Tuesday, October 15, 2013

• October 15, 2013 •

Yesterday started out w/ a drive into Dallas for a client, Jack in the Box for breakfast, a schedule update for client's hours, cleaned the house, went through the Sunday paper, checked facebook & played the 1 game I still play on there, although it's been a while, took the dogs out, made lunch, updated Outlook, updated my personal Website, the FD got toned out, downloaded 6 movies from Blockbuster @ Home, then finished my quilt crochet. I love the look of quilt crochet, but I'm not that fond of making the little squares ... so even though I like the idea, I think that was my last quilt crochet. I was never really fond of granny squares & all the joining of them but these are even smaller. Too many tie-offs & tails between the color changes & the joining. While I was removing the quilt crochet I decided to remove other things I wasn't enjoying. Life is too short. Anyway, I've been working waaay too hard these days w/ no help, so it's time to slow down & relax again. Until last night I hadn't crafted in a long time & I really missed it. Yesterday's Sims game was Weathersfield & my Sims Peter & Piper, the twins, have been going to school, doing their homework, & Piper decided to try out Athletics & mastered it in 1 sitting. Gotta love those vampire skills. :) This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Lakeside Mansion. My Sim Nikki is in the university on an apprentice phys ed award.

Always be tactful. Most coworker problems are minor - the way you deal w/ them shouldn't generate major ones.

Cash gain is directly related to returning a stupid gift you received in the last month. Avoid the gift giver until next year & also buy a lotto ticket w/ your cash, but pay for it w/ dimes.

Ciudad del Carmen:
The city is nicknamed "The Pearl of the Gulf". Ciudad del Carmen was a small city mostly devoted to fishing until the 1970s when oil was discovered in the region; since then it has grown and developed substantially. To this day Carmen is known as one of the best locations to find seafood in Mexico. As late as the early 1980s the city could long be reached only by ferry boats called "pangas"; this changed with the construction of a causeway bridge to the mainland in the 1980s and another one in 1994 before the term of President Carlos Salinas de Gortari ended. The construction of the first bridge was motivated by the sinking of one of the island's pangas which resulted in the death of nearly everyone on board. The bridge Puente El Zacatal, constructed in 1994, is one of the longest in Latin America. Founded in the pre-Hispanic era, Ciudad del Carmen was an important location which served to connect the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Like most of the cities along the Yucatan's gulf coast, Ciudad del Carmen exhibits a Tropical savanna climate. The city, situated on Carmen Island, has a pronounced dry season that lasts from January through May, with the wet season finishing out the year. September and October bring copious rainfall, with both months averaging well over 200 milimeters.

Halloween Ringtones:
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Red & white stripes of the barber pole symbolize the bandage used during bloodletting, which in addition to cutting hair, was a service performed by medieval barbers.

ThumbJam is a powerful musical performance experience. You get over 30 high-quality real instruments multi-sampled exclusively for this app. Hundreds of included scales allow you to effortlessly play in any style from rock to classical, whether you are a musical novice or a seasoned professional.
Jordan Rudess, the world-renowned keyboardist for Dream Theater says:
"ThumbJam stands at the very top of the overcrowded music app world. The sounds included absolutely rival those found in pro instruments and making music on the app is a total joy. The only problem I have with this app is that I did not make it myself! Luckily, I'm able to work with the developer and offer a few good feature ideas as well as some choice sounds from my personal collection!"
Two signature sounds from Jordan are featured in the application!
Even if you've only played air guitar, ThumbJam lets you sound like a pro. Pick an instrument and jam -- with all the scales to choose from you'll never hit a wrong note. The high quality instrument samples will make you sound like you just skipped years of music lessons.
For the performing musician, this app is awesome for soloing on an instrument you didn't bring along. Play in any key, any style -- go from a string ensemble to a wailing guitar. ThumbJam was developed and tested by musicians to feel and sound like a real instrument. You'll be surprised at how expressive it can be, make sure to check out the videos and audio at thumbjam.com.
ThumbJam makes use of tilt and shake to add vibrato, tremolo, note bends, and volume swells for more realistic and expressive results. It supports up to five (eleven on iPad) simultaneous touches and up to 24 voice polyphony. Delay and stereo reverb add depth to the sound, and a resonant lowpass filter gives you more tone shaping power. Put on your headphones or plug in to your home stereo to experience some of the highest quality instruments in the App Store.
Build your own loops from the ground up or import your favorites and jam from there. Layer as many loops as you want, with different instruments for each. Export your loops as audio files or Ardour DAW sessions via WiFi. Copy and paste audio from other apps using Sonoma Wire Works AudioCopy/Paste as well the general pasteboard used by BeatMaker, via email, iTunes Document Sharing, or open directly in another application. Now supports both Audiobus and JACK to stream audio between other applications!
Want to jam with your friends? ThumbJam lets you broadcast tempo, key, and scale to other nearby devices via Bluetooth so you can be in sync live. Even better, you can use it as a MIDI or OSC controller over WiFi, with any CoreMidi compatible device, Akai Synthstation, or Line6 MidiMobilizer to control software instruments on your computer, other apps on the same iOS device with virtual MIDI, or play ThumbJam with other hardware or software MIDI controllers or apps!
The app includes a huge variety of scales, from western to eastern. Save your favorites for quick access, or create your own in-app. You can even import new scales in the Scala format for complete flexibility.
You can also record your own instruments using a built-in or attached microphone, or from file import.
Included instruments:
+ Cello, Violin, Viola
+ Upright Bass (plucked and bowed)
+ Several drumkits
+ Darabukka
+ Djembe
+ Electric Guitar
+ Electric Bass
+ Trumpet
+ Trombone
+ Tenor Sax
+ Flute
+ Low Whistle
+ Acoustic Guitar
+ Hammered Dulcimer
+ Mandolin
+ Cittern
+ Grand Piano
+ Drawbar Organ (2 types)
+ Rhodes
+ Pipe Organ
+ Synth Strings
+ Synth Choir
+ Theremin
+ Sawtooth Waveform
+ Sine Waveform
+ Triangle Waveform
And from Jordan Rudess:
+ JR Zendrix
+ JR Smooth Steel
Many more for immediate free download in the app including several drumkits, Mellotron, basses, banjo, tabla, ukelele, guitars and more! New instruments posted regularly.

Tommy is really kind of low key. Great musician but personalitywise, he's not a - well, he's not a bolt of lightning. Matter of fact, Willie Nelson is holding a benefit for Tommy called Charisma Aid. -Johnny Carson 1985

Ways to avoid a cold top 10:
  1. Wash your hands often
  2. Avoid touching your face
  3. Stay away from people w/ colds or cold symptoms
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Eat healthy foods
  6. Exercise
  7. Avoid smoking or secondhand smoke
  8. Drink less alcohol
  9. Avoid closed areas & small spaces w/ central heating - get outside more
  10. Get plenty of rest

You can exercise the courage in interdependent situations to be open, to express your ideas, your feelings, & your experiences in a way that will encourage other people to be open also.

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