Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Good morning! Saturday morning I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, got the mail, sent the grocery list for Kroger, cleared out my Outlook e-mail, picked someone up from a funeral, took the dogs out, played some BlackJack, turned on some dish Music, looked at some 1Note templates, played 2nd Life, & then started my Cabled Canuck Hat (8th pic) & it's going to be beautiful! It's a very difficult pattern to follow, so no TV while I'm working on this hat. It was a perfect day. After working on the hat for a bit, we went out to Taco Bell
for dinner, watched TV, & then headed off to bed. Saturday's Sims game was Glencove & my Sim Destiny just aged up into a toddler. As usual though, my adult Sims & my toddler Sims are always on opposite schedules, so there will be no teaching how to talk, walk, or potty training. It's kinda hard to do that when the toddler is asleep when the adult is awake & vice versa. It happens more often than not. :( This means
I won't be able to choose a trait for the toddler when they age up into a child & the game mostly punishes you further by giving the child an annoying trait like couch potato, insane, mean spirited, etc. Early Sunday morning the FD got toned out to a med call, I took the dogs out, went through the Sunday paper, made Italian French toast for breakfast, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping at Market Street (my
favorite store other than WalMart & I like WalMart because of the added feature of yarn, clothing, & other stuff available other than foods). I came home & showered, played 2nd life for a little while, took the dogs out, made a ham & cheese sandwich for lunch, tried out Gomoku & got my ass whooped, went on Ravelry & finally organized my projects, then we went to the Italian Villa for dinner & after another
perfect day, we came home & I worked on my Cabled Canuck hat until hubby was ready to watch some TV & then we went to bed. Yesterday's Sims game was my Painter. Queen has been working on her painting skill & making money from her paintings. This morning I took the dogs out & then started up a brand new game in Sims & this one is in my top favorites list! I started out in Monte Vista, my favorite town ... then
placed a house built by a very talented other. The house is called Family Country Home (2nd, 3rd, 6th, & 7th pics). Beautiful, isn't it?! I then created Natalie (5th pic). Natalie is a cat person who's clumsy, over-emotional, a vehicle enthusiast, & a savvy sculptor. Her lifetime wish is to reach level 10 of the science career. She likes hamburgers, custom music, & the color spice brown. She's a Leo. Natalie's furry
companion is Itsy, a Balinese cat who's destructive, clueless, & proud.  Since Natalie is a vehicle enthusiast, she bought a Dodge Viper to get around in (4th pic). Her 1st "to-do" was to get a job, so she went online & got a job at the science facility. Then it was time to learn the gardening skill which is needed for her chosen career. She drove into town to the bookstore & got a book on gardening, read 
enough to gain her 1st level in the gardening skill which gifted her with not only the knowledge, but her 1st set of seeds to plant. This beautiful home comes with an area in the back yard to garden (6th pic, center strip behind the house's foundation). She planted her seeds & then headed back into the living room to sit & continue reading her gardening book until it was time to feed the cat & start dinner.

Ancient Romans used crushed bones & oyster shells in their toothpaste.

In an interdependent situation, synergy is particularly powerful in dealing w/ negative forces that work against growth & change. Sociologist Kurt Lewin developed a "force Field Analysis" model in which he described any current level of performance or being as a state of equilibrium between the driving forces that encourage upward movement & the restraining forces that discourage it.

Most dangerous sea creatures in the world top 10:
  1. Stingray
  2. Shark
  3. Box jellyfish
  4. Sea snake
  5. Sea urchin
  6. Stonefish
  7. Lionfish
  8. Puffer fish
  9. Saltwater crocodile
  10. Blue ring octopus
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Your lucky words this week are: Naugahyde, drunky, & bouffant.

You see who announced price increases today? ... The Life Saver people. Life Savers are now .15c/pack. And the company Life Saver said they had to pass along the increasing cost to the customer. They said the price of holes went up. -Johnny Carson 1974

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