Friday, November 1, 2013

• November 1, 2013 •

Good afternoon & happy November! Yesterday was a great day. I paid bills, ate breakfast, cleaned the house, checked out some stuff on Pinterest, updated my schedule for someone's work schedule (I'm their ride), took the dogs out, had cheese ravioli for lunch, then sat down & finished my entrelac kitchen hand towel (2nd pic) & then continued working on my entrelac sweater (3rd pic), & then started giving out candy as the trick or treaters started coming to the door. There was a good turn out & I'm glad to see that our neighborhood still has lots of active trick or treating. I know lots of neighborhoods don't participate anymore in the traditional way. Many neighborhoods now just have small
Halloween get-togethers at a local church instead. Yesterday's Sims game was Bridgeport Heights & my Sim Robert has been going to work & working on his skills. This morning I took the dogs out, went to work, changed the calendars, updated my crafts spreadsheet & my schedule, my Sim sat down & relaxed on the living room chair (4th pic), & then I loaded up Japanese Lake Retreat. My Sim Opal has taught their daughter Opal II to talk & will also hopefully have enough time to teach her to walk & then potty train her. I doubt Opal
will have time to read child development books to her before she ages up into a child.

Coldest places on the planet top 10:
  1. Vostok, Antarctica
  2. Sovietskaya, Antarctica
  3. Oymyakon, Russia
  4. Verkhoyansk, Russia
  5. Northice, Greenland
  6. Eismitte, Greenland
  7. Snag, Yukon, Canada
  1. Bulunkul Lake, Tajikistan
  2. Mayo, Yukon, Canada
  3. Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA
Did you know that because of the # of issues on the ballot, there's a rule? They're only going to allow you 10 minutes in the voting booth to make up your mind. I got a better idea. They should give us 4 years to make up our mind, & the candidates 10 minutes in office. -Johnny Carson 1988

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If friends seem to be avoiding you, your house, or your block, check the crawl space for unwanted guests. If it's rodents, shoot to kill. If it's relatives, give them a head start.
Real self-respect comes from dominion over self, from true independence.
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You can hypnotize a frog by laying it on its back & gently stroking its stomach.

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