Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Good morning! Yesterday was a nice relaxing day. Considering it was Cabbage Night in Jersey & Gate Night in N.Y., I was a little worried, but as usual, the trend hasn't made it down to Texas. Nothing happened, which is a good thing. I had breakfast sausage, cleaned the house, got the mail, took the dogs out, & then relaxed on the sofa & finished the entrelac tam (2nd pic) & then almost finished the entrelac kitchen towel I'm working on & then I had pizza delivered for dinner once everyone was home. Yesterday's Sims game was Glenwood
Cottage & my Sim Faith is in the university waiting to see if she just took her mid-terms or her finals. I couldn't sleep last night, so after an hour & a half of trying, I got up, started up my PC, loaded up Sims, & created a retirement house for Sim hubby & I & our pets (3rd - 10th pics). This morning after a 1 hour nap, I took the dogs out & our retired Sims played shuffleboard on the back porch (11th pic). IRL hubby & I will play Backgammon or Risk together tonight. I then loaded up Bridgeport Heights & my Sim Robert is working on his skills & going to work.

Happy Halloween, stargazers! W/ all the candy & treats lying around you'll want to think about a diet soon. Don't be like my Aunt Rita who went on the all Pop Tart & beer diet recently, which is about as effective as a referee on a TV wrestling match.

H.G. Wells's radio drama War of the Worlds depicts Martians invading Jersey, causing fear when listeners believe the performance to be real, 75 years ago yesterday.

In Mexico, instead of saying "trick or treat" during Halloween, children ask "can you give me my little skull?" The small skull, or calaverita, is made of sugar or chocolate.

Most popular horror film franchises of all time top 10:
  1. Friday the 13th
  2. Saw
  3. The Exorcist
  4. Halloween
  5. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  6. Scream
  7. Paranormal Activity
Amityville Horror
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Omen

Skins will practically slip off garlic if you plunge the head in boiling water 1st, then soak it in cold water.

Some people say that you have to like yourself before you can like others ...
but if you don't know yourself, if you don't control yourself, if you don't have mastery over yourself, it's very hard to like yourself, except in some short-term, psych-up, superficial way.

You remember going trick-or-treating? That was fun. Nowadays it's different. It's Beverly Hills. It's unreal over there. Kids go out yelling "Trick or Gucci."

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30, 2013

Good morning! yesterday was a busy day, but a nice one. I did get to relax at the end of the day, so it's all good. A day of hard work followed by some down time is always a good thing. If you work hard & don't have some "you time" at the end of the day, I hope you can find a way to make some changes & fit that time in, because it really does help. All work & no play isn't good for anyone. We're not machines. The FD got toned out to a MVA, I made a fried egg sandwich for breakfast, got the mail, 
cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, showered, took the dogs out, processed an incoming Avon delivery, the FD got toned out to another MVA, I had a Stouffer's single-serving 5-cheese lasagna for lunch, then instead of loading up Minecraft, I played Sims until everyone got home. When I got the call that everyone was on their way, I started dinner & made some great baked chicken & stuffing w/ Hershey's Kisses for dessert. Yesterday's Sims game 
was Remington, one of my favorite houses (2nd & 3rd pics). My Sim Michael was working in the military career & was going to fulfill his lifetime wish of becoming an astronaut (level 10 in the military career) before starting a family, but for the 1st time ever, my Sim was pursued by another Sim ... my high school romantic interest sent me a gift, sent me a love letter, called, asked me out on 2 dates, & that's when I just gave up & had Michael marry Lisette. They just had their daughter, Liz Jones (3rd gen). Liz loves the outdoors & is disciplined. She'll do well w/ martial arts. Liz is an Aries who likes kids music, fried peanut butter & banana sandwiches, & the color pink. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Glenwood Cottage. My Sim Faith (1st gen) is in the university & although I'm done playing the university, it's Friday in the game & I can't tell if it's Friday #1 (w/ another game week to go) or Friday #2 where she goes home tomorrow. I'm going to let her take her exams & see if she goes home at the end of the weekend. If not, she'll drop out of the university Monday morning before class starts. Faith's lifetime wish is to be a gold digger & she doesn't need the university for that. I'm finding that the university isn't needed for anything other than the experience of going to the university. The specialized jobs that were added w/ the university life expansion pack can be obtained w/ just maxing out influence w/ the jocks, nerds, or rebels. You can do that without the university. Now it's true you get a slight income boost w/ a degree as opposed to not having a degree, but not enough of one to to make me want to go through 3 Sim years of the university in every game, every generation.

