? I went out on the front porch to sit & relax for a bit. It was beautiful out & amazingly, nothing bit me. I did get dive-bombed by a June-bug, but other than that it was very peaceful out there. Now it was 10 at night & I still had some alone-time left, so I came in & played Sims for a while. Not the usual, 'do something around the house, do something in Sims', but just sat down & played ... uninterrupted & non-stop. I don't do that very often & it was nice. Playing Sims is about the only completely non-productive thing I do. I never did learn how to relax & when I discovered Sims 3, I finally learned how to sit & do nothing useful for a while. Sitting on the front porch last night was equally non-productive & relaxing. I guess I worked so hard yesterday that I must have really needed to relax if I did TWO non-productive things back-to-back like that. Yesterday's Sims game was the California Mansion & my Sim has been working on his skills. He's mastering cooking & fishing & once he does he'll head off to the university & get a degree in fine arts & then come back & become a celebrated 5-star chef which won't take him long at all with already having mastered cooking & fishing AND having a university degree. Once he reaches his lifetime wish, he'll retire, marry a woman he'll have met at work, have a child, & the cycle of life will continue with the next generation. :) This morning I took the dogs out, made an Eggo for breakfast, got the mail, & started up a new game in Sims ... the Sports Agent career. I decided to have my Sports Agents live in the city of Bridgeport. My 1st gen Sim Peter is a genius, athletic, loves the outdoors, disciplined, & equestrian. His lifetime wish is to have the perfect mind & perfect body. He likes tri-tip steak, custom music, & the color black. He's an Aquarius. His furry companion is a chihuahua named Xoco who is friendly, neat, & a genius. Peter will be building up his athletic, logic, & martial arts skills before enrolling in the university, getting a degree in phys ed, maxing out his jock influence, & being offered the job of Sports Agent. Once he gains his lifetime wish (before going to the university) & reaches the top level of his career, he'll then retire, marry a lady he met at work, have a child, & teach the 2nd generation from as early an age as possible to be ready for the Sports Agent career. Again, the circle of life will continue.

As well as empowering you to put 1st things 1st, weekly organizing gives you the freedom & the flexibility to handle unanticipated events, to shift appointments if you need to, to savor relationships & interactions w/ others, to deeply enjoy spontaneous experiences, knowing that you've proactively organized your week to accomplish key goals in every area of your life.

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Bike Tracks is an advanced cycle computer that can record your cycle ride but also includes Open Cycle Maps that give much more information for the cyclist. Attach your iPhone to your bike and use the 3 live easy to read dashboard views that are easily accessible with a simple swipe of your finger or simply put your phone in your pocket/rucksack and go ride. Navigate using Open Cycle and Open Street maps that provide Terrain, Cycle routes and trails information. All Open Cycle and Street Maps are automatically stored on your phone as you view them.
Cycle Computer:
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► Live Distance and Speed.
Great ride even better:
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► Checkout Bike Tracks on Facebook for the latest information.
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Note 1. iPhone 3Gs (9 hours), iPhone 4 (12 hours) - actual recording length dependant on battery condition, temperature, background applications and phone usage.
Note 2. Recording your ride requires no data or phone signal. However some features require data such as maps (if not already cached) or sharing. SET DATA ROAMING OFF IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT DATA USAGE AND COSTS.
As with all GPS receivers the quality of GPS signal can vary depending on the amount of visible sky, satellite positions, foliage, weather conditions etc. GPS will not work indoors. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Cities w/ the largest police departments in America top 10:
  1. N.Y.C.
  2. Chicago
  3. L.A.
  4. Philadelphia
  5. Houston
  6. Detroit
  7. D.C.
  8. Baltimore
  9. Miami
  10. Dallas
If it's a mirrored elevator, draw faces on the glass w/ lipstick.

Most common fear in the world is odynophobia. It's the fear of pain.

Rise & shine ½ hour earlier than the rest of the family. You'll feel less frazzled.

W/ September upon us, remember, it's easy to fall in love when Venus & Neptune meet or when Tequila & limes are present. They're both effective matchmakers.

You know there are 3 classes of mail for postage delivery? There's 1st-class, 2nd-class, & nobody-lives-that-long. You know the fastest way to get your mail delivered? Stamp it "junk mail." It'll get there immediately. -Johnny Carson 1978

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