Saturday, October 5, 2013

★ October 5, 2013 ★

Good morning! It wasn't supposed to drop into the 60s until around 5:p. It was in the 70s when I woke up at 9:a, but it just dropped down to 63 & it's only 10:23a. I love it! I can wear my beautiful sweaters now! I need to move to a colder climate. :) Yesterday I went out to McDonald's for breakfast & then brought a bag of double cheeseburgers & fries to the high school. After that it was off to work, stopped at a bank, grabbed lunch, went to Allen, came back & got the mail, went for my walk, took a shower, took the dogs out, & then started on a huge project in my crafting room. I emptied the top shelf in the closet, the top of the wall unit in the closet, & all the shelves in the wall unit in the closet. Once that was done, I started taking buckets of my yarn out of the utility room & displaying the yarn on the shelves. It looks GREAT! I can see my yarn now! Instead of digging through solid buckets to see what I've got to work with, it's now like walking into a yarn store. I can see & touch the yarn, choose something & just pull it off the shelf & use it. I emptied 5 buckets! The top shelf in the utility room is clear, so is the top of the freezer, 1 whole stack of buckets & half of another stack. I still have a LOT of buckets of yarn stacked in there, but I made a dent ... a large one. I have lots of shelving that needs to be installed in the crafting room & once I install that, I can clear out a lot more, if not all of the yarn that's still hidden in buckets in the utility room. The crafting room WILL look like a yarn store. After all, I used to have a yarn store up in Princeton & when the main store that I was renting in shut down, it all ended up here. I'll now have my own personal yarn store to peruse any time I want to start a new project. I already had that, but it wasn't quite the same all hidden away in floor-to-ceiling stacks of solid plastic storage buckets. When you walk into a room & there's yarn displayed beautifully on wall to wall shelving ... well ... that's just wonderful! :) The project stopped when everyone got home from work which was the same time I finished filling all the shelves in the closet. I was now at a point of having to install the shelving on the walls. Perfect timing. I was at the perfect stopping point. Yesterday's Sims game was Winter Retreat & my Sim is in the university towards a technology degree. He's been going to classes & working on his skills. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Lots To Give. My Sim Ivan is in the university towards a science & medicine degree. He'll be going to classes & working on his skills. 10:51a & we just dropped into the 50s. WOW!

7 people have been declared Honorary Citizens of the U.S., 5 of them posthumously. The only 2 who were honored during their lifetimes were Winston Churchill & Mother Teresa.

Ask your favorite clothing store when it will have its annual (or semiannual) inventory blowout sale. Jot down the dates on your calendar.

Birchwood, Tennessee:
Birchwood is an unincorporated community in Hamilton County and Meigs counties in Tennessee, United States. It is a rural area of the Chattanooga area. It is part of the Chattanooga, TN–GA Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Each of us has roots & the ability to trace those roots to identify our ancestors.

Go to a carnival this weekend. Play a hoop toss game realizing it's a metaphor for your infatuation w/ the bartender at your favorite watering hold. No way you an win either game. Buy some food on a stick & "people watch" until security urges you to leave.

May a swarm of diseased chiggers build a condominium in your Underalls. -Johnny Carson 1980

Most visited American National Parks top 10:
  1. Great Smoky Mountains
  2. Grand Canyon
  3. Yosemite
  4. Yellowstone
  5. Rocky Mountain
  6. Zion
  7. Cuyahoga Valley
  8. Acadia
  9. Grand Teton
  10. Olympic
TalkRoom - The 7-in-1 instant messenger for iPhone/iPad.
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What's New in Version 1.3.2

- Fixed bug with not connecting to MSN, Yahoo, AIM servers.
- Fixed bug where avatars where not proper

Trip Boss:
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★Expense & Budget module (available for in-app purchase):
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★Journal module (available for in-app purchase):
Keep memories, thoughts, photos, and details of your trips; share on Facebook. Multiple authors makes a fun way to record family travel memories from all family members. Business travelers can document details for trip reports for the boss.
We're confident you'll eventually want all the pieces of Trip Boss travel manager, but also know you like to try things first. With that in mind, we've crafted four versions to start your travel managing. Each app has in-app purchase to add the rest. We recommend picking one app, then customizing it. While each app is sold separately, valuable benefits are gained by sharing & sending data between modules. Example: Enter flight & send ticket cost to expenses, in a few taps. You can't do that with separate travel apps!
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This version of Trip Boss includes Itinerary. Available add-ons through in-app purchase: Expense & Budget, Journal
Other Trip Boss apps, sold separately, then add more apps via in-app purchase:
★Expense & Budget
★combined Itinerary, Expense & Budget

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