Monday, November 11, 2013

• November 11, 2013 •

Good morning & happy Veteran's Day! Friday was a perfect day! I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping at Kroger, went to work, stopped at the bank, swung by Wendy's for lunch, got the mail, showered, did my banking, surfed eBay, played Scrambler on dish, cleared out my AOL e-mail, played BlackJack on dish, & then finished a panel of my newly designed Mile-A-Minute afghan which has the colors from the United Federation of Planets ... it's my Star Trek Mile-A-Minute (2nd pic) & I love how it's coming out! Friday's Sims game was the criminal career & my Sim Renesmee Schlick (3rd gen) has been working on her athletic skill
for work. Saturday was another perfect day! I went to work, came back & took the dogs out, had a boiled egg for breakfast, cleaned the house, got the mail, went through the Sunday paper, took the dogs out, set up Health & Fitness in Win8 & like it a lot. I tracked my food for the day to see how many carbs, fat, etc. I had drank & eaten so far, logged my weight, & checked my BP & heart rate. All of these things will be stored & each time I enter them I can see how I'm doing so far. There are graphs so I can easily see my progress. I bought a larger flash drive so I can back up my Sims games & carry them with me if I'm traveling. I checked the yearly cleaning, started a hand knit afghan that I designed called Father's Day Cable Chevron Afghan which will be done in strips of yellow & tan (3rd pic). I worked on that for a while & then went to work & had dinner on the way home.
Saturday's Sims game was Grandmother's House (not mine) & my Sim Faith (1st gen) is raising her son Gonzalo Payne Jr & not much happened in the game because it crashed after she went to bed, then woke up & had breakfast. Early Saturday morning was a very sad morning for McKinney & Princeton. 7 teens in a small car when the driver lost control of the car & after flipping & rolling for 55-80 yards, tragedy struck our towns (4th pic). 2 teens were pronounced dead at the scene & the rest were taken to a local hospital. McKinney & Princeton high schools each lost a student. Any information I have on the incident is through our son who knew all 4 teens from Princeton high school (the other 3 were from McKinney) & is close friends with 3 of the 4. One of his close friends who he's known for 4 years now is one of the teens who died on scene. When I woke up Sunday morning I saw the 
news on facebook & there was an e-mail from Princeton H.S. about the loss of a student. That's when I woke Kyle up & told him what had happened. Kyle, like all students of McKinney & Princeton high schools, had a rough & sad day. Sunday night I took Kyle to the candlelight vigil at a local church. I'm sure Kyle is having a rough day at school today, too. My heart goes out to all of the families, parents, & students affected by the tragedy as well as the EMS, fire, photographer, & police who were on scene that morning. Even with the tragedy that struck early Saturday morning, I still had to get up early & go to work, come back & take the dogs out, head out to Albertson's & do the grocery shopping, stop at Wendy's for lunch, get showered, & then finally sat down to try & relieve some of the stress of the day's news by playing a quick game of Scrambler on dish before taking the dogs out again, & heading back out to work. It was KFC for dinner & then some catalog shopping where I found a cool Periodic Table of Minecraft t-shirt that I wanted. I found it for about half of the catalog price on Amazon, where it was only $12.49 w/ free shipping from Amazon Prime. Yesterday's Sims game was Remington, my favorite in game house. The game didn't crash yesterday, so my Sim Michael Jones (2nd gen) had time to take care of their daughter Liz Jones (3rd gen) who just aged up into a toddler while he works on his athletic & handiness skills that he needs for work. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Lemon Drop Victorian. My Sim Destiny Green (2nd gen) is working on her skills required for her job in the military. She's currently a level 6 Wingman on her way towards a level 10 Astronaut. Once she achieves her lifetime wish, she'll start her family, but for right now, there's no time for a relationship. The FD got toned out to a med call & I wanted to respond, but there was no way I could get out at the time of the tone-out. I hope the patient will be OK & I wish I could have been there to help in their time of distress. The same for the accident early yesterday morning. I keep hoping my schedule clears up REAL soon. I miss the FD, the calls, & the people. There are new members that I haven't even met yet due to my crazy busy life. Soon ... real soon ... I hope things go back to normal, whatever that used to be. With that said, THANK YOU to all of the members of the LCFD who have been responding & training. You gals & guys are great! Miss you all!
Close relative will produce irrefutable evidence her love child is the result of a Bog Foot she met in Albuquerque. Don't argue the point now, just get a gift suitable for a boy or girl monkey.
Combine errands. Several short car trops taken w/ a cold-start engine can use twice as much gas as 1 trip covering the same distance when the engine in warm.

Ed was the only GI I know who told every girl in Okinawa, "You may have already won 6 Hershey bars." And, of course, Ed drank a toast today to his old Marine buddies. Not unusual. Ed sill drink to almost anything. Ed, when we were out one night, drank a toast to Velcro. -Johnny Carson 1988
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Marine Corps, U.S. Marine Corps were founded this day [November 10] in 1775 ... So this is a big day for Ed. To celebrate the founding of the Marine Corps, Ed & his old buddies get together & they invade a nude beach. -Johnny Carson 1988

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Remember our veterans today. Also remember who you own money to & avoid those people until payday. It's good manners.

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  8. Tire sandals
  9. Bike racing or running course marker
  10. Garage wall liners (to prevent car scrapes)
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