Friday, November 15, 2013

▸ November 15, 2013

Good morning! I had an Eggo for breakfast yesterday, cleaned the house, sent the grocery list to hubby, then my PC crashed again so I worked on my Entrelac Sweater & finished the entrelac body & now just have all the ribbing to finish up starting with the bottom ribbing, then the sleeves, then neck ribbing, then done! Yesterdays short Sims game was Centennial & my Sim Renesmee (1st gen) worked on her athletic skill. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Rhone Ridge. My Sim Mike (2nd gen) is a child & just had breakfast. He's a virtuoso, but as a child can't work on his music skill at all, unfortunately.

Calendarium is new, easy to use calendar which gives you a new way to discover many interesting things about this day.
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In August, the town of Kotzebue, Alaska, has 2 sunsets in the same 24-hour day because of its location in the Arctic Circle.

Matchbook helps you remember all the wonderful places you come across in your life. Whether it's a place you absolutely love or a newly discovered place you want to try, Matchbook is the way to keep them all conveniently organized.
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Remember that quick fix is a mirage. Building & repairing relationships takes time.

Sports cliches top 10:
  1. We need to just play our game
  2. He gives 110%
  3. Defense wins championships
  4. She leaves it all out there on the field
  5. Those teams match up well
  6. He takes care of the ball
  7. They're going for back-to-back championships
  8. They ahve to step up & make plays
  9. He's the go-to guy
  10. He has his game face on
Things could get itchy at work as the holidays loom. Check your wig for rodents & check the rodents for fleas, then check your better judgement at the door. It's casual Friday so have some fun.

We've had super audiences all this week, well, except last night was a little - they were good, but they were mean. Let me tell you. It was the kind of group last night that would bury a friend in a rented tuxedo so his family would have to go on paying forever. -Johnny Carson 1975

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