Saturday, October 19, 2013

■ October 19, 2013 ■

Good afternoon! Yesterday was a good day. I got the mail, ran something up to Princeton for someone, had a fried egg sandwich for breakfast, cleaned the house, sat on the back porch swing & relaxed for a few minutes while the dogs were out, came back in & put on some dish Music, went out to DQ for lunch, stopped at a 
friend's business on the way home & visited for a while, came back & downloaded a 1Note template that I liked, cleared out my LCFD email, & then sat down to play Sims until hubby got home from work. Yesterday's Sims game was Chestnut Hill & my Sim Lewis is in the university on an apprentice science award. He's been going to classes & working on his fishing skill. Early this morning the FD got toned out to a MVA on 380, I got the mail which included some beautiful Christmas glitter yarn that I bought to make an entrelac sweater with, took the dogs out, & loaded up Fall Designer Showdown in Sims. My Sim Harry is still a toddler & is being taught the basics of how to talk, walk, & potty training. If there's any time left after that, he'll have books read to him that will give him a head start on skills later. There are talks of moving again. A family member that shouldn't be alone much longer needs to either get rid of everything they own including their beloved pets & move into one of those retirement apartments, or move in with us. Our house is too small & I've heard that adding on costs much more than just buying a larger house, so we started looking. They wanted to move to S.C., which if you remember was one of my destinations too, but hubby doesn't like S.C. & would prefer to stay here in Texas, preferably in Denton County, so the search has moved to there. I found a nice house, not in Denton County, but close (2nd pic). Moving is a long way off, Kyle has to graduate 1st in June & even though moving would be in the imminent future, it's not RIGHT around the corner.

As long as you can admire & love, then 1 is young forever.

Excuses for missing work top 10:
  1. I'm working from home
  2. I'm not feeling very well (diarrhea & food poisoning easiest to fake)
  3. I have a doctor's appointment
  4. I let my driver's license lapse & I have to go to DMV & renew it
  5. There has been a death in the family
  6. I have to wait for the plumber, my kitchen is submerged in water
  7. My dog/cat was injured (or died)
  8. I have to wait for a delivery that must be signed for
  9. I had a minor fire in my kitchen last night & I must wait for the insurance claims adjuster
  10. I have to appear in traffic court to contest a ticket
Franklin Pierce was 1 of 2 U.S. presidents ever arrested while in office. He accidentally ran over a woman w/ his horse while riding through Washington D.C. in 1853. The case was later dropped. The other one? Ulysses S. Grant, who got fined for speeding in a horse & buggy.

Klang, France:
Klang is a commune in the Moselle department in Lorraine in north-eastern France.
Population: 236

May a crazed furniture refinisher stain your sister's hope chest. -Johnny Carson 1979

My Maps Editor:
This application allows you to create a map just like drawing. You can create different kinds of maps, from a simple meeting spot map to the route of a world trip. If you have Google Account, you can edit Google My Maps and Google Fusion Tables with this app.
■Start drawing
You can mark or draw a line on the map by tapping the button on the bottom right of the mapping screen.
1. Mark all the spots you like on the map such as your favorite restaurants, friend's house or an amusement park that you are planning to visit. You can mark the map with many different colors and shapes.
2. Draw a line to the target direction on the map. You can also paint the selected area by using the Shape function.
3. Use the search field on the menu to look for stores or buildings nearby you. You can save information of spots you're interested in directly on the map.
4. You can view the maps you created all at once. That way you can view your favorite restaurant while checking the direction of the bar you'd like to visit after the dinner.
■More with Google account
If you already have a Google account, you can use some additional functions. Tap the first button from the right on the menu to login the Google account.
1. You can import maps created on "Google Maps" and "Google Fusion Tables" to this application. You can also mark the maps you imported.
2. Each mark can display a picture. Add the pictures such as your meal or the sightseeing spot. All pictures you take will be sent and saved to "Google Picasa".
■Check maps created by others
You can view the maps published on the internet. Tap "Add online map" button on the menu and type the map URL.
Supported Map URL:
- Google Maps
- KML and KMZ
Here you'll find some useful tips to help you use the functions.
1. Tap the status bar at the top of the screen (where time and battery percentage indicator are displayed) to hide the menu. Tap the bar again to show the menu.
2. When there are too many marks, uncheck the checkbox in "Blue Dot Pint" on the option screen to load the map faster.
3. When you fail to obtain a map and can't launch the application, select "My Maps" on the iPhone settings screen and activate "Don't load maps", then you'll be able to launch the app properly.
More information, please check our tutorials :
Check out the website for the latest news:
For questions or concerns, please contact:

