Monday, September 16, 2013

• September 16, 2013 •

Good morning! I'm up early & late. What I mean is, we went to bed really late last night, so I woke up late this morning, but didn't get a full night's sleep so am up early compared to what time I SHOULD have slept to considering the time we went to bed. Confused yet? LOL! Yesterday was a perfect day. I made French toast for breakfast, cleaned the house, went for a walk, showered, took the dogs out, had bologna on toast for lunch, checked out sales on flatware, went shopping, played Bejeweled on the Wii, then settled down on the sofa for the evening to work on my crocheted Blacklight Beauty afghan. That didn't last long though, because I had to go to work, then stopped at QT for fuel & roller-food dinner, went & did some work at the other house, then headed back out to work. Yesterday's Sims game was LizC864 4 & my Sim Christine is a child in school & working on her logic & painting skills which will serve her well in the university & then the military or law enforcement careers someday. She has the brave trait which is good for both. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Remington, my favorite in-game house. By in-game, I mean it's one of the houses that comes in Riverview. It's not one that I built or that was built by someone else, downloaded, & then added to the game. It was already there & it's beautiful! My Sim Michael Jones (2nd gen) is in the university towards a technology degree.

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If you really seek to understand, w/o hypocrisy & w/o guile, there'll be times when you'll be literally stunned w/ the pure knowledge & understanding that'll flow to you from another human being.

If your family never lets you pick the movie rental, watch your top choice when you're alone, even if you only have a half-hour. Just consider the film a miniseries. (I do this ALL the time!)

Install an alarm system for your cubicle.

North American Wildlife Research Team built a 10' X 10' Bigfoot trap in the Siskiyou National Forest in 1974. It's still there & no, it has never caught the elusive Bigfoot.

Reasons to rent rather than buy a house top 10:
  1. Maintenance free
  2. Cheaper
  3. Avoid property investment loss
  4. Flexibility to move for personal or job-related reasons
  5. Minimum risk should you lose your job - no fear of a loan default
  6. No unexpected expenses - just call the landlord
  7. Reduce overall debt
  8. Increase cash flow
  9. Avoid real estate tax increases
  10. Avoid high homeowner's insurance bills
This is officially, I think, the start of at least NBC's sneak preview of the new shows. And this season, the big thing is sex & science fiction. Outer space. And NBC has come up w/ a winner, I think. They've managed to combine both of those elements - they have a Martian policewoman & she's really sexy. She has a bra w/ 6 cups. - Johnny Carson 1978

Your lucky words this week are: beanie-weenie, double dip, & squeezy.

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