Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hello everyone & happy Wednesday! I think I must have a cold .. I was able to fall asleep 4 hours earlier than usual for the past week & then I slept 9 hours instead of the usual 7½. I'm still loving this cooler fall weather, but I need to get slippers SOON because my feet are cold. Starting tomorrow I need to dress warmer. High of 85° today & then a high only in the 70s tomorrow. I'd like to find a way to set my phone up on it's charging disk so I can see it from bed. I used to have it set up like a bedside alarm clock where I could see it, but then I got this charging disk & it lays flat. I could just plug the phone in like I used to, but I don't want to wear out the plug. I guess maybe I shouldn't worry too much about it. By the time the plug wears out, IF it wears out, I can just start using the disk again. Welcome to the age of not owning a single clock except for the ones in our phones.

Bavarian Rainbow Handmade Acrylic Non-Standard Crocheted Afghan
Honeycomb Baby Wrap Crochet Pattern
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27 Voters this week.
NL Pitcher of the Week
1stJosé Fernández (MIA)27
Previous Start: W, 8.0 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 12 K, 88 GSc
38-17, 2.58 ERA, 471.1 IP, 589 K, 150 ERA+, 11.2 K/9
AL Pitcher of the Week
1stMarco Estrada (TOR)18
2ndRick Porcello (BOS)3
t-3rdWade Miley (BAL)2
t-3rdEduardo Rodriguez (BOS)2
t-3rdJharel Cotton (OAK)2
NL Hitter of the Week
1stFreddie Freeman (ATL)25
t-2ndJoc Pederson (LAD)1
t-2ndPaul Goldschmidt (ARI)1
AL Hitter of the Week
1stVictor Martinez (DET)15
2ndJosé Bautista (TOR)9
3rdCameron Maybin (DET)2
4thJosé Ramírez (CLE)1
Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One is an action RPG set in an urban fantasy environment. It is a story-driven, hack and slash, single player game for PC. You play as Johnny, a magic revolver wielding man who has one night to close the gates of Hell, with Satan's monsters on his case.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday September 27, 2016

Hello everyone! Yesterday was spent packing all my afghans into the Space Saver bags & wow do those things work. Put a bunch of afghans in, suck the air out with a vacuum, & now you have a short, heavy afghan "brick". I freed up a bunch of shelves in our closet & the afghans are no longer piled high & tipping over if you accidentally touch one of the piles. THANK YOU to the person who sent them to me after I had mentioned in a conversation that those would probably help a lot around here. That whole process took 2 hours along with a lot of walking back & forth & heavy lifting ... THEN it was time to clean the house. Before bed last night I went out onto the back patio to enjoy the cool night air, but that was cut short by one of the largest dragonflies I had ever seen smacking around out there. It sounded like a bird hitting the side of the house. I don't think they can hurt you, but still ... it was huge & I wasn't in the mood to have it bounce off my face as many insects seem to like to do. I swear it's a private joke in their community started by the Junebugs. "OK, let's hit her in the face & watch her freak out ..."
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Forming And Baking Bagels:
With a little practice, you can make bagels that rival those in New York’s best bagel shops.
 Check out these step-by-step instructions for boiling, topping, and baking perfect bagels.
To make bagels, a stand mixer is highly recommended. The best bagels are made with high-gluten flour or bread flour, so the dough is very stiff. It also requires a long mixing time to develop properly.
  1. Once the dough has risen once, divide it into 12 equal pieces and form them into dough rounds. Cover the rounds with a damp cloth and allow them to rest for 5 to 10 minutes for easier shaping. Meanwhile, bring 3 to 4 quarts of water to boil in a large stockpot, preheat your oven to 500 degrees F (260 degrees C) and lightly oil two baking sheets.
  2. Lightly coat your hands with vegetable oil and gently press a dough round down with the palm of your hand. Find the center of the round and push a finger through to make a hole.
  3. Swing the bagel around your finger to widen the hole. Be gentle; the goal is to widen the hole without ripping the walls of the bagel. The walls should be approximately 1-inch thick and the hole 2 inches wide. Don’t worry if the hole seems too large: it will close up quite a bit as the bagel boils and bakes. After each bagel is shaped, place it back underneath the moist towel.
  4. Why boil? Boiling gelatinizes the starch in the outer layer of dough, giving the bagels their characteristic chewy crust. Some bakers add malt syrup (available at health food stores and specialty grocers) to the water to sweeten it, enhancing the bagel’s flavor. We used fresh boiling water with no added flavoring. Carefully drop the bagels, two or three at a time–depending upon the size of your pot–into the boiling water. Don’t crowd the bagels in the pot; this will cause the water to cool down and the bagels to stick together.
  5. Boil the bagels until they have expanded in size and underside appears cooked (1 to 2 minutes); turn them with a slotted spoon or spatula. Let them boil for another minute or two, until both sides are evenly cooked.
  6. Remove each bagel from the boiling water; the bagels will have puffed up and the centers will be nearly closed. They will be off-white in color and have some blisters just below the surface. Drop each bagel into a bowl of cold water to cool.
  7. If you wish to top your bagels, arrange toppings–poppy seeds, sesame seeds, dehydrated onion–on plates. Remove bagels from the cold water bath and dip the top and sides in the seeds. Arrange the seeded bagels on the oiled baking sheet.
  8. With strongly flavored toppings, such as Kosher salt, garlic, caraway, or fennel seeds, sprinkle on the toppings rather than dipping the bagels to coat completely.
  9. Bake the bagels in preheated oven until golden brown, about 15 minutes. After 10 minutes, check the bagels and loosen them from the baking sheet if they are sticking. Once they are done, place them on a rack to cool.
  10. You don’t need to get up at 4 am, like the bagel bakers do. The shaped rings of raw dough can be frozen and kept for up to three weeks. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator, bringing to room temperature before boiling. Bake as directed. in your favorite recipe.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday September 26, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well today. It's nice & cool here ... only 64° at 11:20a. The only reason the air conditioners are still on is because it's warmer inside the house still. Humidity, insulation, & all. The high is only supposed to hit 74° today ... true fall weather! I'm really enjoying this. My dogs are a little disappointed though. With all the rain we had yesterday & this morning, I couldn't let them out back like I usually do when we wake up because it's too muddy back there. I'm sure they'd love it, but then there'd be mud all over the house & that just wouldn't work for me.
100% acrylic. Brighten up any space! Hand crocheted in the U.S.A. Measures approx. 37" square. Washable & dry-able.
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LizC864 All the Mods v. 1.27 Minecraft server:

