Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 2014

Hello! Yes, it's been 3 months. :) All is good here. Since I have no idea what I've covered & what I haven't, I'll just tell you the highlights.

I switched to e-cigs. Best thing I ever did & SO much easier than quitting. No more stained walls, my sense of taste & smell is good, & I'm healthier. I'm a fan. I'm using V2, & have never had a problem with their products, so if you're in the market I suggest them highly. :)

Our daughter is coming to visit & attend our son's senior band banquet. She'll be here about a week & her flight will land in Dallas in just over 48 hours.

I finally got my hair straightened & it looks amazing! I found a GREAT place that does full service work. Hard to find these days because for years all they would do is spritz my hair & trim it. New place every time & that's all I could get done. Well, this last place I found does it all. Wash, cut, style, blow dry, & straighten. Not like I've had it straightened before. This won't come out in 2 days or 2 months. This is PERMANENT! Only the new hair growing in may be wavy & then I go back & have it touched up. All that amazing service & wonderful hair & guess what? It was CHEAP too! I'm now a customer for life & the guy who did my hair was exactly who I was looking for. I had 3 criteria for the PERFECT stylist & he hit 2 out of 3. I'm not sure about the 3rd because I wasn't about to ask him if he was gay. :) He's amazing though & I hope he never leaves there. If he does I'll have to track him down & hope he's still in the business.

Our son joined the Marine Corps. & ships out August 25th. Boot camp is in California & either he hasn't chosen a job yet or hasn't informed us if he has, so we have no idea where he's going after that. We plan on attending the graduation, so I get to see California for the 1st time in my life. :D

Yes, I'm still playing Minecraft ... a LOT & I'm going to ArcadiaCon next month! I have 2 servers now: & a Realms server. ALL of my work can be found on 3 different Pinterest pages:

Hubby decided back in January that my truck was nicer than his Civic (duh!) & started taking it to work 6 days a week. Well, after 5 months of driving the beat up Honda (which I hate) I traded it for a Ford Mustang GT convertible! Straight trade, no cash. I KNOW I got the much better end of that deal & I'm loving my Mustang! Spring, the best time to buy a convertible ... I've been driving around with the top down & getting sun! Hubby told everyone it's the "Midlife crisis mobile", but I prefer to call it my "hubby stole my truck so I traded his car for something COOL mobile"

I stopped playing Sims for a while during my Minecraft intro, but have now started again & now play Minecraft & Sims equally. I don't screenshot in the Sims as much as I used to though as I'm not building there anymore. I save all my building for Minecraft, but that may change soon.

I was worried about losing power during this blog due to storms we're having today, but instead my computer crashed. I have issues with my video drivers & once in a while I'll get the black screen of death. The screen just goes black & there's no coming back from that. No Ctrl+Alt+Del, nothing. The only thing I can do is punch reset. Luckily though, Blogger is cool & saves your work as a draft often. I only lost about 1 sentence. Not bad!

The last of the news, but not least is a new puppy! Taz. Hubby, who is NOT a pet person ... especially when we already have cats & dogs, was coming back from a PC repair job at a business one night & while driving through downtown Dallas was stopped at a light & heard a woman crying. Sitting on the curb was a homeless woman crying & holding a TINY little puppy. She was promising the puppy that she would find him a good home. Hubby pulled over & asked her what was going on. She said that this little puppy (I mean he fit in the palm of my hand ... but was eating solid food) was lost & a bunch of mean people were yelling at him & scaring him. HOW can people do that?! How can people be mean to animals? Worse, how can people be mean to domestic animals? Even WORSE, a super tiny little puppy that was already lost & scared??? Sometimes I am SO disappointed in the human race. :'( Anyway, she grabbed the puppy & ran off with him. She was now on this street corner crying (I would be too ... people are so cruel!) & hubby did the unthinkable. He said he would be more than happy to give him a great & loving home & proceeded to tell her that we have other pets & that he would never be lonely. Well, he was going to surprise me but couldn't contain himself. He called me & told me. I of course did the girly "aaawwww!" thing over & over. When he got home & I saw this little guy, it started all over again. This was the CUTEST puppy I have ever seen in my life & we're talking almost 50 years of life here. O-M-G he's cute!!! It only took me a couple days to come up with the name Taz. He's got the wild energy of Taz! He's spoiled rotten & finally about the same size as the Chihuahuas but feels like he weighs 10X as much. He's one solid little guy. Out of control & destructive ... I have to watch him every second, but he bonded with me instantly & never EVER leaves my side. If I get up to walk into the kitchen (right behind me), he gets up from sleeping & follows me in there. Every step & he's right by my side. I'm not sure what he is, but I'm fairly sure he's not a mutt & also fairly sure he's a miniature dachshund. Everyone, meet Taz:
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