Tuesday, September 10, 2013

♥ September 10, 2013 ♬

Good morning! Yesterday the FD got toned out to Bret's old house, I got the mail, cleaned the house, got on the treadmill for an episode of Continuum, showered, & then started to head to work. I got as far as getting all my stuff ready to walk out the door & the phone rang. Of course ... I have about 1 minute to make it to the booth before it closed & 1 hour to get 1 town over to go restocking / shopping. It turns out I had to go into Princeton to pick someone up instead. I missed the booth & by the time I got to McKinney to restock / shop, I only had less than 30 minutes to do it. Not really enough time to do it right. Talk about speed shopping! I bought a BEAUTIFUL house sweater ... I mean I love this thing! I got a great price on it too. It's mostly gray w/ white mixed in & a little bit of dark gray too. It's so fluffy & warm ... a single large button holds it closed. So much classier than the hoodie I always wore around the house. I also got a bunch of new clothes for the fall season & swapped them out with a bunch of fall clothes that I've outgrown. I USED TO be a size small, then medium, now I'm a large. It took 20 years, but I'm slowly growing outward. I carry it well though, so I'm not too upset about it. What bothers me most is getting rid of some of my clothes that I really liked. I take good care of my clothes, so everything I've had for 20 years is still in great condition ... it just doesn't fit anymore. Since I never kept up with the current fads, it's all still "in style". Just normal clothing. People who buy whatever is "in style" end up throwing the stuff out when it goes OUT of style, but people like me who just buy standard stuff can sell it any time. I had JUST finished getting all of the new stuff put away & the old stuff taken out of the closet when lunchtime came around. I took the dogs out, we went to Steak 'n' Shake, then someone else got off work, met us there, & work was over for the day. The stock that was supposed to go to the booth tomorrow is neatly laid out on the dresser on top of the Avon that I ran out of time to take to the booth on the Avon restocking day. Oh well, I'm accustomed to being backed up. I'm always running out of time it seems. Yesterday's Sims game was Modern House Remodel & my Sims Michael & Misty (twins) aged up into children. They've been going to school & working on their cooking skill on their toy ovens. Today I took the dogs out & loaded up Lakeside Mansion. My Sim Nikki is in the university on an apprentice phys ed degree. She's done & just awaiting her report card & to go home.

Breathing Zone:
Breathing Zone is a simple and effective guided breathing exercise. In just 5 minutes you can start to enjoy the deep relaxation and other health benefits of slower therapeutic breathing.
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This free version of Breathing Zone has the following limitations:
• Session length limited to 5 minutes.
• Target breathing rate can't be lower than 5bpm.
For an even more relaxing experience, purchase the full version of Breathing Zone.
Breathing exercises have been shown to help reduce stress, improve your mood, and make you feel more relaxed and energized. Now with Breathing Zone, there's an easy breathing exercise that anybody can do.
Breathing Zone uses a proven therapeutic breathing technique that decreases your heart rate, and over time can even help lower ♥ High Blood Pressure.
There are no complicated settings and no difficult breathing patterns to master. All you need to do is breathe in and out according to the guide. Anyone can it.
• Easy to follow voice instructions.
• Intuitive animated breathing guide.
• 5 calming ♬ Guide Sounds
• Timed sessions from 5 to 30 minutes.
• Weekly Target tracks your therapeutic breathing minutes.
➤ Read More: www.breathing-zone.com
Clinical studies in the Journal of Human Hypertension and the American Journal of Hypertension have shown that doing therapeutic breathing for 45 minutes a week can help lower High Blood Pressure.
➤ Harvard Health Newsletter
"This app employs the phone's microphone to assess your breathing, then establishes a realistically reduced "Target Rate." You can choose an audio accompaniment and set the length of your relaxation session. You then breathe in and out in sync with an image that pulsates at a gradually slower pace."
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Breathing Zone takes the guess work out of meditation. It’s completely devoid of any new-agey-ness that might rub some folks the wrong way. It’s basically just guided breathing.

Brushes is a painting app designed exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Rewritten from the ground up, Brushes 3 is universal — the same version runs on both your iPhone and your iPad. Move paintings between your devices and keep working wherever you go!
An accelerated OpenGL-based painting engine makes painting incredibly smooth and responsive — even with huge brush sizes. Brushes also records every step in your painting. Show off your creative process by replaying your paintings directly on your device.
The base version of Brushes 3 is limited to a single layer, but is otherwise fully functional. Upgrade to 10 layers through In-App Purchase!
General Features:
– Create paintings with dimensions up to 2048x2048 (1024x1024 on older hardware)
– Full support for all Retina devices
– Background autosave
– Unlimited undo and redo
– Simple and approachable interface
– Full screen painting
– Record and replay paintings
– Ultrafast OpenGL-based painting engine
– Huge brush sizes up to 512x512 pixels
– Simulated pressure
– 64-bit painting on the latest hardware
– 14 parameterized brush shapes
– Adjustable brush settings (spacing, jitter, scatter, etc.)
– Adjustable color opacity
– Invert color and desaturate
– Flip and arbitrarily transform layers
– Adjustable color balance (iPad only)
– Adjustable hue, saturation and brightness (iPad only)
Import and Export:
– Integrated with Dropbox
– Import native Brushes 3 files, JPEG, and PNG files
– Export as native Brushes 3 files, JPEG, PNG, and Photoshop files (with layers)
– Place images from your photo album into paintings
– Copy paintings to the pasteboard
– Tweet paintings
– Post paintings to Facebook (iOS 6 only)
– Zoom with two finger pinch
– Zoom in with two finger double tap
– Zoom to fit with two finger double tap
– Toggle interface visibility with a single tap (this can be changed to a two finger tap in the app settings)
– Tap and hold to access eyedropper tool
With Layers In-App Purchase:
– Create up to 10 layers
– Lock and hide layers
– Lock layer transparency
– Adjust layer opacity
– Duplicate, rearrange, and merge layers
– Change blending modes: normal, multiply, screen, exclude
Coming in an update:
– Support for Pogo Connect
– Support for Jot Touch
Screenshot credit: "Portrait of Ally" by John Bavaro (http://johnbavaro.com)

Ferret legging is a real sport where participants put live ferrets inside their trousers. The winner is the one who lasts the longest before releasing the animal. The world record for ferret legging is 5½ hours.

Happiest countries in the world top 10:
  1. Denmark
  2. Switzerland
  3. Austria
  4. Iceland
  5. Finland
  6. Australia
  7. Sweden
  8. Canada
  9. Guatemala
  10. Luxembourg
If the planets could talk they'd say now is a good time to see your partner's point of view. Sleeping on the couch is a good sign you didn't take this advice.

I suppose you've been following the Phillips Petroleum saga in the North Sea. They have an oil well that blew its gasket or whatever an oil well does ... 6½ million gallons, & it's still coming out. But the Phillips Petroleum Company isn't worried. They said they're just going to raise the price of the ocean. -Johnny Carson 1977

Stagger wake-up times if there is only 1 bathroom.

  • Communicate your ideas & how you want to approach things.
  • You're better off postponing all decisions.
  • Don't indulge in gossip.
  • Don't talk about others behind their backs.
  • Make plans to travel or invite friends to visit.
  • Your home will be filled w/ peace & harmony.
  • Today is a good day for business.
  • Beware of setting your sights too high in matters of the heart today.
  • Trust your instincts & wisdom.
Use a permanent marker to paint all of your fingernails black.

When you can present your own ideas clearly, specifically, visually, & most important, contextually - in the context of a deep understanding of another's paradigms & concerns - you significantly increase the credibility of your ideas.

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