Saturday, November 16, 2013

• November 16, 2013 •

Good morning! What a frustrating evening I had last night. I was down to my last nerve & I swear people were trying to stomp on it. The day started out good ... it was looking like a perfect day. I got a LOT done & after having worked all day, I was SOOO looking forward to finally sitting down & relaxing on the sofa with a fire in the fireplace, the TV, & my knitting. That's were everything went wrong. I lit the fire, turned on the TV, sat down, reached for my knitting, & the phone rang. That was the beginning of the end of my evening. 1st I had to drive someone somewhere, they said they'd be a minute, said they would immediately let me know what was up ... then nothing. No text, no call, no walking back out & informing me of what was going on. I waited, I called, I texted, I called again, & kept waiting, then I got blocked in by some IDIOT in a little car who had 2 car-widths to park in, but instead pulled right up next to my truck, making it damn near impossible to get out due to the size of my truck & the fact that there were cars parked across the thin aisle behind me. After zig-zagging back & forth & back & forth, I finally got out of there & was PISSED! I was left to just sit (how RUDE from someone I was doing a favor for!), then trapped into my parking space by some moron of a fucktard who thought he was being cute. I get back home pull into the driveway, & THEN I get the text "ready when you are". Oh screw you! I'm home now. You should have thought to text me as promised as soon as you went in ... or answered my 2 calls ... or answered my text. I waited. I got trapped. I drove all the way home. A LOT of time had passed & nothing ... until I pull in the driveway. No. I worked all day & I really need to sit & relax. I finished up some stuff on my PC before going back & trying to relax again, but the texts & phone calls didn't stop. Pissed beyond belief, I finally texted back & said I'm on my way, BE READY when I get there! I get in the truck, head back out, get halfway there & get a text; "Got a ride". FUUUUUU .... You asshole! I turned around & headed BACK home ... cursing the whole way back. I get home, sit down, the phone rings. A long, bad argument later, I finally get off the phone, decide that now is a good time to deal with a company who has been NOT doing their job, make that service call ... get off the phone, the phone rings again & I end up back on the phone to continue the argument from before, finally get dinner started, hubby gets home from work, & it's all over. The fire has burned out & I never spend one MINUTE in front of it nor did I even get to SEE it from where I was the whole time, I never got to sit down for more than a minute, never got to watch the TV, & never even got ONE STITCH of knitting done. All that damn work & NO relaxation. NOT cool people. NOT COOL! I'm human. I'm NOT a damn machine. I need to destress at the end of a long workday. Work - sleep - work - sleep - work - sleep ... NOT enough. I'm tired of being everyone's slave. I need some "me time". I'm thinking screw the house today. Nothing will get done except my knitting & what ***I*** want to get done (which is mostly just my knittin). Call it payback for yesterday's slavery. You can't treat people like a full time maid. Even maids are given time at the end of their shift to relax & read a book, watch TV, knit ... whatever. You can't work a human as if their a machine. Oh, and here's another little piece of advice ... if you ask someone for a favor, at least treat them with respect. Don't have them taxi you around for free & then just ditch them there ... sitting & waiting. You'll soon find out that they will no longer do favors for you because you can't show respect, courtesy, or decency in return. Say please, say thank you, do something nice for them in return, & for God's sake don't just ditch them there like they have no life other than to wait for you for an unspecified amount of time!

Converting your microwave oven into a tanning bed turns out to be a bad idea. Get some medicated lotion before someone mistakes you for a leather scarecrow or Larry King.

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Elm Farm Ollie was the 1st cow to ever fly - at least in an airplane. For a 1930 air show in St. Louis, she was taken aloft & milked. Her milk was the put into paper cartons & parachuted to spectators below.

May a toothless yak gum your grandmother's Wheat Thins. -Johnny Carson 1981

Talking birds of the world top 10:
  1. African gray parrot
  2. Amazon parrot
  3. Budgie
  4. Quaker parrot
  5. Indian ringneck parrot
  6. Electus parrot
  7. Macaw
  8. Cockatiel
  9. Lory
  10. Cackatoo
Thomas Wolfe was wrong. You can go home again - if your home is a treasured relationship & precious companionship. My wife & I feel the key to staying in love is to talk, particularly about feelings. We try to communicate w/ each other several times a day, even when I'm traveling. It's like touching in to home base, which accesses all the happiness, security, & values it represents. -Unknown

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