Monday, December 2, 2013

• Cyber Monday 2013 •

Good afternoon! Black Friday is a day that I avoid like the plague. I've seen the photos, I've seen the videos, I've read the stories. I want no part of a shopping version of The Hunger Games, so I stayed home where it's safe & cleaned the house, updated my grocery list, ventured out to go to work, got the mail, went to the bank, swung by Long John Silvers to pick up lunch for someone, the FD got toned out to a med call while I was at work, I came home & showered, & then sat down to work on my Blacklight Beauty afghan which is still coming out great! Friday's Sims game was the McAllister Home from the Movie Home Alone & my Sim Kevin McAllister is just chillin' out & living his life. Saturday I took the dogs out, made breakfast sausages for hubby & I, checked out the How To Cook Everything app on my iPhone 5, took the dogs
out,got the mail, & then worked on the hat I'm knitting until it was time to go back out to work, then hubby wanted to get something at the store, so we went to Micro Center where he got me an upgraded graphics card which will do Bitcoin mining. My PC now sports a Gigabyte Radeon 260X. After that we went to Fry's, where I spend $50 on 3 books / magazines. $10 for a crochet magazine that includes a 2014 wall calender, $20 on the Google Power User's Guide, & another $20 on The MineCraft Book ... which is AWESOME! Saturday's Sims game was Casa Bella (2nd pic). This house comes with a large garden with many different grapes & a nectary in the rear building on the right (next to the garden). Since I was lucky enough to notice this before I started the game, the Sim I created had all the traits that matched this beautiful home. Bella (Casa Bella, might as well name her Bella) is a green thumb & good at making nectar. Her lifetime wish is to have a bottomless nectar cellar, which meant & had to create a cellar under the nectary. She's doing well. I played for a long time Saturday night & she has so far mastered the gardening skill, almost mastered the nectar making skill, & is making good money selling her nectar at the consignment shop in town. When we got home, hubby installed the video card & got it working. While he was doing that, I found out that the laptop he gave me for the kitchen (my little recipe server), does NOT run Minecraft. So, I went through the Google book until my PC was back up & running. Once it was, I made sure Minecraft ran on the main gaming PC. Guess what? It didn't. Hubby had to come in & fix a driver problem that apparently lots of people were having. Once he got that fixed, I loaded up Minecraft & ... big mistake ... ended up playing until 2:30a. I had a lot of fun though ... it's nice to have a REAL day off once in a while! This morning after taking the dogs out I loaded up Sims & the new graphics card threw it for a loop. All of the settings were reset. I understand the video settings getting scrambled, but ALL the settings? My Sims lifespan, season lengths ... I'm glad I wrote this all down a while back or I'd end up having to do all the math again. Once I got everything back to normal as far as the settings, I loaded up Modern House Remodel. In this game, there are twin children ... a boy & a girl (Misty & Michael). So far neither of them have any useful traits that I can concentrate on for their future, so they'll just have fun working on random life skills until we see if either of them gains a useful trait in the future. Worst case? They both become CEOs. LOL! Happy December! Less than 1 month left until my favorite day of the year ... New Year's Day! New Year's Day is when this blog changes a little bit ... new information, new stuff, all based on the votes on the right of my blog page. Happy Cyber Monday! Enjoy savings from the safety of your Internet enabled device.

An abandoned hubcap on the side of the road is a symbol of your life spinning out of control. Ignore the warning but grab that hubcap. They make great ashtrays or wind chimes.

Best-known astronauts / cosmonauts of all time top 10:
  1. Ed White
  2. Gus Grissom
  3. Jim Lovell
  4. Boris Volynov
  5. John Glenn
  6. Alexey Leonov
  7. Buzz Aldrin
  8. Alan Shepard
  9. Yuri Gagarin
  10. Neil Armstrong
Best-selling cigarette brands in the world top 10:
  1. Marlboro
  2. Winston
  3. Camel
  4. Parliament
  5. Pall Mall
  6. Classic
  7. Red & White
  8. L&M
  9. Hilton
  10. Doina
Charlie Chaplin once entered a Chaplin look-alike contest ... & lost!

Flight Status Pro:
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I'm getting into the Christmas spirit, & it's not easy to do in California. Today - last night actually, I saw some tiny tots w/ their eyes all aglow. What happened, I had turned the electric power on my fence when they were caroling. -Johnny Carson 1991

In 1945, U.S. Navy officer Grace Hopper found a moth stuck between the relays on the Harvard Mark II computer. She noted it in her log as the "1st actual case of bug being found."

May you discover your sister's phone # branded on a stallion camel's humps.

Run Tracker Pro:
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Sometimes we make mistakes. We feel awkward. But if we start w/ the Daily Private Victory & work from the inside out, the results will surely come. As we plant the seed & patiently weed & nourish it, we begin to feel the excitement of real growth & eventually taste the incomparably delicious fruits of a congruent, effective life.

What do we reflect to others about themselves? And how much does that reflection influence their lives?

When wimmering bones for soups & broths, add vinegar to draw calcium from the bones & into the stock. Add 2 tbsp. of vinegar per qt. of water.

Your lucky words this week are: frozen peas, Chumba Wumba, & lipstick.

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