Thursday, November 21, 2013

• November 20/21, 2013 •

Good afternoon! Tuesday was a perfect day! I had an Eggo for breakfast, cleaned the house, sent the grocery list, took the dogs out, had a mozzarella stick for lunch, & then since I couldn't leave the house for the evening, I sat down & worked on my Star Trek themed braided mile-a-minute. Tuesday's Sims game was Modern Bungalow. Yesterday morning I took the dogs out & then my browser crashed. Since my PC was having issues again, I decided to just stay in Sims & spend the day creating a house I called Delmonico (3rd & 4th pics). The 2nd pic is 1 of the 2 cars I put w/ the house. Once I completed building, decorating, &
landscaping, & created Queen (1st gen). Queen is excitable, has no sense of humor, is a savvy sculptor, & is unlucky & inappropriate. Her lifetime wish is to be a descendant of DaVinci which means she has to master the inventing, painting, & sculpting skills, which will take a long time, but is extremely profitable because all 3 produce items she can sell at the consignment shop. She likes lobster
thermidore, custom music, & the color gray. She's a Taurus. Her furry companion is Nikki, an Oriental cat who is neat, playful, & adventurous. Queen has been living her Sim life & working on her skills. She's finally at a point where she can pay the bills for that large house on what she's making. Up until that point, I have to admit that I used the "kaching" cheat to pay the bills until that point. Besides selling her inventions,
paintings, & sculptures, she's also been buying metals & gems at the consignment shop, having them cut & smelted, then reselling them for much more money. This morning I took the dogs out, ran into McKinney w/ hubby to sign paperwork & get a NICE check for some land we just sold, & then came back home & updated my schedule for work. I loaded up my film star game in Sims & my Sim Misty is teaching their daughter Hazel Ashton, a toddler, to talk, walk, etc ... as much as she has time to teach her before she ages up into a child.

Annoying video game actions top 10:
  1. Collection pointless items
  2. "Surprise" enemy that is never a surprise
  3. Using the QTE button to make a character run
  4. Stupid last-minute saves
  5. Bald protagonists
  6. Single rooms of endless enemies w/ no esits
  7. Death of mandatory escort ends the game
  8. Acquiring valuables w/ no challenge involved
  9. Boxes, containers, & crates - mostly empty
  10. Final battle is never final!
Apparently somebody intorduced into the computer system a program that has fouled up computers, military computers, & companies all over the country. And it keeps - it's like a biological virus - it keeps reproducing the same program, & they've got to go out & clear it. ... They call it a virus. Computers. Crazy world. It's not bad enough for humans. Now, we got to put a condom on our Macintosh. -Johnny Carson 1988

I believe that a life of integrity is the most fundamental source of personal worth.

I do not agree w/ the popular success literature that says that self-esteem is primarily a matter of mind set, of attitude - that you can psych yourself into peace of mind.

If you think "turducken" is outrageous, check this Bedouin wedding dish out. The whole stuffed camel consists of eggs stuffed inside fish, stuffed inside chicken, stuffed inside sheep, & finally stuffed inside a camel.

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Mr. Potato Head, the 1st toy to be advertised on television (in 1952), received 4 write-in votes in the mayoral election in Boise, Idaho, in 1985.

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Talk about tasting dirt. An earthworm's body is covered w/ taste buds.

Things most often left in a hotel room top 10:
  1. Jewelry
  2. Laptops
  3. Electronic toothbrushes
  4. Hearing aids
  5. Toiletries
  6. Keys
  7. Shoes
  8. False teeth
  9. Underwear
  10. Cell phone chargers
Today, as some of your probably know, is what is called the Great American Smoke Out. The American Cancer Society tries to get smokers to quit smoking for 24 hours ... It's not easy. In a way it should be, this is a break for smokers. Gives us a whole day just to cough ... It's difficult. I once had a guest host quit for me. -Johnny Carson 1980

With Thanksgiving just over the horizon it's a good time to ask for extra gravy in life. If you don't ask ... you won't get it. Go for life's big ladle.

Your horizons are expanding just like stretch pants at an all-you-can-eat buffet. To avoid an embarrassing accident, check the load limit on your spandex before you go bowling, or you could find a new meaning for a 7-10 split.

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