Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013

Good afternoon! What a perfect, beautiful day yesterday! Today is beautiful too w/ a forecasted high of only 83. I love it! Lots of stuff yesterday. 1st of all, I changed from V2 e-cigs pre-filled carts to the clear blank cartridges & a bottle of liquid. I like them! Smoking now only costs me pennies a pack. WOOHOO! I started out yesterday by going to work, came back & made eggs over for breakfast, did my treadmill time, showered, ran a laptop charger up to the high school, went back to work, was treated to KFC for lunch, came back & got 2 packages from UPS, got the mail, the FD got toned out to a down tree & a med call, I took the trash out, checked up on Ravelry, took the dogs out, played Bejeweled on the Wii for a little bit, & then headed off to the football game (pics). It was perfect & beautiful out! Not too hot, not too cold. I got there before the game started & stayed through
the end. I even got a cheeseburger, fries, Dr Pepper, & M&Ms for dinner. Yesterday's Sims game was Nottingham & my Sim Queen aged up into a child. She's been working on her cooking skill on the toy oven & going to school. Today is another beautiful day! I have the A/C off & the doors open. I'll probably just open everything up as the day progresses. It's that time of year. :D I love the fresh air! I took the dogs out & loaded up the Criminal career game in Sims. My Sim Renesmee Schlick is in the university on a distinguished phys ed award.

3rd  Punic War between Rome & Carthage, which started in 149 BC, was finally formally "ended" over 2,000 years later w/ a peace treaty between the 2 cities' mayors in 1985.

20@ puts your favorite people in the palm of your hand. And with built-in shortcuts, you can call content directly into your chats in a lightening fast way (we call it SEARCH@).
When a good friend tells you something, you want to do it! And 20@ let’s you:
1) Have multiple micro-group chats just like in your real life; and (2) use search@ to quickly find and bring what you’re looking for into your message conversations.
The outcome is group discovery and doing more stuff. 20@ lets you find it the very moment you’re thinking about it! Now you’re searching with friends.
What’s different in 20@?
* Social Speed-Dial: Organize your friends into easy screens of 20 (face-based)
* Get FB, Twitter (with less noise): 20@ fetches your social streams (choose to only see close-friends activity too!)
* Search@: We re-did search on mobile, so it’s more like the way you do it!
Forget the noise and clutter, and interact more with the people and things that really matter.
Search@ will be everywhere (API coming soon!)
Anyone including you, can instantly have great mobile presence to be discovered and engaged. Our approach is already changing the future of mobile search.

*** Price reduced on the most feature-packed parking app on the app store! ***
* WINNER: Macworld Best of Show * Top 5 Navigation App on US App Store * "Most Useful App" award iPhoneDevCamp * Works worldwide *
-- Say Goodbye to Parking Tickets --
*Version 1.3 with support for iOS 5 * Alarms require iOS 4.1 or above.*
AutoPark turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into an essential driving companion, featuring: parking meter timer alerts w/ local and remote push notifications, parked-car finder w/ GPS, parking-lot position reminder, text and image notes, rich email sharing, and search for nearby services.
If you drive a car then you'll want AutoPark. Use it once and you'll never want to drive without it again.
"AutoPark looks great, works elegantly, and incorporates enough clever extra niceties to deserve a spot of its own on your iPhone." -- 4.5 out of 5 mice Macworld review.
"Paid for itself in one day" (5-stars) - User review.
- Meter Timer: AutoPark keeps track of time remaining on your parking meter so you can get back before you get a ticket. Get early-warning and meter-expired alarms. Let your iPhone save you money for a change.
- Car-finder: Place a marker on a map where you parked your car, then easily find your way back with the iPhone's built-in GPS.
- Parking Lots: Forgot where you parked in a big shopping mall or multi-story lot? No problem. With a few taps keep track of parking lot name, slot number, floor, color code, or section. No more wandering around lots carrying heavy bags.
- Notes and Photos: Write a note or use the iPhone's camera to take a picture and remind yourself where you parked. Also handy for remembering what your rental car looks like.
- Pre-paid Machines: Supports both time elapsed (i.e. 60m left) and clock time (i.e. valid until 11:30am) printed on tags from pre-paid ticket machines.
- Nearby Services: Search for local services near your current location, parked car, addressbook contact, or just enter an address. Have time to kill and want a cup of coffee? It can't get easier. v1.3 ships with support for:
- Banks
- Bars
- Carwashes
- Coffee shops
- Fast Food
- Fire stations
- Florists
- Gas stations
- Hospitals
- Locksmiths
- Parking lots
- Pharmacies
- Police stations
- Post Offices
- Repair service
- Restaurants
- Local Push Notification Alerts: Get alarms even when running another app or if your phone is buried in your pocket. With sound, vibration, and text alerts there's no way to miss it.
- Email: Send a formatted email message from AutoPark with all your parking data, including embedded map and attached picture. Easy way to arrange a rendezvous back at the car or when parking at the airport for a long trip.
- All maps now in standard, satellite, or hybrid (satellite+street) views.
- Extensive built-in Help: Still have questions and need to get in touch? Send tech support messages directly from inside the app.
- Graphics: Beautiful, efficient 'one-look' user interface helps you quickly see everything you need to know on a single screen.
- Use with your car, motorcycle, RV, car-share service (e.g. City CarShare or ZipCar), or travel rental.
- Practically pays back for itself the first time you make it back to your car on time and avoid a ticket.
Please visit to submit feature requests or bug reports. There is no way for us to respond to App Store reviews. Thank you.
Please note: features requiring GPS, phone, or camera will only work on the iPhone. The iPod Touch does not have the necessary hardware. However, iPod Touches can still be used for tracking meter times and parking lot reminders. Maps, email, push notifications, and nearby services will require WiFi access.
More info, including screenshots, screencasts, and FAQs at

Don't push; be patient; be respectful.

Double wrap your underwear today. Don't ask why, just do it. If you're already at work this is a good time to remind you to have an extra pair of emergency undies in your drawer at all times.

May a weird city councilman zone your sister as a business district.

Take a different route during your walk. You're bound to see something you have nver noticed before.

Uses for a single red brick top 10:
  1. Bookend
  2. Bug masher
  3. Doorstop
  4. Hold down picnic tablecloth
  5. Brace a wobbly badminton pole
  6. Place in a toilet tank to save water
  7. Add to a brick wall or brick path in need
  8. Chip off a corner & use as sidewalk chalk
  9. Boat ballast for a toy boat
  10. Place inside a large plant pot or Christmas tree stand for stability
Wear wheeled shoes to work & glide around the office on them all day.

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