Chilled onion is easier to slice & chop - & causes no tears.

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During medieval times, dried dill hung above a home's doors & windows was thought to protect the people inside from witches.

Ghost towns of the world top 10:
  1. Kolmanskop, Namibia
  2. Prypiat, Ukraine (home of Chernobyl workers)
  3. San Zhi, Taiwan
  4. Craco, Italy
  5. Oradour-Sur-Glane, France
  6. Gunkanjima, Japan
  7. Kadykchan, Russia
  8. Kowloon Walled City, China
  9. Famagusta, Cyprus
  10. Agdam, Azerbaijan
Hump days are a good day for investigations. So make today the day you find out what you put under that blue tarp in your backyard all those years ago. If it smells funny, walk away. Same goes for that new heartthrob you met at the bar last week.

Loch Ness monster was mentioned as early as the 7th century in writings about Saint Columba of Ireland, who banished the "water beast" for attacking humans.

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Spiritual renewal takes an investment of time.

You know what happens when politicians start mixing politics w/ religion, what you get? A holy mess.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

▶ October 29, 2013

Good morning! Yesterday I made Eggo waffles for us for breakfast, cleaned the house, got the mail, we went grocery shopping at Kroger, I showered, took the dogs out, made a chili cheese dog for lunch, & then thought long & hard about making a beaded knit afghan, but couldn't come up w/ any ideas that I thought would look good. There's just something about plastic pony beads on a knit afghan (or sweater) that I don't think would look good. Not to mention the loud noise it would make in the dryer. Instead, I started on an entrelac knit hand towel that looks very nice & will finish quickly. No special pattern since it's being made from 2 color-changing cotton yarns. When it was time, I stopped knitting & made chicken fried steak & mashed potatoes for dinner. Yesterday's Sims game was Modern Beach House & my Sim Jeanita Ware aged up into a child & started working on her athletic skill. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Remington. My Sim Michael Jones (2nd gen) joined the military & is working on his athletic skill.

Bubble Pedals:
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For quick cleanup, use fewer dishes when you cook. Mix the salad dressing in the same bowl you'll use for the salad. Grate cheese directly onto food.

Importance ... has to do w/ results. If something is important, it contributes to your mission, your values, your high priority goals.

MotionX GPS:
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Scariest movies top 10:
  1. Night of the Living Dead
  2. Psycho
  3. Eraserhead
  4. The Exorcist
  5. Don't Look Now
  6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  7. Jaws
  8. Halloween
  9. The Silence of the Lambs
  10. Alien
Wedding dresses used to be colorful! Scandinavians used to wear black, even. It was only after Queen Victoria got married in 1813 in a white dress, to incorporate her favorite lace, that white bridal gowns became fashionable.

You know what show is coming back on the air? How many of you remember the show called The Millionaire? Very popular show in the 50s, & that's where someone was given a million dollars unexpectedly. It's going back on CBS & because of inflation, it's changed a bit. In the premier episode a destitute man is given a check for a million dollars & he blows it in the express line at Ralph's. -Johnny Carson 1978

Your lucky words this week are: dingleberry, Sherpa, & fuzz ball.

