Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013

Good morning! Yesterday I cleared out my Yahoo e-mail, had a mozzarella stick for lunch, cleaned the house, took the dogs out, checked out an app on my iPhone 5, & then sat down to play Minecraft & finally load up Sims on my laptop! Minecraft is great as usual, but Sims ... not meant for a laptop! I've got a great laptop, but it can't handle Sims with all the settings cranked up like I have it on my desktop gaming PC. The lack of a huge graphics card just kills it. I knocked all the settings down a notch & restarted the game. No difference. Then I knocked all the settings down again ... finally I hit a point where the game played well & amazingly, I didn't notice any difference. It's not like my Sim turned all blocky or anything. It finally runs smooth, but there's still a problem. Loading a saved game from the main menu takes about 20 minutes! WTH?! On my desktop PC, it takes a couple minutes, but not 20! Same thing for saving. On my desktop ... 30 seconds. On my laptop ... 20 damn minutes! What gives?! Now before you ask, I have a mirror image of downloaded content. Everything I have on my desktop, I have on my laptop. Same stuff. Desktop is tri-core, laptop is quad core. The laptop is missing the graphics card from hell that my desktop has, but that shouldn't have anything to do with loading & saving ... only with playing. Everything I'm seeing in forums has to do with CC, but like I said, if one of my CC was the problem, wouldn't I have the SAME problem on my desktop PC since it's all the same stuff? My 1st Sims game on the laptop is the criminal career in Dragon Valley. I lost cornucopia. It turns out that they no longer have uploaded worlds in the exchange. Now I can only play worlds that are created by EA. There are 11 of them total, I own about 6 or 7 of those. My Sim's name is Olivia (1st gen). She's ambitious, athletic, evil, a genius, & a kleptomaniac. Her lifetime wish is to be the Emperor of Evil. She likes spaghetti, geek rock, & the color spice brown. She's a Capricorn. Her furry companion is a Toy Fox Terrier named Vicki (1st gen) who is non-destructive, playful, & aggressive. Olivia bought the cheapest house she could find in Dragon Valley, bought the essentials she needed for her dog, & after food, only had a few dollars left to her name. No car, no radio, an old-timey TV, a single bed, crappy fridge ... she's starting out the way everyone should. No cheats, no loans.  She will earn everything she ever has, which right now is next to nothing. The very 1st thing she did was get a job (also as everyone who just graduated high school should with the exception of those smart enough to find a way to go to college), but having no PC or money meant going to the business directly to get the job instead of applying on the PC. Then she wanted to learn gardening, so it was off to the library since she couldn't afford to go to the bookstore & buy the book. When she got home, she cleaned the house ... which is easy when you live alone, it means picking up the newspaper out of the front walkway. She wanted to learn the painting skill, so she had to fork over some money for an easel. Worth it since you can make money on your paintings. All skills my Sims learn are skills that you can earn money with. The skills that don't produce an income are generally skipped & viewed as time wasters. Life is short, if you're going to have a hobby/skill, make it a profitable one at least. :) After that it was the normal daily routine of things everyone has to do. Shower, dinner, bed, work, & paying bills. When she finally had some free time again it was off to the library to use their PC & check out the online dating site. She uploaded her profile & checked out the eligible guys in town. 2 of them caught her eye & she sent them messages. Then it was off to work & back to the daily routine. I love playing the big beautiful mansions in Sims because I love living vicariously through my Sims, but I also love the realistic games like this one. The one where they start out in the tiniest house in town, have nothing, & have to scrimp & save for everything they ever get. I don't use cheats to get money, I don't immediately marry to move up to something better. I make them earn it all by themselves. Marriage isn't until after they've succeeded in their career (reached the highest level). THEN & only then can they marry, move out to their new hubby's (better) house, & start a family. This happens when they're somewhere right between young adult & elderly. In the middle of mature adulthood. Young adulthood is for working, elderly/retirement is for relaxing ... mature adulthood is for working AND being a spouse & parent. The hardest part of life when you're trying to balance everything at once. By now you have a nicer house, a couple cars, a spouse, a couple pets, children ... it's rough. I wait until mature adulthood so they're at least secure in their jobs, good at cooking, & have a good routine in place before adding more people & pets to the picture. It's hard when you graduate from school, & are immediately married, pregnant, & trying to start a career ALL AT ONCE.

As the spirit of Christmas lowers the boom on your wallet, remember the true intention of gift giving 0 to get relatives, friends, & coworkers off your back for a few weeks. Be generous - jumper cables, an ashtray from a national monument, or cherry-flavored Tums are a good start.

Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.

Conscience is the endowment that senses our congruence or disparity w/ correct principles & lifts us toward them - when it's in shape.

Dead Sea isn't a sea. It's actually a lake. It's technically not dead either - there are minuscule amounts of bacteria & microbial fungi in the water.

Economy is in bad shape. Economy is bad. Wouldn't you know, due to this recession, Santa Claus this year had to drop 2 of his hos. -Johnny Carson 1974

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