Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day 2013

Happy Labor Day! Yesterday I made a Carnation Instant Breakfast, showered & was ready for work. Due to the heat, someone else wasn't too thrilled with hanging out at the booth all day or even staying long enough to re-tag some items that needed to be marked down, but we did stop by & check in on it & then went out to lunch at Sicily's. When I got home I took the dogs out, went to work at my other job & as usual the FD got toned out while I was at work. When I got home I sat out on the back porch for a few. It was another perfect day. My Sims game yesterday was the #1 downloads game & my Sim Efren Jr is in the university & going for a technology degree. He's been going to classes. This morning I took the dogs out, drove to Princeton to drop someone off, went grocery shopping, picked someone up, dropped them off, unloaded the groceries, & then went to pick up a treadmill. The ONE piece of exercise equipment I've always wanted but never had. FINALLY! I'm really excited because walking always worked really well for me & I love walking. I used to walk around our neighborhood which is exactly a mile & a half from our mailbox, around the loop, & back to our mailbox. I did that every day ... just me & my music. Then 3 loose dogs surrounded me & 1 kept lunging at me taking nips out of me. After that, I never walked the neighborhood again. Now I've finally got a treadmill thanks to a very generous person who gifted it to me & starting tomorrow morning I'll be walking EVERY morning after breakfast & blogging & before showering & heading to work. I've decided to walk 40 minutes every morning. That's the length of a 1 hour show minus the commercials. Without live TV, I'm not sure which show I'll choose yet. Probably something different every morning unless I find a show I really like & then I'll just watch the entire show, 1 episode at a time while I walk in the mornings. This (walking) was something I've really wanted to start doing since I quit smoking. It was all that was missing from my new & healthier me. I quit smoking, I started eating better, I started working which got me out of the house & moving in the fresh air & sunlight, now I'm exercising. I'd say all is good! Today's Sims game is Chestnut Hill & my Sim Lewis is in the university on an apprentice science award.

After your next job interview, send flowers to the interviewer w/ a note saying, "Plenty more where these came from."

Biggest companies in the world top 10:
  1. Walmart - USA
  2. Royal Dutch Shell - Netherlands
  3. ExxonMobil - USA
  4. BP - UK
  5. China National Petroleum - China
  6. State Grid Corporation of China - China
  7. Japan Post Holdings - Japan
  8. Chevron - USA
  9. Toyota Motor - Japan
  10. Sinopec Group - China
Jenga HD:
The official Jenga® game has arrived on iPad, in glorious HD! Designed in consultation with Leslie Scott, the original creator of Jenga®, Jenga HD on iPad lets you take the tower building experience anywhere!
"Completely excellent! Hours of fun!"
"Pitch-perfect physics. Thoroughly enjoyable!"
"Gorgeous graphics. VERY addictive. The only reason I stopped was my battery was drained!"
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Real-time 3D physics simulation, authentically recreating the behavior of a real wooden Jenga tower. Each block is realistically affected by the surrounding blocks, recreating the same strategic depth of the original game.
Anyone who’s played Jenga knows how delicate your touch needs to be. The iPad’s super-accurate touch screen gives you the control you’ll need to go for world record heights (incidentally… the record is 40 2/3 layers!). Blocks can be teased out using a mix of gentle tapping and drag controls. It’s easy to begin with, but you’ll soon find it tough when the pressure is on and the tower is wobbling!
Obviously the best part of Jenga is putting off your friends as they are making their move! The four-player Pass’n’Play mode truly reproduces the nail-biting tension of the real thing… but you can play it anywhere!
And what’s more, Jenga HD for iPad lets you compare your current tower height against that of friends around the world – while you play! A little friendly competition is the best motivator...
Jenga HD on iPad introduces a brand new mode: Jenga Arcade. Match colors for extra points and score multipliers by moving fast – but don’t topple the tower! While you play, you earn coins which you can spend on special boosts like collapse reverse, multipliers, and wildcards. It’s fast and frantic… totally turning Jenga on its head.
Jenga HD for iPad is beautiful. The iPad’s HD screen creates a life-size Jenga tower in your hands. Advanced wood shaders make the blocks pop out and let you gauge their stickiness. And everything is set in beautiful environments, rivalling the quality of modern games consoles.
Like all titles from NaturalMotion Games, Jenga HD fully supports Apple’s Game Center including leaderboards, achievements and easy friend comparisons.
Designed in consultation with Leslie Scott, the inventor of Jenga, to create the most authentic Jenga experience ever.
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Life is full of miracles, but they're not always the ones we pray for.

Skip washing your hair if you did it yesterday. You don't actually need to wash it every day.

Term paradigm shift was introduced by Thomas Kuhn in his highly influential landmark book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Kuhn shows how almost every significant breakthrough in the field of scientific endeavor is 1st a break w/ tradition, old ways of thinking, & old paradigms.

Used-car salesman Kal Worthington just set a new personal record. He's in his 3rd month of his 48-hour Labor Day sale. -Johnny Carson 1972

Women of the Pillow Fight League are no softies. They're so skillful w/ pillows as weapons that they can actually cause serious injuries like concussions & black eyes.

Your lucky words this week are: Donkey Kong, itchy, & soup.

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