When young Frank Fowler (Nick Stahl) becomes romantically involved with an older single mother (Tomei), his parents (Spacek and Wilkinson) are concerned. But when the relationship takes a sudden and tragic turn, the Fowlers are forced to confront the harsh reality of their situation and the inescapable consequences of their actions.
Time to be optimistic. Well, I'll be more optimistic than a lot of other folks, anyway. I see people in this sub blaming this or that as the sole reason we lost. As is the case in most losses, it's not that simple. There's a lot of things to blame on this game, so I'll just try to hit on them quickly...
  • Timeouts
    This one doesn't bother me as much. We have a rookie head coach, and it was inevitable that he's going to have a learning curve as far as clock management. Dirk, in all of his blunt wonderfulness, admitted after the game that he should have used his timeouts. Love to hear that honesty. Even in spite of that, we had a fantastic chance in the red zone to get the ball in the end zone, and we blew it. Remember that.
  • Aguayo
    No sugar-coating this one. He has to make those kicks. Has to. Unacceptable. I even had a dream last night where I met Aguayo and was like "WTF?" And he shrugged me off saying that he was suspended. Also, he likes playing video games. But once again, even in spite of his missed kicks, we had plenty of chances to overcome it. Hard to place blame squarely on 19.
  • Turnovers
    Now we're getting closer. Fumbles and picks. WAY TOO MANY OF THEM. Straight up. That's partly on Jameis, partly on our O-line, and partly on our receivers constantly tipping the ball into the air or running poor routes.
  • Defense
    This. This right here is the main issue. We scored enough points to win 99% of NFL games. Yet our defense made the worst offense in the league look like the New Orleans Saints. After three games, I am quite worried. Our corners are tiny and are getting burned. Our safeties, which we already knew was a weakness, are blowing assignments and giving up big plays. Our pass rush and run D are decent, considering our top two DEs are hurt, but not good enough. They aren't forcing fumbles and rarely force INTs. It was great seeing Kwon and David do what they do to solve this. Hopefully it picks up.
So as you can see, this was an all around loss to a bad team, and we can't blame one single part. So where is the optimism?
As much as this game hurt, and as much as we want to say "same old Yucs" for losing to an inferior team at home, I still firmly believe that this team is different and we will get better. The defense, which is the MAIN issue, is in a new system. If you remember Lovie's first year, our defense went from dumpster fire to pretty effective towards the latter half of the season. The reason we went 2-14 was because of the inept offense and lack of QB.
This team is so young, guys. They're going to take their lumps. They're going to make mistakes. But what truly is a measure is how they finish. I do not think we are as bad as we've looked the last couple of weeks. I really don't.
We very well could be 1-4 going into the bye. But I think we will at least be 2-3. This team is not shitty. They are underperforming. Stay the course. Believe in your talent. Are we a playoff team? No. But we aren't a 2-14 team either.
I'll leave you with reminding you of the 1996 Buccaneers. It was Coach Dungy's first season. This team started 1-8. How many of us thought "same old Yucs," and thought Dungy to be a nobody first-year head coach that would be fired soon?
Those Bucs went on to win five of their last seven games to finish 6-10. That ended up being a turning point for ayoung team, and they went to the playoffs the next season. The culture changed and winners and Hall of Famers were born.
Given our performance the last two games, one can easily write off the Bucs. Even now that we're playing the Broncos and Panthers, no one expects us to win. What happens if we win one or both of those games? Yeah, not likely. But if it did happen, it would quickly allow us to brush these two weeks off as growing pains.
My point is - take a deep breath. Let's see how the season plays out before we start calling for heads to roll. It's a long season, and we all KNOW how much better this team is than the ones of recent memory. Believe in Jameis. Believe in Koetter. Allow this team to feel the agony of defeat and rise from the ashes.
Aren't you glad we let the '96 Bucs do so?
TL;DR - quit being lazy. Read it.
EDIT - spelling
A twin-stick shmup set in a grim world cursed by demons and ghouls.
  • Prep
  • Cook
  • Ready In
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour a 10 inch Bundt pan.
  2. In a large bowl, combine cake mix, pudding mix, sour cream, eggs, oil and coffee liqueur. Beat until ingredients are well blended. Fold in chocolate chips. Batter will be thick. Spoon into prepared pan.
  3. Bake in preheated oven for 1 hour, or until cake springs back when lightly tapped. Cool 10 minutes in pan, then turn out and cool completely on wire rack.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hello everyone. I decided to move my blogging to earlier in the day because the nighttime blogging wasn't working. It worked better in that everything that happened that day was still fresh in my mind & I was blogging about the current day instead of the previous day, but evenings are very busy around here no matter what day of the week it is & that made it very difficult to hold a thought. It's stormy here today & I like it. I like when it rains. The power blipped out at least once, but that's ok. The temperatures are low enough that we won't start sweating in 5 minutes without a/c. It's a beautiful 71° outside right now. Since nothing else has happened since I posted last, I'll say goodbye until tomorrow when I can post about today's happenings. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday September 24, 2016

