Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

Good morning! I hope everyone had a fun & safe Labor Day weekend. My Labor Day was mostly all talking & programming. I had a 2½ hour talk w/ someone, then spent 3½ hours rewriting my entire schedule which not only required moving everything around, but putting all of the code behind it for my Website. Then another 1½ hour talk, then I set up the treadmill & that was it. It doesn't sound like much & in writing, it wasn't ... but being there live took a lot longer than writing it down here. My schedule will change again, but not until the end of November. Then it'll change again in June. The only other change I can see happening before then is if the booth doesn't work out & we decide to discontinue it. Then all of
that comes out. It's up to someone else though as to how long they'd like to continue the booth. Yesterday's Sims game was Chestnut Hill & my Sim Lewis is in the university on an apprentice science award. He's been going to classes. The FD got toned out early this morning to a med call, I took the dogs out & loaded up Sims. Today's game is California Mansion by Curtis Paradis (2nd pic). My Sim is Ferris. An angler & natural cook who is nurturing, hates the outdoors, & his hydrophobic. His lifetime wish is to be a celebrated 5-star chef & he likes grilled cheese, custom music, & the color spiceberry. He's a Gemini. His furry companion is a Havana Brown cat named Orlando who is destructive, a genius, & friendly. Ferris is going to build up his fishing & cooking skills before enrolling in the university so he gets a scholarship & doesn't have to do a full 3 full-time Sim weeks in the university. Today is day 1 of my 2 days off this week. YAY! City council meeting tonight @ 7:p. It's been a few decades, but I just almost started a fire in the kitchen. I put an egg on to boil & still had the heat on full. I completely forgot about it & didn't remember until just now when I heard a pop. I had no idea what that pop was, so I sat here for a moment ... listened, didn't hear anything more, & then went on w/ my business. About a minute later I heard whistling, but I thought it was a squeak. The cat caught a mouse & brought it in? Nope, both cats are sleeping soundly. When I glanced over at the kitchen, I saw the stove light on & the pot on the burner ... then I remembered. CRAP! I ran over there & of course there wasn't ANY water left in the pot & the egg popped open. That was the sound I heard. I took it off the burner & turned the heat off. I'll wait until it cools before I go take a closer look at it just in case it isn't done popping. That's all I need ... to have to call the LCFD because I have eggshell shrapnel embedded in my face. Now THAT would be embarrassing! How would I explain that to dispatch? Egg grenade??

1st Labor Day parade, organized by N.Y.C.'s Central Labor Union, resembled a protest far more than a parade. Members of the CLU were required to march in support of the 8-hour workday - those that didn't march were fined.

Become involved this week. Join a club, but don't use your real name.

Best U.S. cities for skiing top 10:
  1. Park City, Utah
  2. Gatlinburg, Tennessee
  3. Mount Hood, Oregon
  4. Lake Tahoe, California & Nevada
  5. Lake Placid, New York
  6. Jackson, Wyoming
  7. Big Sky, Montana
  8. Aspen, Colorado
  9. Stowe, Vermont
  10. Vail, Colorado
Do a forward roll in your office.

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Out here in California - Hollywood for example - schools are a little bit different, very liberal, outgoing schools. For example, here's a typical Hollywood algebra problem: If Billy takes 2 'ludes every hour & Eddie smokes 3 joints every 45 minutes, which will freak out 1st? -Johnny Carson 1978

Plan out more than your clothes the night before. Decide on shoes & jewelry, too.

Whether our paradigms shift us in positive or negative directions, whether they are instantaneous or developmental, paradigm shifts move us from 1 way of seeing the world to another. And those shifts create powerful change. Our paradigms, correct or incorrect, are the sources of our attitudes & behaviors, & ultimately, our relationships w/ others.

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