Thursday, October 3, 2013

☺ October 3, 2013 ☺

Good morning! Yesterday started off w/ an Eggo, then I got the mail, cleaned the house, went for a mile & a half walk, went to work, had to cut that short to pick someone up in Princeton ... again an unplanned pickup that made me have to drop everything & leave work ... not cool people!, I had peanut butter on Ritz for lunch, took the dogs out, the FD got toned out to a mutual aid structure fire, I had a meeting that I had to attend so there would at least be a quorum, got back & watched Revolution (I made it back while the opening credits were still running, so I missed a little, but not much), went back to work for about half an hour, caught CSI, then hubby got home from work. Yesterday's Sims game was Caravelle & my Sim Piper is in the university towards a phys ed degree. She's been going to classes & working on her athletic skill. This morning I took the
dogs out & then started up a brand new game in Sims. This one is Gray Manor (2nd pic) & I placed it in Dragon Valley. My Sim is Zelda. She's an avant garde, hot-headed, brave, irresistible, & neurotic. Her lifetime wish is to be street credible. She likes cheesesteak, custom music, & the color sea foam. She's a Pisces. Her furry companion is Opal, a Himalayan cat who is destructive, piggy, & friendly.

Futurist Fereidoun M. Esfandiary (1930 - 2000) legally changed his name to FM-2030 to break free from traditional human naming convention & as a hope that he would live to celebrate his 100 birthday in 2030.

Job you read about in the paper could pay well, but if it requires you to bring your own cooler & ice packs, pass on it.

La Ranchería, Sonora, Mexico:
If you're looking for some alone time, this looks like the place to go. I see nothing ... anywhere ... near La Ranchería. There's isn't a road going through it or even anywhere near it. 3 words: No - Man's - Land. Maybe a good place to become 1 w/ nature ... such as rattlesnakes, scorpions, lizards, etc.

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There's some good news & bad news. The good news is ... Congress has gone home. The bad news is, next year most of them will be back. -Johnny Carson 1978

Ways to save money on food top 10:
  1. Eat less
  2. Use coupons
  3. Cook from scratch
  4. Buy store brands
  5. Buy in bulk
  6. Recycle leftovers
  7. Make a food-shopping list & stick to it
  8. Share meals w/ family & friends
  9. Make a weekly menu
  10. Buy seasonal & local produce.
When you communicate synergistically, you're simply opening your mind & heart & expressions to new possibilities, new alternatives, new options.

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