Happy weekend everyone!
"I think most of us are familiar with the line "there's not a single witch or wizard who went bad that wasn't in Slytherin" spoken by Hagrid in book one. I just got sorted into Ravenclaw and noticed Quirrel was listed as a famous Ravenclaw character. Thought it was interesting considering he "went bad" and wasn't in Slytherin. Of course a logical explanation is that Hagrid was exaggerating.
Has anyone noticed any other non-Slytherin characters who joined the dark side? (Aside from Sirius Black who's name was cleared)"

Today I realized we had NO smoke alarm in the kitchen. That's not good! We now have a brand new one in there, so all is safe once more. Make sure you check your smoke alarms & have one in every room. You never know & even if you're really careful, there could be a short in the wiring in the walls or a charger could start a fire ... there are so many things that could go wrong. Smoke detectors are cheap & easy to install. Better safe than sorry!

Control a pond's ecosystem; experiment with what you can do and see what happens. Among Ripples is a meditative ecosystem management simulator; you add different creatures to the pond and see how they interact.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hello everyone & Happy Friday! I'm back! I tried moving my blog to my personal Website, but the site builder version of the blog was horrible. No menu, no sorting, just a loooong page of text. If you wanted to see a blog 6 months back, you'd have to scroll to it. Nope, no good. Then I recently tried WordPress, but that wasn't going to work either. It's nice looking & there were a couple features I liked about it, but they didn't have justified formatting & they disable all affiliate links, which is going to be a part of my blog now ... so they were out. I've actually missed blogger & I think my life has slowed down enough that I can actually do this again like I used to. So what's new with all of you? What have I missed? I'm glad you found your way back even after I've been gone for a couple of years. Now that's dedication!

Would you believe this thing comes in 41 colors?