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Good morning! Super busy weekend, but we got a LOT done & the living room looks great! Saturday I had a boiled egg for breakfast, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping & drove back in a storm from hell, took someone to work, grabbed lunch out at a great Italian place, & then headed off to the next county over for a GREAT housewarming / Halloween party. We weren't even to the party yet when someone called that they needed a ride from work. They waited quite a while before we were all the way back to Princeton to pick them up from work. Saturday's Sims game was Modern Mediterranean & my Sim Piper II Sisk (5th gen) just aged up into a child & is going to school & doing her homework. She's an excitable neurotic who's a Leo, likes Egyptian music, vegetarian lobster thermidore, & the color green. She's also a snob. Yesterday I took the dogs out, drove someone to work & the FD got toned out to a med call as I was out of district, I came back & went through the Sunday paper, made eggs over easy for breakfast, the FD got toned out for a trash fire, I cleaned the house, then we drove to our other house to grab some stuff, picked someone up from work, & then did a LOT of putting stuff away. Everything we've been bringing here from our other house was in the middle of the living room & it's now all put away. We can see our living room again! YAY!! It was a lot of stuff, the other house was used for storage & squeezing all of that stuff into this little house took some planning & Tetris-like skills, but it's done now & it's all out of sight & stored neatly. Yesterday's Sims game was Chateauroux & my Sim Rusty Keaton (2nd gen) is up to level 9 our of 10 of the private investigator career & he's mastered the logic skill which makes him great at his job. This career doesn't require level 10 of the career to achieve the lifetime wish, but instead 35 solved cases. I think he's almost half-way there. Since this job requires player interaction (it's one of the Ambitions add-on careers), I can't let him have a family until he reaches his lifetime wish or he never will. The good news though, is that he was so successful that he was able to take the age-freeze potion as a young adult, so I don't have to worry about him running out of time to have a family. He's immortal now (as long as he doesn't do anything stupid). He & his dad both can die, but not from old-age, since neither of them will ever age. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Modern Beach House. My Sim Jeanita Ware (3rd gen) is going to age up into a child as soon as I finish this blog. Jeanita is a loner who is friendly. She's a Cancer who likes soul music, pumpkin pie, & the color spice brown.

Birthplace of Memorial Day!
5 minutes from Penn State.
The name Boalsburg comes from the Boal family who settled the region. The fourth generation of the Boal family, Col. Theodore Davis Boal, married a descendant of Christopher Columbus and brought the Columbus Chapel to the Boal Mansion from Spain in 1909 including an Admiral's Desk that belonged to Columbus himself.

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Cooking pasta? Choose angel hair. It's the fastest noodle to cook.

Do you want to be taller? Heat to space! Because their spines are pulled down by gravity, astronauts "grow" up to 2" taller in space.

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Have you heard of the latest fad? I'm not making this up, called "nude skydiving." They call themselves "Buff Divers." Absolutely true. I saw a nude skydiver today & I thought - I thought it was a solar eclipse because the sun was blocked out by a moon.

Most important inventions of all time top 10:
  1. Computer
  2. Television
  3. Telephone
  4. Antibiotics
  5. Printing press
  6. Electricity (use of)
  7. Steam engine
  8. Plastics
  9. Transistors
  10. Automobile
Nature bequeaths its own blessing on those who immerse themselves in it.

Now is a good time to bond w/ estranged relatives. It's also time to put some Bondo on the dent in your passenger door. Get some candy for the estranged relative & primer for your car door.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

• October 26, 2013 •

Good afternoon! I got a lot done yesterday, it was a great day. I had a boiled egg for breakfast, cleaned the house, got the mail, went grocery shopping, showered, went through my LCFD e-mail, took the dogs out, made a chili cheese dog for lunch,  went through my outlook 2010 settings & still can't set up the mobile notifications, updated the apps on my iPad mini & then set up a recipe in IFTTT, went through my iCloud e-mail & made an appointment to get the oil changed in my truck, then sat down to work on the entrelac knit afghan that I'm making & it's beautiful. :) Good & bad news after that. The bad news, teenage drunkenness. How do you get a teen to listen? Drinking, smoking, theft ... breaking all the rules of the home & the state. I swear, I'm getting gray fast. The good news, I made a GREAT dinner last night ... BBQ baby back ribs w/ carrots & chocolate truffles for dessert. YUM! Yesterday's Sims game was Modern Mediterranean & my Sim (1 of 8 in the household + 2 pets ... it's CROWDED!) was Isabel Shuler (4th gen) who just had a daughter, Elizabeth Shuler (5th gen). Elizabeth is going to be very successful (as all my Sims are). Elizabeth loves the outdoors & is athletic. It's a little to soon to be sure, but she's probably going to be a sports agent. She's a Sagittarius who likes Indie music, fried peanut butter & banana sandwiches, & the color sea foam. Today I took the dogs out & loaded up the same game as yesterday ... Modern Mediterranean again. Halloween / housewarming party tonight! I can't wait. :)

As I look into the future I see long, drooling fangs, hairy hands, & dangerous toenails ... Yes, it means your in-laws are coming over for dinner.

