Friday, November 29, 2013

• Black Friday 2013 •

Good afternoon! Yesterday was a nice Thanksgiving. I cleaned the house, we had a great Thanksgiving dinner, I surfed around Pinterest for a bit, took the dogs out again, checked out the IMDb app & added the movie Turbo to my watch list, then waited for hubby to make all his family & friends Thanksgiving phone calls & played Sims while I waited. The patch that they applied the night before worked. Not a single crash & the game even saves much faster than it used to. WOOHOO! After a long game of Sims with my Simburbia house, we sat down & watched Snow White & the Huntsman. This morning I woke up way too early, took the dogs out, & went to work. When I got
back started a brand new game in Sims w/ the McAllister House from the movie Home Alone (2nd pic). I created a young adult version of Kevin McAllister (he looks pretty accurate). Sim Kevin is brave, eccentric (for his ability to invent all kinds of contraptions), genius, handy, & lucky. Sound about right? I thought so. His lifetime wish as it turns out, based on his traits is to be a firefighter. He likes mac & cheese (they have pizza in the game but you can't choose it as a favorite food or I would have), custom music, & the color spiceberry (the closest I could come to his sweater that he's often shown in in movie screenshots). Based on his birthday in the movie, he's a Taurus. Since his lifetime wish is to be a firefighter, his furry companion is a Dalmation named Urban McAllister who is also a genius, noisy, & a hunter. The McAllister home is HUGE! A full basement which is currently empty, 2 full floors above that & a small 3rd floor that contains another bedroom. The 2 car garage also has a living room & kitchen in it. This place can easily house much more than the 8 Sim maximum per lot. I will never be short of space in this house no matter what. Never! Wow.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. -JFK

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Mechanical Engineer:
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• Revolutions Prior to Stopping
• Heat Brake Must Dissipate
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• Torsion Bar Springs
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• Square Bar
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Most often misused &/or misspelled words in the English language top 10:
  1. Their
  2. Too
  3. There
  4. They
  5. Then
  6. Until
  7. Our
  8. Ask
  9. Off
  10. Through
Not only can they identify you, molecules excreted in sweat embedded in your fingerprints can also tell whether you've been using tobacco or illicit drugs.

Now children's toys, as you know, apparently they've had some problems. Some of the toys are a little bit dangerous. When I was a kid the only safety rule they had for toys that I remember is, you couldn't have a toy that put out both of your eyes at the same time.

Teach someone young the important things for life's journey, like how to hot-wire a vehicle or how much dip you can put on a chip before breakage. Hot-wiring & chip dip. Life's little landmarks.

When you see only 2 alternatives - yours & the "wrong" one - you can look for a synergistic 3rd alternative, & if you work w/ a Win-Win philosophy & really seek to understand, you usually can find a solution that will be better for everyone concerned.

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