Monday, September 23, 2013

• September 23, 2013 •

Good morning! A long but productive weekend is behind me & the weather is still beautiful! Love it!! :) Saturday I got the mail & then headed out to Greenville to check out a dealership. Saw a NICE black Mustang & it was so tempting. Recently I've been searching for the "Empty Nest Mobile". I've spent the past 2 decades & about a decade before that (3 decades) driving large vehicles. The 1st decade it was for work, the past 2 decades it was so our children would be safe. I wanted as much space inside as I could get & something
large that could take on most anything. In my truck I mostly only worry about getting hit by busses or trains. :) Once our youngest leaves the nest in June though, I can ... for the 1st time ever ... get a tiny 2-seater, convertible, manual transmission sports car. My 'Empty Nest Mobile'. The black Mustang was cool, but a little large for what I was looking for, not a convertible, & not a manual transmission. A Miata is at the top of my list. A Pontiac Solstice is 2nd. On the way home we stopped at Fry's & picked up a TV tuner for my PC & an outdoor antenna. Saturday we hooked up the tuner card & got it working. Saturday's Sims game was the Criminal career & my Sim Renesmee is in the university on a distinguished phys ed award & has been going to classes. Sunday I went to work, took the dogs out, went to work again, made a boiled egg for breakfast, went to work at the other house, went to Taco Bell for lunch, went to work a 3rd time, showered, went through the Sunday paper, took the dogs out, went through my PDF files, cleared out my LCFD e-mail, checked out YouTube, then went to work on all the TVs again. With the TV tuner on the PC working, I went ahead & assembled the large antenna. With not enough cord to run it from the PC to outside, I just stuck it in my office (it's large, but it's not a huge mast antenna for the roof ... I'm not THAT crazy). It works well in here & there are only a couple channels I can't pick up this way. Now all I need is a LONG HDMI cable that can run from my PC to the large TV in the living room so we can watch live TV & our recorded shows in there. With the TV tuner on my PC, I no longer needed the TV & converter box out here in the kitchen so I moved it back into the bedroom w/ the large indoor antenna (the large outdoor antenna stayed on the PC). From the bedroom setup I can pick up whatever channels I was missing in here, but am missing a couple in there that I get in here. Funny. For example, I can't get channel 8 WFAA out here in my office, but I can pick it up just fine from the bedroom. It's all in the antenna direction. The antenna is in the only place I could put it out here in my office due to its short cable & large size, so that's OK. Once we get a longer cable, it'll be mounted outside, facing south. This will get EVERY available channel since I'm doing quite well & only missing a couple with it inside & facing east. Here's a note to anyone reading this who watches TV on their PC using Windows Media Center: If you haven't upgraded to Win8 yet, before you do, keep in mind that Windows Media Center has been REMOVED! You can ADD it ... for $100. As much as I enjoyed Windows Media Center in Windows 7, I'm NOT going to pay $100 to get it back in Win8. When everything was done last night we sat down & finally watched Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was GREAT! Yesterday's Sims game was Springmanor & my Sim Lewis is in the university on a distinguished fine arts award. He's been going to classes. This morning I woke up to another beautiful day! I took the dogs out & started up a new game in Sims. This one is Peristyler Villa (2nd pic). My Sim is Yvette (1st gen). She hates the outdoors, is a coward, computer whiz, & kleptomaniac w/ no sense of humor. Her lifetime wish is 'Posession is 9/10 of the Law' which is to possess $50k in stolen property. She likes vegetarian dim sum, custom music, & the color spiceberry. She won't be going to the university since she won't be working outside the home. Instead, she's going to just constantly visit as many places & people as she can until she steals enough 'stuff' to make her lifetime wish come true. Her furry companion is a Himalyn cat named Faith who is playful, lazy, & destructive.

American cats live the good life - 75% sleep in bed w/ people (in addition to mine).

How many watched the Emmy show? Okay. This hasn't been a good year for NBC. I tell you. The actors didn't show up. And the problem - usually the trouble w/ NBC's programs is the actors show up. -Johnny Carson 1980

Most well-known fairy tales top 10:
  1. Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs
  2. Cinderella
  3. Little Red Riding Hood
  4. Goldilocks & the 3 Bears
  5. Beauty & the Beast
  6. The Frog Prince
  7. Hansel & Gretel
  8. Pinocchio
  9. The 3 Little Pigs
  10. The Little Mermaid
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People don't have to open up verbally before you can empathize ... You can be discerning, sensitive, & aware & you can live outside your autobiography when that is needed.

Robinson Crusoe was inspired by the real life experiences of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor who was marooned on an uninhabited island for 4 years.

Slip old socks onto your hands for an inexpensive & fast way to dust. It's an especially great way to clean venetian blinds.

Write the words "Rake Me" in a co-worker's desktop Zen garden.

Your lucky words this week are: kybo, hoochie-coochie, & Kevin.

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