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Global food companies top 10:
  1. Nestle
  2. Unilever
  3. Kraft Foods Inc.
  4. Cargill, Inc
  5. Tyson Foods, Inc.
  6. PepsiCo Inc.
  7. General Mills Inc.
  8. Kellog Co.
  9. Groupe Danone
  10. ConAgra Foods
I find renewal in daily prayerful meditation on the scriptures because they represent my value system. As I read & meditate, I feel renewed, strengthened, centered & recommitted to serve.

I'm a sentimentalist by nature & holidays & Halloween bring back wonderful memories of my boyhood youth on the plains of Nebraska, where I grew up. I still remember this day. I had to go to the Halloween dance w/ the ugliest girl in high school, Karla Malden. And I saved money because I didn't have to buy her a mask. She went as is. -Johnny Carson 1979

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Save time defrosting ground beef by dividing it into 1 lb patties & freezing flat.

Whistling backstage is considered bad luck because whistles were originally used to signal scene changes. An ill-timed whistle could bring an unplanned curtain drop on the performance!

Friday, October 25, 2013

• October 25, 2013 •

Good morning! I kinda took yesterday off & it was nice. I cleaned the house & then just played Sims all day. :) I made a great chicken dinner that was easy to make! Just take boneless, skinless chicken breasts ... season w/ salt & pepper only, brown in a pan for 5 minutes on each side, then add enough milk to cover 3/4 of the chicken, add Velveeta if you like, then slow simmer on low heat (2), uncovered for 2 hours. The chicken was so tender & tasted great! Tonight I plan on making baby back ribs for dinner. :) Yesterday's Sims game was Le Chateau Contreau & my Sim Kyle Marshall (3rd gen) mastered the logic skill & is level 7  or 8 of the medical career. He's about to settle down & start a family since he's almost reached his lifetime wish of level 10 of the medical career. The rest is smooth sailing now, so he can go ahead & start his family.

11-year-old Elvis Presley had wanted a bicycle, but his mother bought him a guitar instead ... & the rest is history.

Best-known rabbits top 10:
  1. Peter Rabbit
  2. Thumper
  3. Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  4. The White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland's "I'm late, I'm late," rabbit)
  5. Roger Rabbit
  6. Pooh Bear's friend, Rabbit
  7. The Energizer Bunny
  8. Bugs Bunny
  9. The Easter Bunny
  10. Br'er Rabbit
What the press is saying about Infinity Blade III:
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Keep tortillas in the fridge. Practically everything you make w/ them is fast: quesadillas, burritos, wraps.

Look for a good opening in a conversation to bring up that pesky jail-time you served. Better now than when the parole officer shows up.

President, that's a tough job. I don't envy the President. You notice how it ages him since he's been in office? Now when he smiles you see liver spots on his teeth.

Renewing the spiritual dimension provides leadership to your life.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24, 2013

Good morning! Yesterday was a busy day ... I ran out of time before I got to craft at all, but I guess I got a lot done. I got the mail, the FD had a med call, & had an Eggo for breakfast, the FD got toned out to a mutual aid grass fire in Princeton & oh how I wanted to go on that one! I was stuck at home though with a sick child who had to be picked up from school after their 1st class. I cleaned the house & then had to drive someone to work & on the way I passed the grass fire & still wanted so badly to be there. It made me wish I had my gear in the truck with me ... I would have swung in on the way back home & helped w/ anything I could. Once back home I changed the color scheme in Outlook & now it's a light blue. Huh, looks great! Why didn't I ever think of that before now? While I was at it I changed the persona on firefox to a beautiful blue pattern. I took the dogs out, had leftovers for lunch, took a phone call, started a pork roast for dinner, hubby came home & we picked someone up from work, came home & then had dinner & watched CSI. One of the things that took up a bunch of time in the middle of all that yesterday was an online job application that I filled out. I've never seen this happen before, but they called me 2 hours after I submitted the application & I have a job interview tomorrow! COOL! Hubby doesn't think I should take the job though, it's too far away & I'd be on the tollway which would greatly increase the cost of commuting. Fuel round trip each day would cost me $16.25 & hubby says tolls would add another $10 a day. That's $26.25 per day to go to work & back. Now this isn't anything like the jobs I've had in the past that pay $25/hr. This is just a minimum wage job that I'd be really good at & would bring in a few extra dollars ... IF it didn't cost me so much to get there in the 1st place. Unfortunately, it's not close ... it's in Flower Mound. I guess I can drive out there for the interview & see what happens. See what they offer pay-wise & see if it would be worth it or not to consider it. It's for a brand new place that opens in December. Most online applications I've filled out had a BUNCH of psych eval questions. Lots of weird stuff that I never could figure out had to do with the minimum wage part time job I was applying for. This application was nice, it didn't have anything like that! They did however, have ONE odd question: "If you were a food, which one would you be & why?" What?? LOL! I guess I gave a good answer because the called me in record time.

