Monday, October 7, 2013

⊛ October 7, 2013 ⊛

Good afternoon! What a beautiful fall day. :) Saturday I had Rice Krispies for breakfast, cleaned the house, & then signed up for Dish. Oh how I've missed TV! Having the TV tuner on the PC didn't record shows well. The sound would cut out a few minutes in & stay out just long enough to not really understand what's going on. When it mysteriously cut back in, you were lost already. It happened 9 out of 10 recordings. No good. The digital converter box worked well, but we didn't have a large enough antenna to get all of the channels & there was no way I was spending over $100 for a roof mast & then who would put it up there? If I wanted to watch a show, I had to drop everything & go watch the show. Now w/ Dish, we have EVERY channel (they had a great deal that included everything ... all channels including HBO, ShowTime, CineMax, Starz, Blockbuster @ Home, you name it & then some ... $45/month! The movie channels are only free for the 1st 3 months, then it's back to the regular lineup of everything BUT the premium movie channels for $45/month (for 1 year). Even after the 1st year, when prices go back up to normal ($75/mo), it's still going to be HALF of what we paid w/ DirecTV. YAY! And we have the COOLEST new features that DirecTV didn't have ... like the Hopper (SWEET!), Prime Time Anytime (SWEET!), etc. Oh so cool! Dish blew away DirecTV in both features AND price! Right now I'm watching Syfy ... some movie called Drag Me To Hell. I've set up all our favorite TV shows to record & can't wait. Crystal clarity, no sound cutting out, I can walk into the kitchen w/o interrupting the signal ... oh I missed satellite TV! From now on when we cut back on expenses, TV won't be one of them. :) Oh, & Dish has games like DirecTV USED TO before they decided to discontinue them. 5 Card Slingo is gone, but they have cool new ones here. I'm so glad we're w/ Dish now. After being a loyal customer to DirecTV for about 15 years, I'm sad to say I don't miss them & their discontinued services, lack of services, & outrageous prices. GO DISH! Another difference between the 2 ... when we would move & call DirecTV, they'd take a week & a half to come out. Not only did Dish come out in less than 24 hours, but they came out on a SUNDAY MORNING! Now THAT'S service! The tech was really nice, too. I updated my schedule to remove watching TV shows AS they aired & updated someone's work schedule (I'm their ride), went to work, then went to my other job, grabbed lunch at Baker's Drive-In on the way home, went back to work at my 1st job, the FD got toned out to a structure fire but was unable to locate it, & then I headed out to pick someone else up (my 3rd job) on Saturday. Busy day. :) Saturday's Sims game was Lots To Give & my Sim Ivan is in the university towards a science & medicine degree. He's been going to classes & working on his skills. Sunday morning I took the dogs out, went through the Sunday paper, updated my online TV Guide to show Dish instead of antenna local, removed all the channels I wasn't interested in seeing (LOTS of them), mostly sports, religious, & international programming, then the Dish installer showed up. That's another thing, DirecTV says "between noon & 5" & gets here closer to 5. Dish said between noon & 5 & got here at 11:30a! WOOHOO! 4 hours of working & a large tip later & we were up & flying. I put my office back together (they had to move everything), updated my schedule again (I seem to have missed a couple things the day before) & added the channel lineup as I went through the channels live to see what some of them were & to make sure we got them all, took the dogs out, had a boiled egg for breakfast (yeah, I know ... it was 8:30p & I finally had breakfast ... another really busy day), cleaned the house, the FD got toned out to a med call, & I showered. Yesterday's Sims game was LizC864 2 & my Sim Ann-Marie Tong just had her baby, George Tong (2nd gen). George loves the heat, is eccentric, a Taurus, like roots music, egg rolls, & the color blue. This morning I took the dogs out, set up Dish to record our favorite shows (I couldn't do this any sooner because the guide hadn't finished downloading yet), & then loaded up Padronale di Gerrard in Sims. I love this house! Great game too, because my Sim isn't in need of a degree from the university. he achieved his lifetime wish of the perfect garden AS the game started because of the garden that was included w/ the house. He's been gardening & if he ever catches up with it (as the plants die off of old-age), he'll finally have time to go & start a social life. City Council Meeting tomorrow evening @ 7:p.

Bananas marked down because they're bruised or overripe are a bargain for bakers. Their stronger flavor makes them ideal for banana bread & muffins.

Do you have a cooking talent that a friend admires, such as making chili or cookies? Whip up a pot of your famous chili & freeze in several meal-size portions for a friend. Or make a big batch of cookie dough & freeze in cookie-size portions. The recipient can pop a few cookies in the oven for fresh-baked goodness on demand.

Estillfork, Alabama:
Estillfork is an unincorporated community in Jackson County, Alabama, United States. Estillfork is 4.8 miles (7.7 km) west of Hytop. Estillfork has a post office with ZIP code 35745.

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Reasons to visit Japan top 10:
  1. Watch a sumo tournament
  2. Karaoke cafes
  3. Ride the Bullet Train
  4. Conveyor-belt sushi restaurants
  5. Lose yourself in the crowds ("crowd-surfing")
  6. Gamble in a pachinko parlor
  7. Public baths
  8. Sake
  9. Climb Mount Fuji
  10. Kabuki theater

Town of Waterproof, Louisiana, had to be moved 3X because of flooding.

When Sir Winston Churchill was called to head up the war effort for Great Britain, he remarked that all his life had prepared him for this hour. In a similar sense, the exercise of all of the other habits prepares us for the habit of synergy.

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You know what today is in Los Angeles? This is called Share the Ride Day. City of Los Angeles tried to, I guess, reduce the pollution ... I even shared a ride today. Yeah, I sat up in front w/ my chauffeur. -Johnny Carson 1981

Your lucky words this week are: Slurpee, stink bait, & lumpy.

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