Friday, November 8, 2013

✔ November 8, 2013 ✔

Good morning! Yesterday I had French toast for breakfast, got the mail, & then FireFox crashed, so I took the rest of the day off & finished the Braided Mile-A-Minute I was working on (2nd pic). I came up w/ a GREAT new idea & am so excited about it! 1st, I improved on the design of the Braided Mile-A-Minute & then came up w/ a list of themes. No more random colors ... now I'm going to make a THEMED Braided Mile-A-Minute & the 1st theme? Star Trek! (3rd pic). Mostly blue w/ white borders surrounded by a yellow, & black outer border & the panels connected by gray lines. It's going to be awesome ... step-by-step pics will follow as I work on it hopefully today! Yesterday's Sims game was the film star career
& my Sim Hazel Ashton (2nd gen) is still a toddler & will age up soon, but with the crash of FireFox & my taking the rest of the day off, my 1st gen Sim Misty only had time to take care of Hazel, sleep, & go on a film interview. This morning I took the dogs out, went to work, & stopped at Michael's & picked up yarn for the new afghan. Today's Sims game is the criminal career & my Sim Renesmee just got her job & has been working on her athletic skill which she needs for work. She's up to level 7 already, so she's well ahead of the curve. In other news, my Web hosting provider screwed up last night. I thought I was the one who made a mistake, but after further experimentation I found that it's on their end. My entire Images subdirectory has been deleted. It's all gone. Over a decade of images. Over 800 backgrounds, every afghan I've ever made, every sweater I've ever made, all my
PSP tags that I've made ... 10 YEARS of images ... gone. I've thinking about deleting the site. I've had my Website for over a decade & now it's gone. I could start over, but what would I do now? It would be so tiny & simple compared to the decade of work that I had put into it. Oh well. I guess it's time to start over or give up. I'll decide over the next few days I guess.

As Scorpio stings you might have trouble closing zip-lock bags. What does this mean? You're obviously avoiding closure of a traumatic episode. Seek the advice of a good bartender. Even if they don't have an answer, you'll have a good time.

EPOCH - Post-apocalyptic Robot Combat
Featured as "Game of the Week" on the App Store!
* IGN.COM - "iOS cover shooting done right".
* TOUCHARCADE.COM - "Cover never felt so awesome"
* SLIDETOPLAY.COM - "Combine the gorgeous look with the superbly tuned touch-screen controls and high level of replayability, and result is a great and unique iOS action game ..."
* GIZMODO.CO.UK - "EPOCH is the new cover-shooter king by several circuit-boards."
* POCKETGAMER.CO.UK - "re-imagining the genre completely for the touchscreen"
* APPOLICIOUS.COM - "It's an absolutely gorgeous game with fast paced visceral combat that keeps you on your toes, and it even has an interesting story thrown in the mix."
* GAMEPRO.COM - "...the game is an Unreal Engine-powered visual tour-de-force that is sure to impress both you and your friends."
Follow the echoes of a lost civilization in a visually-stunning post-apocalyptic world where only robots survive to fight a never-ending war. Fight towards your goal and piece together the fragments to reveal exactly what happened when the old world ended. Is this the dawn of a new Epoch? And how can you find the one person you were originally assigned to protect?
Control your character with intuitive finger swipes. Make split-second tactical decisions, take cover, select targets, dodge incoming fire, utilize special abilities, and launch countermeasures!
Battle escalating waves of robots in arena-style combat, and upgrade yourself with pieces torn from your fallen enemies! Configure your robot with dozens of weapons, armors, boosters and counters.
Fight in multiple locations across a vast and ravaged city, and gather fragments of the past with logs from a cast of characters, each with their own perspective on the apocalyptic events that destroyed a once-proud civilization.
Utilize the enhanced visual capabilities of the iPhone4S and iPad 2 with high-resolution graphics powered by the UnrealEngine, the same engine used to create the visuals of the award winning Infinity Blade.
About Uppercut Games
Uppercut Games is an independent game studio whose founders have a long development history, working on award winning games such as Bioshock, Tribes: Vengeance, Freedom Force and Fallout: Tactics.
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Here in California they had a Proposition A. And if you voted "yes" on that, you were in favor of the rapid transit, & that lost here in Lost Angeles. Now, the reason it lost: the people who were in favor of it couldn't get to the polls.

Is That Gluten Free? - Eating Out:
From the Makers of the
#1 GLUTEN FREE APP on the App Store!
For almost 2 years “IS THAT GLUTEN FREE?” has been helping those with gluten sensitivities and Celiac Disease find gluten free products at the grocery store.
Now we can help you make gluten free decisions while EATING OUT!
This App is iOS5 compatible!
✔ 36 National Restaurant Chains including 12 Fast Food, 9 Fast Casual and 15 Casual Restaurants AND GROWING.
✔ Over 1,700 VERIFIED GLUTEN FREE Menu Items.
✔ Over 745 VERIFIED GLUTEN FREE Ingredients.
✔ Search by Menu Item or Ingredient within each restaurant.
✔ GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS SECTION (when applicable) to help make your menu item gluten free.
✔ RESTAURANT COMMENTS regarding pertinent information such as cross-contamination.
✔ One-touch manufacturer website and phone links allowing you to obtain more information.
✔ SIMPLE, EASY TO USE interface
Arby's, Bonefish, Boston Market, Burger King, Carino's Italian, Carls Jr, Carrabbas, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Chick fil A, Chilis, Chipotle, CiCi's Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery, First Watch, Flemings, Friendly's, Hardees, In & Out Burger, KFC, Lone Star, McAlister's Deli, On the Border, Outback, Panera Bread, Pei Wei Asian Diner, PF Changs, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster, Red Robin, Shanes, Rib Shack, Skyline Chili, Sonic, Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy’s AND GROWING!
NOTE: We are a compiler of information and make no assumptions with the information provided. Therefore, items that are widely known to be gluten free may not appear as such in this App if the Restaurant will not verify the ingredient as gluten free. We denote these items as “uncertain” and allow you to use your discretion.
This App will work on any iPhone or iPod Touch with at least OS 3.2 installed and is NOT compatible with earlier OS versions.
VERSION 1.3 in Development:
- New Restaurants
Is That Gluten Free? welcomes your feedback. Please email us suggestions to improve this app and we will do our best to include them in future updates. If you have any technical problems please email us before you post a review.
Follow us on Twitter:@isglutenfree and check out our "IS THAT GLUTEN FREE?" fan page on Facebook!

It's extremely valuable to train the mind to stand apart & examine its own program.

Most famous turtles & tortoises top 10:
  1. Crush, from the movie Finding Nemo
  2. Yertle, from the book Yertle The Turtle by Dr. Seuss
  3. Franklin, from the animatged TV series
  4. Leonardo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  5. Donatello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  6. Michaelangelo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  7. Tortoise from Aesop fable, The Tortoise & the Hare
  8. Turtle (Urigone or Mr. Turtle) from Dragon Ball video games & movie
  9. Mock Turtle, from the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  10. Blastoise, from the Pokemon series
Narrowest street in the world, the SpreuerhofstraBe in Reutlingen, Germany, is only 12" at its narrowest.

Turn screen time into a healthy good time by swapping a shoot-'em-up video game for an exercise game.

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