Essence of renewing the physical dimension is to sharpen the saw, to exercise our bodies on a regular basis in a way that will preserve & enhance our capacity to work & adapt & enjoy.

Halloween is when? Next Thursday. Do you celebrate it? Do you still go out? ... Let me tell you what happens in California. Beverly Hills is a very wealthy community out here. Instead of masks, the kids have plastic surgery. Before they go out. They don't even go door-to-door. They each have an 800 # & an operator stands by & takes pledges. -Johnny Carson 1985

In the 18th Century, high class European women would crush cochineal insects into powder & use it as rouge. You don't have to crush insects yourself today, but cochineal are still used as a source of red dye in food & cosmetics.

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Oldest universities in the world top 10:
  1. University of Toulouse, France
  2. University of Naples, Italy
  3. University of Padula, Italy
  4. University of Salamanca, Spain
  5. University of Cambridge, England
  6. University of Modena, Italy
  7. University of Paris, France
  8. University of Oxford, England
  9. University of Bologna, Italy
  10. University of Parma, Italy
Take a deep whiff of peppermint. Research shows that the scent can stimulate your brain.

You might buy a car that you can actually drive home. Check under the floor mats for signs of things to come & loose change.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013

Good morning! Yesterday I cleaned the house, showered, took the dogs out, grilled a cheeseburger for lunch, went through my e-mail & decided to have Pizza Hut for dinner, did the monthly cleaning of the ceiling fan blades, then sat down to work on the entrelac knit tam. I thought I was going to finish it in 1 day, but it turned out to take longer than I had expected. Then I thought I was going to finish it last night, but again it's taking longer than I expected. I'm good at
knitting, I'm good at entrelac, & I didn't think a hat could take that long, but I was wrong. It's going to be a 3 day project... I think. :) Yesterday's Sims game was the Goth household & my Sim Misty II is in the university towards a science & medicine degree. She just took her final exams & now I'm waiting to see if those were mid-term finals or final finals. This morning didn't start out great, but turned around into a great morning soon after I got up. I
was woken up way too early by a phone call from someone needing a ride, so I stumbled out of bed, let the dogs out, got dressed & drove up into Princeton. When I got home I loaded up Sims & decided to finally purchase Monte Vista (3rd pic)! Isn't it beautiful? I then added Sunset Ranch to the town (9th pic) & then created George. He's a great kisser who is eco-friendly, loves the
outdoors, is a savvy sculptor, & has a green thumb. Loving the outdoors & having a green thumb is a great combination & he chose to have the perfect garden as his lifetime wish, which also works out great for him because Sunset Ranch comes with a garden out back with a bunch of perfect plant sprouts already in it. As soon as they mature & he harvests the garden the 1st time, his lifetime wish will be completed & he'll be free to concentrate on starting a
family. George likes Shawarma, custom music, & the color aqua. He's an Aries. His furry companion is an Afghan Hound who is destructive, shy, & quiet. Sunset Ranch is only available unfurnished, so George has to decorate as needed. He started out with decorating the living room (6th pic) so he'd have a place to learn the gardening skill by reading books on the subject (5th pic). Before he could read the book, he had to go buy the book at the Monte Vista book
store (2nd pic). Once he got through chapter 1 & had level 1 of 10 under his belt, he had to furnish his garage w/ some transportation (8th pic) & 1 of his 2 vehicles is a NICE blue Ford Shelby (7th pic). He went to the Monte Vista City Hall (4th pic) to register as a self-employed gardener. He went back home & then read chapter 2, bringing him up to level 2 of the gardening skill which finally allows him to tend the garden that's out back.
10,500 Cool Facts:
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Did you know that a group of geese on the ground is a "gaggle", and a group of geese in the air is a "skein"?
Did you know that like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is
Did you know that a cup of gasoline, when ignited, has the same explosive power as 5 dynamite sticks?
***Note from Developer***
OK, I think we figured out what you guys meant by "doubles" :) What we did was scour through our facts one by one and deleted duplicates. However, facts still show up "randomly." As a result, because facts are chosen at random, you may
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American chemists celebrate Mole Day today, between 6:02a & 6:02p. That time &
date combination, 6:02 10/23 is derived from Avogadro's # (6.02 x 1023), which is the # of particles in a mole of substance.

