Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th 2013

Good morning! Yesterday was a surprise day off & I got to work on my new favorite knit project, the Entrelac knit afghan (2nd pic). I started out w/ cleaning the house, then 40 minutes on the treadmill, got the mail, tried to go to work but they were closed ... 2 in the afternoon & the place was deserted. WTH? No wonder I'm not making any money. I've gotten there between noon & 1 & the boss' side was open, but the 2nd door, where my booth was, has been notoriously closed ... until I get there & THEN they open it up for the day. Then yesterday the place was completely locked down & closed, so I give up. I've put a LOT of time & effort into this in hopes of making some money, but I can't do that if my side (or the whole place) is closed all the time. I'm paying rent which was for a set amount of hours, but we're not even close. Since I have all
the tables & clothing racks, & Avon catalogs, & stock ... I think it's time to seek out another consignment shop. One that's open when they're supposed to be. Until then, I'm back to crafting in the afternoons around my housecleaning, workout, transportation job, & mom taxi. Wow did I miss crocheting & knitting! You have no idea. After I got back from the booth (which was closed), I took the dogs out, had lunch, went through & sorted my PDF file collection, cleaned the stovetop, & then worked on my entrelac knitting. Don't you just love that pattern? Like Bavarian crochet, it LOOKS like it's little individual squares, but it isn't, it's all done in 1 piece. I love the entrelac because it looks like a basketweave. Very clever pattern & a lot easier than I expected. Yesterday's Sims game was the Graveyard job. My Sim Daniel has been taking care of their baby daughter Christine (2nd gen) & just chillin' out around the house & learning new skills to pass the time. This morning I took the dogs out & then headed off to work at my transportation assistant job. Today's Sims game is the Nectar Maker career. My Sim Tony is currently in the university towards a science & medicine degree.

6 out of the last 12 Presidents are left-handed, which is 5X higher than the rate of occurrence in the general population.

After a 6-year run, the TV show Leave It to Beaver airs its final episode 50 years ago yesterday.

Jetpack Joyride:
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Schedule your fun. If you make an appointment for it, you're more likely to indulge.

Take lunch orders for a local eatery from a group of co-workers, head out of the office, & then take the afternoon off.

Taxi Magic:
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Well, you know what I think people are worried about? The economy. Times must be harder than we all think. I saw Hannibal Lecter on the side of the road today w/ a sign that says, "I will work for you." -Johnny Carson 1992

When people are really hurting & you really listen w/ a pure desire to understand, you'll be amazed how fast they'll open up. They want to open up.

Words used to indicate a "female" top 10:
  1. Woman
  2. Lady
  3. Girlfriend
  4. She
  5. Her
  6. Ms. Girl
  7. Lass
  8. Gal
  9. Chick
W/ the moon & stars in disarray, try not to bring too much attention to yourself today. In fact avoid being a "person of interest" at all costs, especially on the 11 o'clock news.

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