Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016

Good morning everyone! Cloudy day here today & all is well. :) The temperature afghan is going great & I now have January & February completed:

From the way it's looking, I think I like the colors for the high temps best so far. Maybe next year I'll only do the average & high? We'll see.

Yesterday I tried a modpack called TechNode FirmaCraft & it wasn't for me. I traveled 1,600 blocks & never saw a tree (how do you make tools?) & then died of dehydration while swimming, so ... yeah, I don't get it. After that failed attempt at a modpack, I fired up a brand new 1.9 server world since the server software was available yesterday. I built a starter house in a beautiful location & had a great time. 1.9 is great so far!

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