Americana Black, Red, White, & Blue Crocheted Afghan. 
Perfect gift for fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, or anyone who wants classic elegance without all the bright colors. This afghan is 100% acrylic, soft, & warm! Measures 68½" x 67". Made with Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn".
All sales are final. This is a home-made object & there probably ARE imperfections & some ends may pop out & need to be woven back in here & there after washing & use. Attempts have been made to remove all random pet hairs, but do NOT purchase if you or anyone in your home is allergic to dogs.
Baby-Soft Layette Crochet Pattern
This is a physical pattern on paper that will be mailed to you in an envelope via old-timey snail mail. The pattern WILL be folded to fit into a regular envelope to save on shipping costs as it's cheaper to mail a letter-sized white envelope than it is to mail a larger yellow envelope.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane offers even more outrageous laughs with Ted Unrated, the story of a grown man (Mark Wahlberg) and his lovably profane talking teddy bear.

DarkFuturology examines dystopian trends. We emerged from growing dissatisfaction with the utopian tech-porn dominating Futurology.

Today's been insane. Just when I thought I had enough time in my life to start blogging again, I try to write one & it takes hours because of all of the interruptions. First 3 key Websites I needed went down ... not our Internet, other Websites were working just fine ... but 3 were just gone. Sounds like something big happened out there tonight. For 3 very large sites to be down all at once & come back all at once ... a DOS attack maybe? I wonder how many other sites were involved that I don't know about because I don't frequent them. Hubby came home, our son wanted to chat, TV time ... hours later I'm finally finishing what I started early this evening. This is why there usually isn't an easy flow to my blogs. My concentration is broken a couple dozen times during each posting ... so it becomes erratic unfortunately. ANYWAY ... since no one in our home ever used our dining room, I decided it wasn't really needed anymore & I moved the table & chairs out to our covered back porch & added some nice lighting out there. In what used to be the dining room is now my office. I like it because I can see the back porch, back yard, driveway, front porch, front yard, hallway, kitchen, living room , & street from here. When my office used to be in one of the bedrooms, all I could see was either the fr ---tones just went off, meaning I needed to switch tabs to another screen momentarily. See what I mean about constant distractions & broken concentration? --- Where was I? Oh yeah, all I could see was either a small section of the front yard & street OR a small section of the hallway depending on which wall my desk was on. Out here I have a full view of much more! Today I decided the outside dining room needed a little sprucing up, so I hung a nice wreath with watering can with flowers in it attached to the front of the wreath near the table. It's outdoorsy & is better than just bare outside walls. I'll spend a lot more time out there once mosquito season is over, which I think is real soon. The temperatures are dropping & I can go out there during the day without melting & soon the nights will be too cool for those little flying vampires. Here's to breakfast on the veranda! :) Well, time to get back to it. I have more TV to watch with hubby since he's not tired yet & doesn't have to work tomorrow & then it's over to to post my Sim blog for the day. Have a wonderful morning, afternoon, & evening & I'll see you tomorrow, Sunday, or Monday. Weekends may be a little tough to get on here with everyone home. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that my family wants to spend time with me. So many people aren't so lucky.

1st New Post of New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I'm not stranger to blogging. I had a blog on Blogger for a couple years & had a couple hundred hits a day. Then life got busy & I took a break for a couple years, but I'm back now! This blog is going to be a little different from the last one. I'm a housewife who is currently unable to get a job outside the home for personal reasons. Even though hubby is a computer geek & more than capable of supporting us, I have a yarn addiction that he's understandably less than thrilled about paying for. SO ... to hopefully make a little bit of money to buy my own yarn without having to beg & then get dirty looks, I've decided to start this blog. What you can expect to see here is: An affiliate link that will take you to & if you buy anything there, I get a little bit of change towards a skein of yarn. I'll also be featuring my own items that I have for sale on eBay & Etsy. There will be a funny meme or two, maybe a screenshot from my Minecraft world when I play once in a while, a movie of the day that I watched while crocheting one of my many projects,  a crochet or knit stitch pattern, something that I've seen on Pinterest & would like to share here, something interesting from Reddit, what's going on in my life today, & last but not least ... a random game from Steam. So much content! All I ask in return is that if you can spare a little bit of sofa change, donate with the PayPal button or if you're on your way to Amazon to buy something today, link through my blog post so they can shoot me a little of their sofa change. :) As always, I welcome comments & suggestions. Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8, 2016

Good morning everyone. I wasn't around yesterday because I was in bed for the past 24 hours with a stomach flu. Well, in bed & in the bathroom. It was a rough 24 hours to say the least. I think I'm OK now, not 100% sure, but we'll see. I managed to eat some rice last night & it stayed down, so ... YAY! I'm attempting some chocolate milk now, but I'm taking it real slow because I can't tell if my stomach is rumbling because it's empty or because it's a warning to not put anything in there yet other than the recommended BRAT: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. Wish me luck. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016

