Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24, 2013

Good morning! Yesterday was a busy day ... I ran out of time before I got to craft at all, but I guess I got a lot done. I got the mail, the FD had a med call, & had an Eggo for breakfast, the FD got toned out to a mutual aid grass fire in Princeton & oh how I wanted to go on that one! I was stuck at home though with a sick child who had to be picked up from school after their 1st class. I cleaned the house & then had to drive someone to work & on the way I passed the grass fire & still wanted so badly to be there. It made me wish I had my gear in the truck with me ... I would have swung in on the way back home & helped w/ anything I could. Once back home I changed the color scheme in Outlook & now it's a light blue. Huh, looks great! Why didn't I ever think of that before now? While I was at it I changed the persona on firefox to a beautiful blue pattern. I took the dogs out, had leftovers for lunch, took a phone call, started a pork roast for dinner, hubby came home & we picked someone up from work, came home & then had dinner & watched CSI. One of the things that took up a bunch of time in the middle of all that yesterday was an online job application that I filled out. I've never seen this happen before, but they called me 2 hours after I submitted the application & I have a job interview tomorrow! COOL! Hubby doesn't think I should take the job though, it's too far away & I'd be on the tollway which would greatly increase the cost of commuting. Fuel round trip each day would cost me $16.25 & hubby says tolls would add another $10 a day. That's $26.25 per day to go to work & back. Now this isn't anything like the jobs I've had in the past that pay $25/hr. This is just a minimum wage job that I'd be really good at & would bring in a few extra dollars ... IF it didn't cost me so much to get there in the 1st place. Unfortunately, it's not close ... it's in Flower Mound. I guess I can drive out there for the interview & see what happens. See what they offer pay-wise & see if it would be worth it or not to consider it. It's for a brand new place that opens in December. Most online applications I've filled out had a BUNCH of psych eval questions. Lots of weird stuff that I never could figure out had to do with the minimum wage part time job I was applying for. This application was nice, it didn't have anything like that! They did however, have ONE odd question: "If you were a food, which one would you be & why?" What?? LOL! I guess I gave a good answer because the called me in record time.

Essence of renewing the physical dimension is to sharpen the saw, to exercise our bodies on a regular basis in a way that will preserve & enhance our capacity to work & adapt & enjoy.

Halloween is when? Next Thursday. Do you celebrate it? Do you still go out? ... Let me tell you what happens in California. Beverly Hills is a very wealthy community out here. Instead of masks, the kids have plastic surgery. Before they go out. They don't even go door-to-door. They each have an 800 # & an operator stands by & takes pledges. -Johnny Carson 1985

In the 18th Century, high class European women would crush cochineal insects into powder & use it as rouge. You don't have to crush insects yourself today, but cochineal are still used as a source of red dye in food & cosmetics.

iRecycle is the premiere application for finding local, convenient recycling opportunities when you are on the go or at home. iRecycle provides access to more than 1,600,000 ways to recycle over 350 materials.
iRecycle can tell you how, where and when to recycle just about anything. Using your current location, ZIP code, address or city, get access to vital details for collection points, such as website, phone number, directions, hours of operation and other materials collected.
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iRecycle has been featured as the iTunes "App of the Week" more than 5 times!
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“iRecycle is sure to be your new go-to consultant for recycling locations and tips.”
- App of the Month,
“The iRecycle app provides a great resource for customers who are looking for up-to-date information about recycling and sustainability.”
- Ralph Reid, vice president of corporate responsibility for Sprint.
“Earth911 makes their fabulous recycling search feature into an iPhone app with some convenient features.”
- Mother Nature News
“Even when you think you're eco-savvy, sometimes you still find yourself asking, "Can I recycle this? If so...who takes it?" Kinda cool your phone can now answer that for you.”

Oldest universities in the world top 10:
  1. University of Toulouse, France
  2. University of Naples, Italy
  3. University of Padula, Italy
  4. University of Salamanca, Spain
  5. University of Cambridge, England
  6. University of Modena, Italy
  7. University of Paris, France
  8. University of Oxford, England
  9. University of Bologna, Italy
  10. University of Parma, Italy
Take a deep whiff of peppermint. Research shows that the scent can stimulate your brain.

You might buy a car that you can actually drive home. Check under the floor mats for signs of things to come & loose change.

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