Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 14, 2013

Good morning! I slept in a little today. Only overslept by almost an hour, but I needed it. I've been cutting my sleep short a LOT lately due to my Minecraft addiction. I swear, I went totally OCD on it. I wake up wanting to play & know I have things to do 1st. So far, I've been good & have been taking care of what I should before playing. It takes a lot of self control though. LOL!
Yesterday I cleaned the house, sent out the grocery list, & then loaded up Sims & downloaded the #1 download of the month ... Chateau de Bellevue (2nd pic). It's creator also created a Sim that I downloaded separately named Cloe (1st gen) who is charismatic, a bookworm, a perfectionist, over-emotional, & artistic. Her lifetime wish is to be a journalist. After that was downloaded, set up, & I got Cloe her job in the journalism career, I RAN over to my laptop to play Minecraft. I have entered the Nether! I almost got lost in the Nether, too. Dark place, lots of hallways. Also lots of chests w/ cool stuff inside! No screenshots of the Nether since it was so dark, but I do have screenshots of my houses, the portal, & the new fireplaces with real fires on Netherrack instead of the lava I was using for the fireplaces. Netherrack fires are dangerous though. Hard to keep contained even when they're completely enclosed w/ cobblestone & glass. Check out my facebook & Pinterest albums later for yesterday's screenshots.

1 aquarium in Japan has an odd way to celebrate Christmas: it channels electricity from an electric eel to power the lights on a Christmas tree!

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During cold-weather months, close curtains & shades at night; open them during the day. Keep southern-exposure windows clean to let in the winter sun to help heat your house.

Reasons a man should have a dog, & not a wife top 10:
  1. They're always glad to see you, no matter what time it is or how long you've been gone
  2. They don't mind if you call them by another dog's name
  3. Dogs like dirty socks & underwear laft all over the floor
  4. Dogs don't have annoying parents who'll make lengthy visits
  5. Dogs agree that a raised boice is the best way to make a point
  6. Dogs think you're funny when you're drunk
  7. Dogs love to hunt & fish
  8. A dog will never ask, "Do you love me?"
  9. If a dog leaves, it won't take half of your stuff w/ them
  10. Dogs can't talk, & talk, & talk ...
Today I have a letter from a fan. "Dear Jeff Foxworthy, is it okay to threaten the kids w/ no Santa Clause if they misbehave?" I answer, "Dear Fan, are you kidding? Of course it is! And while you're at it, throw in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, & Elvis."

We have a Christmas staff party here w/ The Tonight Show every year, & boy, was it great last year. All the stocking were hung w/ great care & the rest of the clothes were all over the room.

We're more in need of a vision or destination & a compass & less in need of a road map.

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