Thursday, September 5, 2013

☀ September 5, 2013 ☀

Good morning! Yesterday was finally more of a day off than the previous day. I cleaned the house, did my 40 minutes uphill on the treadmill, & then sat down & started a Princeton Panthers Vertical Eyelet Hand Knit Afghan (2nd pic). The afghan is in the Princeton Panthers school colors of maroon & white, although in the pic it looks more like red. It's maroon though. I've decided after starting this project that this particular type of yarn isn't really good for knit afghans, so I'll use it next time for a crocheted afghan & I'll use Red heart Classic & Super Saver multis for hand knit afghans. Yesterday's Sims game was the Sports Agent career & my Sim Peter has been working on his skills. This morning I took
the dogs out, had Tootie Fruities for breakfast & then started a new game in Sims, this one for the fisherman career. My Sim is Olivia (1st gen) (3rd pic) & she's an angler, a born saleswoman, loves the heat, loves the outdoors, & is an animal lover. Her lifetime wish is to present the perfect private aquarium which  requires 13 perfect fish in 13 fishbowls which she purchased stands for & set up outside her single wide since there wasn't enough room inside (4th pic).
Cause of almost all relationship difficulties is rooted in conflicting or ambiguous expectations around roles & goals. Whether we're dealing w/ the question of who does what at work, how you communicate w/ your daughter when you tell her to clean her room, or who feeds the fish & takes out the garbage, we can be certain that unclear expectations will lead to misunderstanding, disappointment, &
withdrawals of trust.
Group Text!:
With Group Text! you can easily send mass texts (on iPhone) or mass iMessages (on all devices) to groups, to handpicked set of contacts or to distribution lists. Once you create a list, you no longer have to select contacts one-by-one for a group message. Simply tap on the list or group name and you are ready to send! And if you need to send the same message many times, just save it as a template and pick it later to auto populate the text of your message. You can also easily attach the address and maps link of the current or a selected position and text contacts information.
Group Text! uses your text plan to send messages and replies are received on the Messages application as usual or uses the iMessages service depending on your settings.
User's guide available on the web site Please read the guide, the few negative reviews are from people that have not read the user's guide. If in doubt, send an email to support ! We reply to every request.
- send mass text messages / iMessages
- easy and quick interface
- use address book groups;
- handpick set of contacts from address book
- select / deselect single recipients in groups and lists
- create and manage distribution lists from address book or manually entering recipients information
- distribution lists are very useful if you have contacts with more than one phone number or if you don't want to create groups only to group text them
- optionally create and use message templates
- setting to show all or only mobile numbers
- setting to show email addresses (for iMessage)
- alert manager to schedule up to 60 one shot or recurring alerts with pre-set lists/group and text; when an alert fire send a message with only a couple taps (in-app purchase)
- optional char counter with total used chars, size of the texts, number of the texts and remaining chars before an additional text is required.
- save or load recipients from / to csv documents
- exchange csv documents by E-Mail or iTunes
- print lists (iOS4.2 and supported printer required)
- Retina display support
- works on iPhone, iPad or iPod (iPad and iPod, iOS5 or greater required, can send only iMessages)
- visually impaired users can fully control the app with VoiceOver+
- insert contact information in message text
- insert the current location (address and maps link) in message text
- insert a picked location (address and maps link) in message text
- preview templates
- preview CSV files
- landscape support
- uses iCloud to sync lists and templates to all your devices
Note: the app can't use your existing groups when syncing with Exchange. You can however create lists in the app and use them.
Note: No pictures or vcards can be added to the text at the moment because of limitations of what apps can do.
If you're experiencing issues sending to large groups on iOS6 or iOS4, check the setting of "Group Messaging" on the iPhone settings. If the option is available, set it to OFF (yes OFF) to be able to send to large groups. Please contact us for more details or take a look at the support page on the web site.
For group texting with to work on iPhone with iOS5 when sending to at least one non-iMessage recipient you have to turn OFF iMessage, MMS and Group Messaging on the device settings. Please contact us for more details or take a look at the support page on the web site. It is suggested to update to iOS6.

Horoscope, Tarot, & More:
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If you're in a mirrored elevator, write REDRUM on the glass in lipstick.

Mercury gets out on bail from astrology jail which frees up your ability to put mayonnaise on your sandwiches.

  • Plan for some fun adventures.
  • Plan a holiday or travel to expand your world.
  • Let your creative imagination flow.
  • Write a list of goals you want to accomplish.
  • Put your goal list where you can see it & refer to it often.
  • Deal w/ disapproval from a superior or authority figure & listen, but if it involves your personal life & how you live it, it's no one's concern but yours.
  • Set out to shake things up in your social life.
  • Beware of establishing links that have no future & could restrict your freedom in the short term.
  • Look for a new business contract w/ a foreign country.
  • If your partner has a good plan on their mind, but it involves a deeper sense of commitment from you, go for it.
  • Follow the header in your career. Listen to your superiors.
  • Go over your finances w/ a fine-toothed comb. Spending is under scrutiny.
  • Beautify your environment.
  • Love your purchase before leaving the store.
  • Put on the breaks & see things in perspective in your relationship.
  • Look in the mirror w/o admiring your reflection.
  • Make today a good day financially.
Types of apples top 10:
  1. Pink Lady
  2. Cox's Orange Pippin
  3. Mutsu
  4. Granny Smith
  5. Gala
  6. Empire
  7. Golden Delicious
  8. Cortland
  9. Honeycrisp
  10. Braeburn
You make up for last night. I'll be honest w/ you. Now that they're gone, I can talk about it. it was just a low-class group. It was the kind of crowd that would fill the cat's litter box w/ Aunt Bertha's ashes. -Johnny Carson 1984

You've probably heard that it's aerodynamically impossible for the bumblebee to fly, yet they obviously do. The reason is that they can move their wings 200 beats a second, which is 15X the firing rate of the nervous system.

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