Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013

Good morning! Our son is employed! He's at work right now ... his 1st 15 minutes at work as of typing this sentence ... only 50 years to go! :) I'm so proud. Yesterday I had Tootie Fruities for breakfast, got the mail, did my 40 minutes on the treadmill, went to work, grabbed Jack in the Box for lunch, came back & showered, took the dogs out, & then settled down on the sofa to work on my Bavarian crochet (3rd pic). It's coming along beautifully isn't it? :) The 2nd pic was taken at Christmas in S.C. Yep, that's me on the the left ... hugging a sofa pillow that was originally where I'm sitting & there was nowhere else to put it because it was a packed house. :) THANK YOU to whoever took this picture, there aren't usually a lot of photos of me floating around out there unless I take them myself. Yesterday's Sims game was the Nectar Making
career & my Sim Tony is in the university getting his science & medicine degree. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Charmed Manor. Neo Matthews was just born, he's Paige Matthews' grandson. Neo is a loner, friendly, a Sagittarius who likes classical music, vegetarian lobster thermidore, & the color aqua. That's 2 babies in the house now ... As soon as the 3rd of 3 in the 2nd generation ages up into a young adult (tomorrow morning in game time, I'm going to send all 3 to the university. Since time freezes for the rest of the family who aren't in the university, there will still be 2 babies at home & when they all return from the university, the 3rd of 3 in the 2nd generation will marry & have her baby ... making it a full 3rd generation of babies. growing up together in the Halliwell Manor.

Children desperately want to open up, even more to their parents than to their peets. And they will, if they feel their parents will love them unconditionally & will be faithful to
them afterwards & not judge or ridicule them.

Healthiest foods in the world top 10:
  1. Lemon
  2. Broccoli
  3. Dark chocolate (¼ of an ounce of dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure levels)
  4. Potato
  5. Salmon
  6. Walnut
  7. Avocado
  8. Garlic
  9. Spinach
  10. Beans
May a weird mathematician do a number on your sister. -Johnny Carson 1977

Mom Maps:
Mom Maps helps you find kid-friendly places when you’re on the go! ** As seen in the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Tech Crunch, Babble, Red Tricycle and more! 

Looking for a great play date place? Need to find indoor fun on a rainy day or a nearby playground when you're on the road? Mom Maps (Premium) lets you tap the collective wisdom of parents everywhere to find kid-friendly fun when you need it. Search our extensive list of parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums and indoor play areas, as well as reviews by parents, for parents. We also partner with top parent bloggers and family travel experts to bring you their top kid-friendly picks. 


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Plus all the features in Mom Maps Free
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Over 28,000 locations from 28 metro areas and counting, including:
West Coast: San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Hawaii (Oahu, Maui, and Kauai)
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"Whenever we go on vacation, I like to find a playground so my preschooler can have a little time to hit the swings and the sandbox. I used Mom Maps to find a great park last time we were in Kona, Hawaii. I felt like a local!” - Stacie D.

"School's out and you're not sure what to do with the kids? Mom Maps (free) shows you the closest parks, restaurants, playgrounds, and more. It's perfect for setting up your next playdate, too!"
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Mom Maps was created by a San Francisco mom and co-founder of the leading group of family-friendly developers, Moms with Apps. Mom Maps is committed to providing parent-to-parent recommendations and reviews to make it easier to find new places for kid-friendly fun in your own area and on the road. 

Mom Maps is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. 
Recommended Ages: Parents

My Medical:
My Medical is a comprehensive record-keeping app for your personal medical information. It's the perfect replacement for unreliable paper records or various electronic systems that hold bits and pieces of your medical history. With My Medical, any and all information that is important to you is kept together in one place.
Have a Mac or iPhone? Search the Mac App Store for our desktop version, or search here for "My Medical" and get our iPhone/iPod touch version now.
* It's for the whole family *
My Medical isn't just one medical record. You can keep as many records as you want. Use it for a spouse or aging parents. Use it to keep immunization records for your children. Use it to look after a special needs child. Doctors: use My Medical to maintain notes about your patients.
* 21st century record-keeping *
At heart, My Medical is a thorough database that's yours to control and change. But it's nice to have some help, which is why the app offers autocompletion and autosuggestion for a wealth of medical jargon, including prescription drug names; vaccinations; common afflictions; life support options; laboratory units; and much more. That means more time keeping track of what's important, and less time trying to remember (or spell) the name of that medication.
* A medical record and more *
Areas for emergency contacts, health insurance, doctors' contact information, and other data that are not strictly part of a traditional personal health record (PHR) are all available. And if you already have medical contacts in your address book, then perfect, because My Medical can import it in the tap of a finger. There's no need to retype it all.
* And it works with your calendar *
My Medical will automatically put doctor's appointments and upcoming lab tests on your calendar. You can even set reminder alarms directly from the app, without ever going into your calendar.
* A digital file cabinet *
What about photographs, labwork, x-rays and other important documents that can't be typed directly in? My Medical devotes an entire area to extra files that can be attached to your record. Not only that, you can tie files to particular items anywhere within your information. So add a picture of the pill next to a medication. Keep a copy of your insurance card alongside a provider's contact information.
* From blood tests to X-rays *
My Medical provides a range of common test result templates for you to track test results. To name just a few: blood pressure; cholesterol; metabolic panels; blood sugar; CAT scan; height and weight. If that isn't enough, construct and customize your own test results to keep track of exactly what you need.
* Visualize it *
Chart test results with sophistication and discover trends overr time. With the charting feature you can view multiple graphs simultaneously and even see moving averages to uncover long term changes.
* It's secure *
Unlike most other health record applications, data is stored right on your device, not on remote servers. As a further safety measure, you may require a password in order to view all or certain parts of your information.
* In case of emergency *
My Medical is a valuable aid for EMTs, first responders, or those who may need to quickly find out emergency instructions. Even if you have password-protected the app, certain information is made accessible in the event of an emergency.
* Get the word out *
Sharing your information has never been easier. Generate a report of all or part of your record and email it straightaway. Or export it as a Microsoft Excel-readable spreadsheet. Or you can always send your info to the printer to make a hard copy.
* Sharing *
Our mobile and Mac apps are fully compatible and you can seamlessly send data between them over a wireless network (WiFi). They can also be backed up for safekeeping. If your device is lost or replaced, your information is easily restored.

Order a fold-n-go work station.

Read w/ a goal. Perhaps you're interested in 1st Ladies. Start w/ a biography of the current one & work your way backward to become an expert.

Tired of being pestered by roaches while he worked, Thomas Edison created the 1st bug zapper. When cockroaches stepped on a strip of metal connected to a battery, they instantly died in a puff of smoke.

Your lucky numbers this weekend are: 88 (Dale Earnhardt Jr.), 24 (Jeff Gordon), & 14 (Tony Stewart).

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