Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hello everyone & Happy Friday! I'm back! I tried moving my blog to my personal Website, but the site builder version of the blog was horrible. No menu, no sorting, just a loooong page of text. If you wanted to see a blog 6 months back, you'd have to scroll to it. Nope, no good. Then I recently tried WordPress, but that wasn't going to work either. It's nice looking & there were a couple features I liked about it, but they didn't have justified formatting & they disable all affiliate links, which is going to be a part of my blog now ... so they were out. I've actually missed blogger & I think my life has slowed down enough that I can actually do this again like I used to. So what's new with all of you? What have I missed? I'm glad you found your way back even after I've been gone for a couple of years. Now that's dedication!

Would you believe this thing comes in 41 colors?

Americana Black, Red, White, & Blue Crocheted Afghan. 
Perfect gift for fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, or anyone who wants classic elegance without all the bright colors. This afghan is 100% acrylic, soft, & warm! Measures 68½" x 67". Made with Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn".
All sales are final. This is a home-made object & there probably ARE imperfections & some ends may pop out & need to be woven back in here & there after washing & use. Attempts have been made to remove all random pet hairs, but do NOT purchase if you or anyone in your home is allergic to dogs.
Baby-Soft Layette Crochet Pattern
This is a physical pattern on paper that will be mailed to you in an envelope via old-timey snail mail. The pattern WILL be folded to fit into a regular envelope to save on shipping costs as it's cheaper to mail a letter-sized white envelope than it is to mail a larger yellow envelope.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane offers even more outrageous laughs with Ted Unrated, the story of a grown man (Mark Wahlberg) and his lovably profane talking teddy bear.

DarkFuturology examines dystopian trends. We emerged from growing dissatisfaction with the utopian tech-porn dominating Futurology.

Today's been insane. Just when I thought I had enough time in my life to start blogging again, I try to write one & it takes hours because of all of the interruptions. First 3 key Websites I needed went down ... not our Internet, other Websites were working just fine ... but 3 were just gone. Sounds like something big happened out there tonight. For 3 very large sites to be down all at once & come back all at once ... a DOS attack maybe? I wonder how many other sites were involved that I don't know about because I don't frequent them. Hubby came home, our son wanted to chat, TV time ... hours later I'm finally finishing what I started early this evening. This is why there usually isn't an easy flow to my blogs. My concentration is broken a couple dozen times during each posting ... so it becomes erratic unfortunately. ANYWAY ... since no one in our home ever used our dining room, I decided it wasn't really needed anymore & I moved the table & chairs out to our covered back porch & added some nice lighting out there. In what used to be the dining room is now my office. I like it because I can see the back porch, back yard, driveway, front porch, front yard, hallway, kitchen, living room , & street from here. When my office used to be in one of the bedrooms, all I could see was either the fr ---tones just went off, meaning I needed to switch tabs to another screen momentarily. See what I mean about constant distractions & broken concentration? --- Where was I? Oh yeah, all I could see was either a small section of the front yard & street OR a small section of the hallway depending on which wall my desk was on. Out here I have a full view of much more! Today I decided the outside dining room needed a little sprucing up, so I hung a nice wreath with watering can with flowers in it attached to the front of the wreath near the table. It's outdoorsy & is better than just bare outside walls. I'll spend a lot more time out there once mosquito season is over, which I think is real soon. The temperatures are dropping & I can go out there during the day without melting & soon the nights will be too cool for those little flying vampires. Here's to breakfast on the veranda! :) Well, time to get back to it. I have more TV to watch with hubby since he's not tired yet & doesn't have to work tomorrow & then it's over to to post my Sim blog for the day. Have a wonderful morning, afternoon, & evening & I'll see you tomorrow, Sunday, or Monday. Weekends may be a little tough to get on here with everyone home. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that my family wants to spend time with me. So many people aren't so lucky.

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