Friday, September 23, 2016

1st New Post of New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I'm not stranger to blogging. I had a blog on Blogger for a couple years & had a couple hundred hits a day. Then life got busy & I took a break for a couple years, but I'm back now! This blog is going to be a little different from the last one. I'm a housewife who is currently unable to get a job outside the home for personal reasons. Even though hubby is a computer geek & more than capable of supporting us, I have a yarn addiction that he's understandably less than thrilled about paying for. SO ... to hopefully make a little bit of money to buy my own yarn without having to beg & then get dirty looks, I've decided to start this blog. What you can expect to see here is: An affiliate link that will take you to & if you buy anything there, I get a little bit of change towards a skein of yarn. I'll also be featuring my own items that I have for sale on eBay & Etsy. There will be a funny meme or two, maybe a screenshot from my Minecraft world when I play once in a while, a movie of the day that I watched while crocheting one of my many projects,  a crochet or knit stitch pattern, something that I've seen on Pinterest & would like to share here, something interesting from Reddit, what's going on in my life today, & last but not least ... a random game from Steam. So much content! All I ask in return is that if you can spare a little bit of sofa change, donate with the PayPal button or if you're on your way to Amazon to buy something today, link through my blog post so they can shoot me a little of their sofa change. :) As always, I welcome comments & suggestions. Thanks for visiting!

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