Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10, 2013

Good morning! Yesterday I got the mail, made a cheese omelet for our son for breakfast, cleaned the house, & then it was another non-productive day of happy ... just playing Minecraft while ALL the Sims expansion packs, stuff packs, & store items downloaded onto the laptop (that took days). I don't have any screenshots yet because they're all on the laptop. I'll get the pics uploaded to facebook & Pinterest once I actually remember. Not much to show yet other than the spawn point. I'll have good screenshots to show once I finish the house I'm building in there. It's going to be a NICE one! It's going to be my FIRST one, but I'm confident that it's going to come out great because so far it looks great. I can build a lot faster in the Sims, but that's because the interface is faster for building (instead of block by block) & I don't have to go find / make all the materials 1st. Since I'm not using any cheats or mods, the roof is giving me fits. It's so far up that if I accidentally fall off, it'll kill me & then I lose all the materials I have on me that I'm using to build it, so I've got to go really slow & steady. Once I try out the Sims on the laptop & see that it plays as well on there as it does on my huge gaming desktop over here (that keeps locking up since Win 8.1 was installed), I may just unplug this huge beast, clear off my desk of everything except the monitor / TV, & give it to hubby who spent a fortune building it years back for me. He can use an upgraded PC & this is one heck of an upgrade compared to the old box he's using. Then, when I'm working at my desk I'll just plug the monitor into the laptop & when I start gaming I'll unplug the monitor & sink into the sofa. I'm seriously thinking of starting fresh with all of my Sims games. Years into the games I'm playing now & I just feel like punching reset. Start each game over from scratch, doing things differently now. I will still have all my old games saved on a flash drive, but it's time for a fresh start starting today. Brand new laptop, brand new Minecraft game, why not brand new Sims?I even have a brand new notebook to keep track of it all. :D

Best ways to achieve your fitness goals top 10:
  1. Make exercise part of your daily routine
  2. Set realistic goals (no, you will not qualify for the Olympics this year)
  3. Hire a personal trainer or exercise w/ a friend
  4. Commit & understand that exercise is work, but worth it
  5. Fight the boredom by including a wide range of activities
  6. Reward yourself
  7. Support the exercise w/ a healthy diet
  8. Dress appropriately & comfortable
  9. Keep a record of your progress
  10. Warm up & cool down w/ every workout
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Goats have rectangular pupils, which give them very wide peripheral depth perception & enhanced night vision. That, & a very cool stare.

Gravity pull of some of our habits may currently be keeping us from going where we want to go. But it's also gravity pull that keeps our world together, that keeps planets in their orbits & our universe in order. It's a powerful force, & if we use it effectively, we can use the gravity pull of habit to create the cohesiveness & order necessary to establish effectiveness in our lives.

Here's a bizarre story: 4 inmates in a Florida prison are suing to get nonsmoking cells. This raises an interesting constitutional question: Do we really want criminals to be able to run faster? -Johnny Carson 1990

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Unruly Uranus & mischievous Mars encourage you to cash in the kids' college fund & go gambling. It's okay, $163 won't buy much "higher education" anyway.

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