Monday, December 9, 2013

• December 9, 2013 •

Good morning! The power came back on yesterday morning. We were without power for 50 hours & the temps were in the 20s. It was miserable & COLD! I prefer the cold over heat, but that was pushing it. The very 1st thing I did was turn on my PC! I took the dogs out, had a Carnation Instant Breakfast, cleaned the house, the FD was still getting toned out to down power lines & tree branches, I added some stuff to the grocery list, checked out some YouTube videos, took the dogs out again, & then sat down to watch some TV while I worked on
my hand knit Father's Day afghan. While the power was out, I decided that it would have been nice to be able to play Minecraft & Sims, so on our trip out onto the icy roads to get food, I bought a brand new HP Envy laptop. Top of the line, will play Minecraft & Sims & is one KICK ASS computer! Quad core, Beats Audio, all the bells & whistles. It's SWEET & I love it! Since the power came back on I've been installing Sims. Minecraft was easy & I got some game time in while the power was still off. Sims on the other hand is going to take about a week or more to get installed fully on there. I have every expansion pack & a lot of other purchased items for the online Sims 3 store. We have DSL, but these are HUGE files. Yesterday it took well over 12 hours to install just the BASE Sims 3 game. Today it's updating from the original, tomorrow I start on the expansion packs ... 1 per day. Then at the end I'll download all of the store items I've bought over the years & the worlds like Conucopia, Twinbrook, etc. Yeah, probably 2 weeks until it's equivalent to my desktop PC. Worth the wait though, because yesterday after I worked on the afghan for a bit, I started playing Minecraft on the laptop ... on the sofa. SO much more comfy than sitting at my desk for hours & hours. I LOVE this laptop! Most expensive one in the store at the time I bought it. I got tired of asking "Well, will this one play Minecraft?" "No." "How about this one?" "Yes ... well, until the next update." "This one?" "Yeah, this one will do it, but it'll be slow." "Oh screw it! Just give me that one! It's the most expensive one here & it looks like it's got some beasty gaming specs!" "Yeah, that one will do ANYTHING." "Good. SOLD!" Then I threw in a wireless mouse & a backpack & we were done. Some people shop when they get depressed ... apparently my dangerous shopping time is when I'm bored shitless in an ice storm w/ no power.

Before she was a famous movie star, Marilyn Monroe was the 1st Miss California Artichoke in 1947.

Biologically speaking, banana trees are actually herbs, not trees. See, the banana stem doesn't contain true woody tissue.

Dark Meadow:
*Nominated for Mobile game of the Year by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.
* IGN: "worth playing just to experience the game’s huge amount of eccentric dialogue, and to experience the unfolding mystery.... one of the best to hit the App Store in recent memory."
* KOTAKU: "at home in the halls of BioShock's Rapture...disturbingly gorgeous experience."
* DESTRUCTOID: "a very atmospheric and engrossing game with a delicious streak of dark humor coursing through its veins.. worth picking up for anybody with an interest in iOS gaming."
* JOYSTIQ: "It's a surprisingly funny, gorgeous game that's an easy recommendation... ram home the truth that mobile games are getting surprisingly good at creating big worlds on tiny screens."
* TOUCH ARCADE: "The Dark Meadow is a standout in almost every way. From look to setting to the touch-centric gameplay, it shines, and you can tell this title was crafted with much love "
* GIZMODO.UK: "a splendid achievement. The bar has been raised, the gauntlet has been thrown down, and the hyperbole has been exhausted. We can’t wait to see the next game that tries to go one better."
* MODOJO: "a cross between BioShock and Infinity Blade... a hauntingly beautiful and intriguing game everyone should play, as it offers both a compelling adventure and a glimpse into the future of smart phone gaming. "
* GAMEZEBO: "arguably the best title to come to the genre. It's gorgeous, it's creepy, and it's a blast to play. This is the perfect game to play during the Halloween season. "
A dark fairytale of intrigue and mystery, where the sins of the past must be paid for… So sets the stage for The Dark Meadow -- a visually stunning world of deep exploration, gripping story, and heart racing combat, created with the unrivaled power of the Unreal Engine 3.
You awake in a hospital uncertain of how you arrived there or why. An old man warns of a beautiful witch whose minions roam the halls seeking the living. It is only when the witch is destroyed that you will be released from this unrelenting torment.
Using fun and intuitive fully gesture-based controls, you explore the decaying ruins of Montclair Hospital, armed with your crossbow for long-range combat as well as your sword for up close and personal melee battles.
The best elements from role-playing games encourage exploration as a wide variety of items are secreted throughout the world – from hidden scraps of paper that reveal the mystery of your imprisonment, to weapons and items, to money which can be used to purchase better equipment and weapons.
- Visually stunning, photo-realistic world built with the Unreal 3 engine
- A mature plot, stylized as a dark modern fairytale with bizarre twists and turns;
- In-world storytelling and quality acting
- Gesture-based action: crossbow ranged combat with ‘pull back and fire’ mechanic, slashing melee combat with dodging, blocking, and combos;
- Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean , Italian, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

Disneyland Maps Free:
Park maps with wait times, GPS, compass, zoom, search and photos make it easy to navigate the parks and find restaurants, bathrooms, and attractions.

