Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1, 2013

Good morning & happy September! Yesterday I made a cheese omelet for breakfast, showered, & then went to work. I got the mail took the dogs out & took a lunch break, & then headed back to work, then headed off to my other job. When work was done for the day I took a break & sat on the back porch for a little bit. It was another perfect day in paradise. My Sims game for the day was Northmont, one of my favorite houses that I've built. My Sim Quinn Goth (3rd gen) is a child & has been going to school & working on his skills. This morning I took the dogs out, went to work, came back & changed all the calendars. This month holds: Labor Day, Patriot Day, autumn, & a birthday. Yay! Labor Day is tomorrow, get ready!

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