Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

Good afternoon! Great movie morning here, I turned the TV on when I woke up & Xanadu was on. When I changed the channel, I ran smack into the end of Ghost Rider & that led into Independence Day. 3 of my all time favorite movies back to back! WOW! I had Rice Krispies for breakfast yesterday, cleaned the house, picked someone up in Princeton & did grocery shopping for the enchiladas I made for dinner last night, came back & showered, processed an Avon order that came in, went through the Sunday paper, & took the dogs out. Yesterday's Sims game was Lemon Drop Victorian & my Sim Destiny Green (2nd gen) has been working on her skills & going to work at her military career. She's being very successful. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Weathersfield. My Sims, Peter & Piper are half vampire twin teens who have mastered every skill already & are ready to age up today into young adults & start their own families now since they've already mastered their lifetime wishes.

Be a tourist in your own city. Visit a landmark & grab a meal at a fun restaurant.
Countries w/ the tallest population top 10:
  1. Australia (shortest of the tall countries w/ an average of 5' 9")
  2. USA (average 5' 9.9")
  3. Greece
  4. Germany
  5. Finland
  6. Estonia
  7. Norway
  8. Denmark
  9. Sweden
  10. Netherlands (tallest w/ an average height of 6')
In 1960, a theater in Chicago showed the world's 1st Smell-O-Vision movie, where a series of different smells were fed into vents underneath the theater seats. Problem was, odors from 1 scene mixed w/ odors from previous scenes & the whole theater stank!
I think there's a recession on. The administration says there's not, but it's everywhere ... I went into a restaurant in Malibu the other night, had veal on a cot of rice. They couldn't afford a bed of rice. They had it on a cot. -Johnny Carson 1991
A Vocal Performance App that effects your voice in Real-Time.
ShiftyVox is great for on stage, in the studio, or on the go, and it isn't just for vocals. All sounds are awesomely enhanced when heard through ShiftyVox.
You don't have to be a musician to enjoy this app. Just plug in your headphones and trip-out at the sound of your own voice shifting like a robot monster from outer space.
There are two modes, TImeMOD and FreqMOD. Each mode enables you to adjust how much shift is applied to your voice by moving the blue circle around the touch screen.
Note: To use, turn iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad volume all the way up, and use headphones or an external cable to go from the headphones out to a computer or an amplifier. You may have trouble hearing ShiftyVox's sound if you are not using headphones, especially if your device has a cover over the speaker.
Song "God Bless America" was performed for the 1st time by Kate Smith during her regular radio broadcast. the song was written by Irving Berlin, 75 years ago yesterday.

Swiss Army Knife:
It’s a super software and a multi-functional combination applying to life、travel and military combat. As a veritable Swiss Army Knife, it includes eight functions of simple measure, flashlight, compass, bubble level, cross vertical measure, plumb, distance measure and magnifier.

Writing is another powerful way to sharpen the mental saw (part of the reason I have this blog). Keeping a journal of our thoughts, experiences, insights, & learnings promotes mental clarity, exactness, & context.

Your lucky words this week are: Chinet, Tuna Helper, & rhubarb.

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