A Social Network / Listening and Discovery App for 'Real Radio'
RadioFlag is the first Social Network for a New Generation of Radio Listeners; a content discovery and listening app for "real radio". Unlike play list and recorded music up-starts, only  the original form of electronic social media, "Real Radio" has a mic, a turntable, and behind them, the incomparable human element - live DJs and Talk Hosts, heard here setting  the music and social trends, introducing you to underground  Indie music / artist communities, independent  thought and opinion, and taking your requests and encouraging  your feedback.
RadioFlag offers real time, online social interaction between members of a live radio audience, by networking listeners throughout the world. RadioFlag's DJs, Talk Radio Hosts and Listeners will open your ears to fresh and exciting content and ideas, where together you can share them on a focused and personalized level.
RadioFlag’s live radio content search engine, powers its web and smart phone software applications, filtering on air content, by searching broadcasts and delivering to listeners, via its proprietary and powerful social network, the music, live interviews, information, news and entertainment they most desire... from the broadest topic and category to the most niche and Obscure. Real time conversation between listeners will buzz around each broadcast.
Here You Will:
- Support College, Community, Free-form, Internet & Independent Radio across the country.
- Create & share 140 character ‘Flags’, used to discover what's playing right now live on the Radio.
- Stream radio stations live.
- Access and search  a database of thousands of radio stations sorted by genre and location, among other categories.
- Search flags, interests, DJs and fellow listeners on the RadioFlag network.
- View trending stations interests on the radio.
- Socialize Live with DJ's, Artists, Special Guests &  Bands during Live Jams & In Studio Interviews by flagging comments, photos, URL links, special invites, etc...
- Request what you want to hear live &  hear songs played by DJs who love their listeners, as much as the music genres they play.
- Discover a diverse and vibrant source of music news & music history, while unearthing where many music trends start before they go mainstream.
- Uncover an underground community of Indie Bands from all over; locally & internationally.
- Customize your Selective  Listening experience by selecting the DJs, Talk Show Hosts, Stations, Listeners & Interests to add to your personal Selective Listening  profile.
- Interact with Talk Radio Hosts, by expressing your opinions - having  your voice be heard & even suggest show topic ideas. Hear shows shift  direction in real time based on your input.
- Win cool stuff like Swag, Vinyls, Stickers, Tix Giveaways, Concert Invites & much more.
The Mission
RadioFlag is dedicated to spotlighting and galvanizing College, Indie, and Community - Local Radio. These venues feature some of the most original and interactive content; and these cutting edge DJs are brave enough to play the genres and showcase the artists, almost never heard on mainstream radio. RadioFlag talk hosts offer fresh ideas, discuss unique topics, and offer opinions that most stations would never dare explore. On RadioFlag you can search your interests, connect with listeners and DJs, and listen anywhere anytime.
In the 80's, Video tried to Kill the Radio Star, but since then with the advent of the internet and online streaming, and  especially now in 2012,  more  Radio Stars will be born each and every day and will shine brighter than ever, so now  it's time you discover and hear them too.
The Radio Star Blog
The Radio Star Awards

Sit up straighter. Bad posture not only causes a lot of muscle aches & pains, it also makes you feel more fatigued.

Solar influences dictate cash flow problems. A strange burrito could dictate intestinal problems. Make sure you have a clear path to the restroom.

This is the single most powerful investment we can ever make in life - investment in ourselves, in the only instrument we have w/ which to deal w/ life & to contribute.

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