Wednesday, November 6, 2013

➤ November 6, 2013 ❖

Good morning! Yesterday I had Canadian bacon for breakfast, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, came back & showered, the FD got toned out to a possible structure fire, I updated my iPad mini to the new iOS, updated the apps, & then checked out the TV Guide app & added The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart to my DVR to watch while I'm crafting if I ever make it past all of the Prime Time Anytime shows that's on there from the week, took 
the dogs out, had kidney beans on rye for lunch, & then sat down to work on my Braided Mile-A-Minute afghan. It's coming out great! I also added another project to my queue last night, it's called the Flame Hat (2nd pic) & I can't wait to start making it! I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy my crocheting & knitting projects. I don't have enough time to enjoy them ... last night I couldn't sleep because I was so excited about these beautiful cool temperatures & all of the great projects I'm working on (or plan to start). It's a great thing when the reason you can't sleep is because you're so happy w/ life. I really wish I was like my grandfather & could get by on only 4 hours sleep per night. I could get so much crafting done! I keep feeling like time is running out ... there are so many things I'd love to make & so little leisure time. Yesterday's Sims game was 40 Summit Ave, the house I grew up in. I put our retired Sim replica selves in the house & playing that house is bringing back so many memories. Our retired Sim replicas are enjoying life in that house & the last thing they did last night was throw a party. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up Weathersfield. This is the game where I'm currently playing twin teens who are vampires & have mastered every skill already. They've already achieved their lifetime wishes, so immediately after graduation they'll start families of their own.

iCheckBalance is an easy to use checkbook app and a bill tracking app in one.

✱ iCheckBalance has a simple spreadsheet like interface that makes reconciling statements a snap.

✱ Transaction rows can be moved up or down to change the sequence to match your bank statement.

✱ New transaction rows can be inserted at the end, or above, or below an existing row.
✱ Balance is calculated for each transaction.

✱ Transactions not yet cleared can be marked as pending and (optionally) removed from the balance calculations.

✱ Reconciled transactions can be flagged as such.
✱ Quick fill feature for fast transactions entry.
✱ Easily Transfer amounts between accounts.
✱ Cash flow charts.
✱ Charts deposits, deductions, and balance over day, week, month or year time periods.
✿ Bills and payments can be tracked for multiple bill accounts.
✿ Bills can be setup to recur weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, 6-monthy or yearly.
✿ Bills can be viewed on calendar.
✿ Bills can be sorted by due date.
✿ Bills due soon and overdue are marked.
✿ Bill payments can be deducted from an account when entering bill payment.

❖ In-app multi-line calculator: great for calculating discounts and percentages.
❖ Rows in calculator can be edited with all results updating like a spreadsheet.
➤ Passcode lock for added security.
➤ Help info in the app; no separate manual needed.
+ You get all the features when you buy the app and get all future updates for free. There are no in-app purchases for additional features or subscriptions to buy and no ads in the app.
All data backed up on sync.
You can also export account data in CSV format for reading into spreadsheets or for keeping your own backup.
Get iCheckBalance and avoid late fees and bank charges by staying on top of your bank accounts, credit cards and bills.

In a 2009 protest against plunging milk prices, an angry dairy farmer squirted jets of milk at riot police, directly from a cow's udder.

In America, if you vote by absentee ballot but die before the election, your vote still counts.

Make a scrapbook together. While kids grow too big for paper dolls & coloring, they never outgrow this craft.

Most dangerous jobs in America top 10:
  1. Police
  2. Miner
  3. Bomb Squad
  4. Armored car guard
  5. Coast Guard (aviation survival technician)
  6. Firefighter
  7. Iron & steel worker
  8. Pilot & flight engineer
  9. Logger
  10. Fisherman
Oh, this off the news wire. There was 1 late concession speech yesterday. Oprah Winfrey admitted she lost to her diet. -Johnny Carson 1990

Proactive people can figure out many, many ways to educate themselves.

SimpleDraw allows for quick and easy drawing and doodling. Designed with instant usability in mind, this application will allow you to start drawing right away without any bothersome start menus, splash screens, or ads.
If you need more options, accessing the menu is very easy--just touch the screen with two fingers and you will be able to change your color and stroke. If you feel your drawing is important, hit the "Save" button and the image on the canvas will be saved to your photo album.
If you love quick and easy doodling, you will love SimpleDraw!
* Touch screen with two fingers to switch between the canvas and the options menu.
* Shake to clear the canvas.
* Simple selection of five colors and strokes, plus an eraser.
* Save important drawings to your photo album.
Please send feedback to or
Keywords: draw drawing doodle doodling quick paint simple sketch

You might feel like you've been drop kicked through the goal posts of life. Well, join the club & quit complaining. Cash in some of your 401k & see what Vegas is all about.

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