• Guide maps for Disneyland Park and California Adventure
• Wait Times on attraction pins
• Your GPS location and compass orientation
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• Zoom out to see park layout
• Search for an attraction or restaurant by name
• Select a pin for details such as photo, description and restaurant info
• No network connection required except for Wait Times data
• Free app updates to get new data and new features
The paid version without ads has more viewable space.

Ease into 5K:
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Get off the couch 3 times a week for 30 mins at a time – and watch yourself become a marathoner. Interval training for a 5K is an absolute CHORE without this app.
Yes, you can still listen to your workout tunes. This app works alongside your music.
With Ease into 5K by Bluefin, couch potatoes and insanely busy people alike are gradually transforming into long-distance running machines… with just 30 MINUTES 3X EACH WEEK.
That's only 90 minutes a week. And in that small handful of minutes, you'll actually be TRAINING THE RIGHT WAY. We're talking training to lose weight and run 5K. So you won't spend your Treadmill Time wishing you knew what runners with coaches know.
******The ultimate couch potato transformation app is at your fingertips. Proven training for new runners!******
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NEW! When you're done with the 8-week plan, keep training (requires GPS*)
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Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Etiquette mistakes top 10:
  1. Not making an introduction
  2. Answering a cell phone call in a social situation
  3. Arguing over a check
  4. Being late
  5. Not giving up a seat on public transit to someone who needs it
  6. Being rude to service staff or under tipping
  7. Monopolizing the conversation
  8. Flossing or picking your teeth in public
  9. Eating w/ your mouth open
  10. Brushing or combing your hair while at the table
Feeling like a bobblehead doll bouncing on the dashboard of a 1977 El Camino is normal during the Christmas season. You've got 2 whole weekends left to shop. What's the hurry? Relax.

Habits can be learned & unlearned. But it isn't a quick fix. It involves a process & a tremendous commitment.

I can always tell when the economy is in trouble. For example, just before the show tonight, guy came up to me, stuck his finder in my ribs, said, "Mister, this is a stick-up. If you want to see my gun, come w/ me to the pawn shop, & I'll show it to you." -Johnny Carson 1978

If your home life is typically morbid, look out! It could be buzzing w/ excitement as Christmas nears; I'd check the wiring around the tree. Newfound joy is usually just a wiring problem.

May an excited yak tailgate your sister. -Johnny Carson 1975

More proactive you are, the more effectively you can exercise personal leadership & management in your life.

Most common mistakes drivers make top 10:
  1. Distracted by a cell phone conversation or while eating
  2. Not looking straight ahead
  3. Low tire pressure
  4. Bumping a curb while parking
  5. Filling the tank w/ premium gas when it's not necessary
  6. Over-braking
  7. Driving fast on wet roads
  8. Signaling at the last minute
  9. Not routinely checking the brakes
  10. Not taking note of the speed limit
Now the people in Beverly Hills mean well at Christmas, but I don't think they have a handle on things. They had 1 of those Christmas kettles on Rodeo Drive w/ a sign that said, "Please help people who aren't as good as we are." -Johnny Carson 1988

Pass along a family heirloom, or give an item of your own to someone who has admired the item.

This free app from Google lets you create and edit Microsoft® Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your iPhone and iPad. Once you sign in with your Google Account, work can be saved in Google Drive, which gives you up to 15GB of free storage and lets you access your files from any mobile device or computer.
With Quickoffice and a Google Account you can:
- Create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
- Access files in Google Drive and on your device
- Open and view PDF files
- Share files through previously shared Google Drive folders
- Attach files to emails

Reasons to own a goat top 10:
  1. Goat's milk
  2. To pull a cart
  3. To eat weeds & grass
  4. Goat cheese
  5. companion for your dog or other pets
  6. Entertainment
  7. Goat meat (if you don't become too attached)
  8. Dried goat dung is excellent fuel
  9. Only needs a small grazing area
  10. Conversation piece
Self-renewal process must include balanced renewal in all 4 dimensions of our nature: the physical, the spiritual, the mental, & the social / emotional. Balanced renewal is optimally synergetic.

*** NOTE: This version is for iPhone and iPod Touch only. For the universal iPad/iPhone/iPod experience, please purchase SoundFront HD instead.
SoundFront is the ultimate music discovery and enjoyment app! Powered by the massive library of, you will never be without new music again.
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Choose genres, artists, or just perform a search. Add new discoveries to your favorites. AirPlay support transforms your iPhone into the ultimate party jukebox!
- Search by genre, artist or freeform
- Save your own favorite artists, genres and tracks
- AirPlay support (AppleTV or Airport Express required)
- Millions of songs across all genres

War of the Oaken Bucket (1325-1337) was supposedly started when soldiers from the Italian city of Modena stole a bucket from the neighboring territory of Bologna.

Your lucky words this week are: beefaroni, hiney, & melons.

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