Countries w/ the most mobile phones top 10:
  1. Nigeria
  2. Germany
  3. Pakistan
  4. Japan
  5. Indonesia
  6. Brazil
  7. Russia
  8. USA
  9. India
  10. China
Even though we all know you love your favorite team, once you hit about 45 you might want to think about cutting back on face painting. Believe it or not, your team will appreciate it & so will the people sitting next to you.
Glen Burnie, Maryland:
Glen Burnie is a census-designated place (CDP) in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States. It is a suburb of Baltimore. The population of Glen Burnie was 67,639 at the 2010 census. A Maryland District court building is located here.

Population by Race in Glen Burnie Maryland (2010)
Race Population  % of Total
Total 67,639 100
Caucasian 44,930 66
African American 14,856 21
Hispanic 5,368 7
Asian 2,686 3
Two or more races 2,413 3
Some other race 2,374 3
American Indian 260 < 1%
Three or more races 212 < 1%
Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander 120 < 1%
Isn't that nice? Never mind the applause, where are my birthday gifts? ... Well, it's - it's a birthday time, yes. 6-o. Hard to believe, isn't it? You realize another 20 years, I'll be eligible for a guest shot on Love Boat? -Johnny Carson 1985
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Take a break: Go for a 10-minute walk outside. The fresh air & exercise will rejuvenate you.
When you exercise your patience beyond your past limits, the emotional fiber is broken, nature overcompensates, & next time the fiber is stronger.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22, 2013

Good morning! Relaxing day yesterday ... I made biscuits & gravy for breakfast, cleaned the house & then just said to heck with it & started knitting myself a beautiful entrelac tam (2nd pic). I thought that a hat couldn't take that long ... it would be finished before the night was over. Nope, an entrelac tam takes longer than I expected. I'm halfway finished with it & it looks great! I think this will be one of my new projects that I'll make many of. At LEAST 1 of each color so I can have a
matching tam no matter what I'm wearing. This one is my multi-color tam. Yesterday's Sims game was the Journalism career & I didn't get much game play in because I was knitting that beautiful tam. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up the Goth household. My Sim Misty II is in the university towards a science & medicine degree. We'll see if I do stuff around the house today & get some game play in or if I decide to finish that beautiful tam! :)

Call a friend. Social contact can be uplifting when stress or boredom are behind your fatigue.

Did you realize it's just 2 weeks until the election? 2 more weeks. And both parties announced today that they're out of money. Now they know how the public feels. -Johnny Carson 1972

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Most of us think we don't have time to exercise. What a distorted paradigm! We don't have time not to.

So many fans of Jane Austen have had their ashes scattered at the author's home & moseum in Chawton, U.K., that the management had to formally ban the practice in 2008.

Stay away from bargain beauty parlors & cheap perms. As w/ all things in life, you get what you pay for. 2 things you can't skimp on: perms & ketchup. Get the good stuff.

Tennis terms top 10:
  1. Baseline
  2. Love
  3. Fault
  4. Advantage
  5. Double fault
  6. Deuce
  7. Slice
  8. Doubles
  9. Break
  10. Serve

