Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 14, 2015

Hello & yes, I know it's been a year & a half since my last blog post. I've been happily beading, crocheting, knitting, playing Civilization V, Minecraft, & a couple times a week, Sims 3. Life has been good! I like to use pony beads & make bead banners ... I bought the seed beeds & a loom, but they're so tiny ... I'm just too old to SEE them, never mind pick them up & use them. LOL! Crocheting, I still love the Bavarian afghan pattern & am always working on one of those along with other afghan patterns so I don't get bored working on the same thing every day. I've got some standard favorite patterns that I am always working on & pull a new one into the mix every once in a while for something completely different. Knitting, I don't knit much. I enjoy it, but not as much as crocheting. My thing recently is to watch Charmed twice a day while crocheting, giving me an hour & 20 minutes of crocheting per day. CivV is my morning game for an hour every morning & I really enjoy it but had never "won" the game (according to the game by turn 500) until a couple days ago. I was playing as Rome & I had more gold, production, food, military strength, & territory than anyone else. WOOHOO! I could have kept playing, but I was so happy to see the victory screen that I figured I'd stop while I was ahead. Minecraft, I still have my Minecraft server & have switched to a modded server. I had gotten bored with Vanilla Minecraft & modpacks were too overwhelming with too much to learn & do. I finally found the perfect happy medium for me ... FTB Vanilla+. I run that on my server now & I love it! Sims 3 is still the Sims 3 & I live vicariously through my Sims. Last night I played the rock star game & it's going well, but their house is a little small for all of them. I'm hoping the daughter who is in grade school will marry someone with a bigger house because if he's homeless (as some Sims you meet are), then we're screwed. There's just no more room. It's a nice house, but VERY small. 1 bedroom. I have 2 double & 1 single bed in that single bedroom already, if she has to move her husband in, I'm going to have to put a bed in the basement! No, I'm not kicking anyone out ... that's just not nice. "Hey mom, dad, meet my new husband. Now get out, you're in the way." Yeah, not nice. The big news of today is what happened in Paris last night with the terrorist shootings & bombings. Other than that, nothing new going on here. Hubby & our son are outside replacing the alternator in the Mustang GT convertible & everything else is as it should be. Have a great ... year & a half or so until I write to you again! Oh, instead of Blogger daily, I mainly just stick to facebook & Reddit now. Those are my 2 main social media sites, so if you want I'll see you there. I'm LizC864. :)