Good morning all! Today is our Grandson Daniel's 5th birthday. Well, it would have been. He died of SIDS at 7 weeks old. We miss him terribly. Our daughter took the day off & is spending the day at home surrounded by comfort foods while gaming. I've been playing Minecraft too (big surprise there). I have been playing the Earth mod & since it's linked into Google maps, I can build my house on the exact coordinates that it sits in real life. The Earth mod is a 1:95 replica of the earth & it's pretty cool because since it's a mod, I can also have other mods like the furniture mod & MCA. I decided to do what I normally do in Minecraft whenever I start a new world, which is find 0, 0 & use my algorithm to decide which direction to go from there until I get to the 1st tree (which is needed to make any tools), punch the tree down, mine down from there, collect materials, & build my house centered on the exact spot the tree was. This is ALWAYS on either X:0 or Z:0 & since it's an algorithm, the spot & the house will be the exact same if the world is ever recreated. Now on the Earth mod, this means that I can reverse engineer it into real life to see where that would have landed me on the real Planet Earth. Going by my algorithm, I would live in Dangme West, Ghana in Africa. The great thing about this Earth mod is that it goes both directions. If you get your coordinates in Google maps, you plug them into this mod in Minecraft & it teleports you to THOSE coordinates in Minecraft! It also does the reverse, if you randomly teleport to any location on the map, you can press K & it will show you the Google coordinates for that location in the game, along with the address & a street view photo of the location in real life. My only problem with the mod so far is that I can't find a random location teleporter "MOD" for 1.8.9. Here are my daily gaming screenshots for yesterday:
 Earth mod house before storage room addition.
 Earth mod house greenhouse before everything grew
 Earth mod house storage room
 Earth mod spawn point in the Congo
 Earth mod house beginning
Earth mod Dangme West, Ghana, Africa

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5, 2016

I did it! I have Minecraft 1.9 running as a server now! I love it! Only little glitch is that there's no GUI, so I have to either type /stop in-game to stop the server or kill the task in task manager. I have no console for commands. If it's possible, I haven't figured it out yet anyway. So ... I can set home, go home, go back, & best of all I have DynMap! WOO!! I now have 3 servers on my home PC ... 1.7.10, 1.8.9, & now 1.9. I'm so happy!!! Screenshots from yesterday's game:
I finally wandered far enough out to find a Japanese village to my west in my 1.7.10 world. I spent most of yesterday on someone's Realm, but I don't have any screenshots. I built a house on the edge of a jungle near a river. It's a nice location & thanks to the thickness & size of the trees, I'll never want for wood. LOL! Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 4, 2016

March 4, 2016

Good morning everyone! Not much going on, a lot of gaming screenshots from yesterday:
Sims 4 (bought a fruit bowl):
 Minecraft 1.9 (added a sheep farm):
 Minecraft 1.7.10 (added a cow farm):
 Minecraft 1.8 (added a living room):

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 3, 2016

Hello! I hope you all had a great day yesterday! My 3-day headache is finally gone. WOO! Now I'm hoping is stays gone. I'm assuming it was a cold, but none of the cold meds worked on the headache which was just parked behind my right eye. Not a very bad one, but just enough that I felt it constantly. It went away late yesterday evening & then once I finally felt better I wanted to be awake & do things! I hate being tired & listless for 3 days because I don't feel good & then suddenly feel better at NIGHT when I'm supposed to be going to sleep. I did manage to go to sleep, but for some reason I've been waking up every hour or so all night the past few nights. I keep forcing myself to stay in bed though & not come out & play Minecraft because then I'd be asleep right now instead of awake. LOL! I spent some time on Fiverr yesterday & it amazes me the things people will do for $5. I mean, 3 hours of data entry for $5! It's a great place to go to get things done cheap, but if you're looking for work, nope. I did the math, 3 hours for $5? That's just over a buck fifty per hour! I'm good with minimum wage, but $1.66/hr? Nope. IT ... someone will fix ANY computer problem you're having for $5. Remote de-spyware, $5. Build a Minecraft server, $5. I can do all of these things, but I'm not going to charge only $5 for it. The last time I worked from home I made $25/hr. I'm willing to go down a little from there, but not from $25 down to $1.66 or so. At my rates, anything I do on Fiverr will take me only 10 minutes. So much for that idea. The job search continues. 1 hour work for a loaf of bread. HA! Nope. I played my Minecraft 1.8 & 1.9 servers last night & made some progress. It's a nice world & I like where I am in both. Today I try out a Realm I requested an invite to & got accepted on late last night. Here's my screenshots from my 1.8 server:

These are from my 1.9 server:

And my Sims 3 grocer:

Have a great day everyone!