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Good morning! Saturday was insanely busy. I started out with breakfast that was made for me, then I cleaned the house, I showered, cleaned out all of the recorded TV shows on my computer from before we got dish hooked up, the FD got toned out to a med call, then I started to machine knit for a few minutes but then I got a huge surprise ... a 40" TV! My office got rearranged for the rest of the night & finished up the next morning & now I have this huge TV in my office, which is handy because most of my time while I'm awake is spent working in my office ... now I've got this wonderful television in here while I work. YAY! Saturday's Sims game was Fall Designer Showdown & my Sim Kira (2nd gen) is raising their son Harry Johnston (3rd gen) who is a good couch potato. Early Sunday morning the FD got toned out to a mutual aid med call, I took the dogs out, went through the Sunday paper, had breakfast, cleaned the house, cleaned out some stuff from the Prime Time Anytime folder, took the dogs out, went out to lunch at Wendy's, surfed Pinterest, chilled on the front porch for a little while, was going to set up a feature in Outlook but it got nixed because they wanted our account user name & password for our wireless account, & then I sat down, relaxed, & played Sims. Yesterday's Sims game was the Sports Agent career. I learned that I can stop sending all my Sims to the university. It may increase pay, but isn't required for the new careers. All I needed for my Sim to get into the Sports Agent career was to max out the Jock Influence & BAM! There was the job offer. Once he maxed out his athletic skill & jock influence, he got the job, married his boss, & they now have a son Robert who is an athletic genius who loves the outdoors. He's an Aries who likes French music, crepes, & the color violet. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up the Journalism career in Sims. My Sim Edward Tenderlove is raising their daughter Olivia Tenderlove (3rd gen) who is artistic & grumpy. She's a Pisces who likes R&B, vegetarian lobster thermidore, & the color hot pink.

Dallas /ˈdæləs/ is the ninth-largest city in the United States and the third-largest city in the state of Texas. The bulk of the city is in Dallas County, of which it is the county seat. However, slices of the city are located in Collin, Denton, Kaufman, and Rockwall counties. The city had a population of 1,197,816 in 2010, according to the United States Census Bureau.
The city is the largest economic center of the 12-county region. Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area had a population of 6,645,678 in 2012. The metroplex economy is the sixth largest in the United States, with a 2010 gross metropolitan product of $374 billion. Its 2010 Real GDP amounted to $325 billion.
Dallas was founded in 1841 and formally incorporated as a city in February 1856. The city's economy is primarily based on banking, commerce, telecommunications, computer technology, energy, healthcare and medical research, transportation and logistics. The city is home to the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the nation. Located in North Texas, Dallas is the main core of the largest inland metropolitan area in the United States that lacks any navigable link to the sea.
The city's prominence arose from its historical importance as a center for the oil and cotton industries, and its position along numerous railroad lines. With the advent of the interstate highway system in the 1950s and 1960s, Dallas became an east/west and north/south focal point of the interstate system with the convergence of four major interstate highways in the city, along with a fifth interstate loop around the city. Dallas developed a strong industrial and financial sector, and a major inland port, due largely to the presence of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in the world.
In the latest rankings released on September 14, 2011, Dallas was rated as an Alpha- world city by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network and is the only city in the South Central region to achieve that status. Dallas is also ranked 14th in world rankings of GDP by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
Climate data for Dallas (Love Field) 1981–2010 Normals
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 88
Average high °F (°C) 56.8
Average low °F (°C) 37.3
Record low °F (°C) −3
Precipitation inches (mm) 2.06
Snowfall inches (cm) 0.5
Avg. precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 6.7 6.5 7.8 6.6 9.5 7.9 4.8 4.5 5.4 7.6 6.7 6.8 80.8
Avg. snowy days (≥ 0.1 in) 0.5 0.4 0.2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.1 0.3 1.5
Mean monthly sunshine hours 182.9 180.8 226.3 237.0 257.3 297.0 331.7 303.8 246.0 229.4 183.0 173.6 2,848.8

Eat the perfect snack: half an apple for fiber, a few walnuts or almonds for energy & a slice of turkey or chicken breast for protein.

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Most well-known paintings of all time top 10:
  1. The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci
  2. The Scream by Edvard Munch
  3. American Gothic by Grant Wood
  4. Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
  5. Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo
  6. Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh
  7. Girl With a Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer
  8. Peace by Picasso
  9. Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli
  10. Water Lilies by Claude Monet
Popular adoptable-cat names top 10:
  1. Lucy
  2. Midnight
  3. Bella
  4. Molly
  5. Smokey
  6. Tiger
  7. Oreo
  8. Max
  9. Princess
  10. Charlie
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We are the instruments of our own performance, & to be effective, we need to recognize the importance of taking time regularly to sharpen the saw in all 4 ways.

We have 1 day of autumn in California. Beautiful today ... I saw a large snail having his hair blow-dried by a leaf blower.

William Shakespeare was the 1st commoner to appear on a British stamp in 1964.

Your lucky words this week are: kryptonite, rack 'em, & Charlie Sheen.