Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013

Good afternoon! I slept in today ... by about 2 hours & I really needed it. :) Yesterday I updated my schedule for this week's work hours, got the mail, & then Win8 updated to 8.1, rebooted, & blew out my schedule for the day, so I took the rest of the day off & 1st worked on the entrelac sweater for a little while & then made another panel of the braided mile-a-minute which is coming out great! Yesterday's Sims game was Weathersfield, but due to the reboot not much was done in the game either. My twin teen Sims, Peter & Piper learned gardening. This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up my film star game. My Sim Misty has just reached level 5 / 10 of her film star career & her toddler ages up tomorrow's game day (not my tomorrow, the game's tomorrow) & then I'll switch & start playing the child & preparing her for her film career while making sure she meets as many people as possible at school so she's popular & has a nice choice of men when she grows up. Hazel Ashton (2nd gen), the toddler, is half vampire which means she's going to have a VERY long lifespan!

Education - continuing education, continually honing & expanding the mind - is vital mental renewal.

Food Blogroll:
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Hold an art show in your backyard. Hang your children's drawings & paintings on a clothesline.

I've been taking, as you probably know, a nightly survey on the state of the economy to see how the recession is affecting all of you. And & want you to be honest. How many of you are force feeding your parakeet until Thanksgiving? -Johnny Carson 1975

Most common last names in the U.S. top 10:
  1. Smith
  2. Johnson
  3. Williams
  4. Brown
  5. Jones
  6. Miller
  7. Davis
  8. Garcia
  9. Rodriguez
  10. Wilson
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Which came 1st, the chicken or the egg? In 1988, mathematicians used U.S. egg production & chicken population data from 1930 - 1983 to see if the chicken population predicted the number of eggs laid, or if the number of eggs predicted the chicken population, or both. They concluded that the egg came 1st.

You'll overhear the phrase, "Wow, now that's a pant load!" twice in 1 day. You might want to check your "situation" in a mirror ASAP.

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