Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Welcome to LizC864 on Blogger! This blog exists because my old blog couldn't be handled by the average person. If I spoke of something that they didn't understand, hadn't gone through in their life, or just plain disagreed with, all hell broke loose. SO ... here's the rainbows & butterflies version. It was easier for me to change my blog than it was for others to grow up. :) I do ask that you PLEASE vote in the poll. It means a lot to me to know what you all would like to see here. The more popular a poll option is, the more of it you'll see here. My other blog was for me, it was my outlet. This blog is for YOU because many couldn't handle "me". LOL! Vote for your favorite content! If you want to see something here that's not an option on the poll, feel free to send me a message any way you like with your vote. Please be advised that only G-rated & happy stuff can go in here. People get too flippy over anything else. Also, in the interest of everyone's very carefully guarded privacy, a big thing these days, I can't post anything that has to do with anyone else. If I'm not alone, I either won't talk about the event, or I'll have to lie & make is sound as if I were alone. Privacy seems to be a huge thing on everyone's mind these days. I'm surprised Blogger even exists considering how nervous everyone is that other people might see anything they type. Which makes me wonder how ANY social site still exists these days ... come to think of it. I guess people still like to look into the lives of the very few of us who are still willing to put it out there for the public, as long as they're not referenced in ANY way in it. I found that saying "he" or "she" doesn't even work because out of 3,000 readers, ONE person will know it's about them & flip out. They assume that the other 2,999 people also knew it was about them personally. Gee, I wish I was that famous ... to be referenced to as "she" & know the entire world knew who "she" really is. But, that's human nature. To think a whole lot of yourself. Me? I know I'm not a celebrity. I'm just a housewife in a little town in Texas. If someone in France refers to me as "she", *I* won't even know it was about me unless they e-mail me later & tell me. Heck, my next door neighbor from years ago in another place could talk about me & I wouldn't realize it. I'm not oblivious, I just don't assume everything is about me. It seems to be a trend these days for people to assume everything is all about them. I'll bet someone will send me a nasty message about THIS & say "Why are you talking about me?! DELETE THAT NOW! What's wrong with you?!" Sheesh! This is why THIS blog will only have info on ME & things I have done or seen while I was completely & totally ALONE. God forbid I go to the state fair, blog about it, & have someone say "Why are you following me to the fair? Why are you blogging that you were there when I was there too? People will think we were TOGETHER & it will cause me problems because I said I went alone! Now my wife thinks I lied because she swears I went with YOU!" Don't laugh, stuff just like that has happened! I once blogged that I went to a restaurant for lunch & had someone flip out because apparently they were there too that day (but not at the same time I was) & apparently now we were having an affair because people who saw my blog & knew they went to that venue could only assume we went together. WHAT?! All I said was that I had lunch at ____________. Sheesh! The world is a funny place. I'll probably get into trouble for saying I had lunch, too ... because maybe someone, somewhere on this planet also had lunch & now all their friends think we're getting married. Oh well. I'll try to keep out of trouble, but it's so difficult when you can't really say ANYTHING without someone flipping out. Let me try to clear this up now ... if I go to Wendy's, it wasn't with ANYONE you know. If I go to the grocery store, it wasn't with ANYONE you know. I am married, I am staying married, I am not having an affair, I am not going to have an affair. So if someone you know was in the same place I was within a 24 hour period, they weren't with me. OK? I go to many places ... chances are you've heard of most of them, too. They're public places. But I go alone. If I mention any other human being in my blog, it will be with WRITTEN consent from that person. I'm probably going to make them fill out & sign a legal form before I mention them even as a "them". This is a double-sided coin though. This also means that all great accomplishments & milestones ... great things that happen to others that I witness, won't ever get mentioned. You can win the Nobel Prize & I would never breathe a word of it. ... which will upset people too. Go figure. "Don't talk about me!" "Hey, why didn't you brag to your readers about my brilliant once in a lifetime accomplishment?" ... Uhhh because you ordered me not to talk about you ... ever. (?!) Duh? "Well, I meant only the bad stuff." Hmmm ... back to that Brady Bunch rainbows & butterflies thing. No, I think I'll only talk about me & save myself the grief of having to paint others as perfect human beings. If a person does 100 bad things, then does 1 remotely nice thing, they want me to gush about that 1 thing & leave out the 100 bad ones. That's false advertising & I won't do it. We're all human, we all do good AND bad things whether we want to admit it or not. Not a single person I know has been declared a saint by the Catholic Church. Not one, so why should I portray them as such? I don't even portray myself that way. I have my faults like everyone else. More faults than some people, less faults than others. I'm human. Again, please vote for content or send me a message with your content request. I would like this blog to be great & that will only happen if there's content you like in it. Pic a subject, any subject, & I'll try my best. :)

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