Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016

Good morning all! Today is our Grandson Daniel's 5th birthday. Well, it would have been. He died of SIDS at 7 weeks old. We miss him terribly. Our daughter took the day off & is spending the day at home surrounded by comfort foods while gaming. I've been playing Minecraft too (big surprise there). I have been playing the Earth mod & since it's linked into Google maps, I can build my house on the exact coordinates that it sits in real life. The Earth mod is a 1:95 replica of the earth & it's pretty cool because since it's a mod, I can also have other mods like the furniture mod & MCA. I decided to do what I normally do in Minecraft whenever I start a new world, which is find 0, 0 & use my algorithm to decide which direction to go from there until I get to the 1st tree (which is needed to make any tools), punch the tree down, mine down from there, collect materials, & build my house centered on the exact spot the tree was. This is ALWAYS on either X:0 or Z:0 & since it's an algorithm, the spot & the house will be the exact same if the world is ever recreated. Now on the Earth mod, this means that I can reverse engineer it into real life to see where that would have landed me on the real Planet Earth. Going by my algorithm, I would live in Dangme West, Ghana in Africa. The great thing about this Earth mod is that it goes both directions. If you get your coordinates in Google maps, you plug them into this mod in Minecraft & it teleports you to THOSE coordinates in Minecraft! It also does the reverse, if you randomly teleport to any location on the map, you can press K & it will show you the Google coordinates for that location in the game, along with the address & a street view photo of the location in real life. My only problem with the mod so far is that I can't find a random location teleporter "MOD" for 1.8.9. Here are my daily gaming screenshots for yesterday:
 Earth mod house before storage room addition.
 Earth mod house greenhouse before everything grew
 Earth mod house storage room
 Earth mod spawn point in the Congo
 Earth mod house beginning
Earth mod Dangme West, Ghana, Africa

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