Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

Good morning! Another perfect day yesterday! I had a boiled egg for breakfast, cleaned the house, got the mail, sent the grocery list out, played a little Texas Hold'em, took the dogs out, cleaned out my Yahoo e-mail, then checked out Urban Spoon on my iPhone 5 & went out to Square Burger in McKinney for a late lunch. Hubby came home early to surprise me & it figures, I was out. I never go out. LOL! I played 2nd Life for a little bit & then sat down to relax & watch a little TV while working on my Star Trek themed Braided Mile-A-Minute afghan. When hubby was ready, I cooked steaks & then we watched some TV & headed to bed. Yesterday's Sims game was Family Country Home in Monte
Vista & my Sim Natalie is just living her Sim life & going to work. :) This morning I took the dogs out & loaded up a brand new game called Modern Bungalow (2nd pic) which I put in Dragon Valley. I created Ivan (1st gen) who is rebellious, good, ambitious, loves the heat, & hot headed. His lifetime wish is to be a CEO of a Mega-Corporation. He likes Stu Surprise, custom music, & the color Sea Foam. He's a
Leo. His furry companion is Tiberius, a Burmese cat who is quiet, destructive, & clueless. Ivan got a job in the business field & then learned the gardening skill. Our retired Sims enjoyed sitting in the living room reading the paper looking for this weekend's upcoming events & being sat on by Xoco (3rd pic).

1st push-button telephones debut when 2 citits in Pennsylvania offer touch-tone service for an extra charge. 50 years ago yesterday.

A coworker may offer you some eggnog. Take a drink but pass on the offer for a back rub.

Conversions for Cooking:
Equivalents tables. For cooking.
Dry. Liquid. US. Metric.
Volume. Imperial. Metric.
Temperature. Weight. US. Metric.
Input. Calculate.
iPhone. iPod touch. iOS 5. iOS 6.
iPad version available.
Internet or Wi-Fi connection not required.
Twitter: @Gormaya

If our personal security comes from sources within ourselves, then we have the strength to practice the habits of Public Victory.

Most famous trees of the world top 10:
  1. Arbol del Tule, 3,000-year-old Montezuma cypress tree in Santa maria del Tule, Mexico
  2. Cotton Tree, Sierra Leone
  3. Boab Prison Tree, Derby, Western Australia, hollow tree once used as a lockup during the 1880s
  4. Major Oak growing in Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, England, 1,000-year-old oak
  5. Lone Cypress, Monterey, California
  6. Tree of Life in Bahrain, 500-year-old mesquite tree growing in the desert
  7. Socotra Dragon Trees on the Island of Socotra, grove of Dragon Blood trees
  8. General Sherman, giant sequoia tree that is over 2,000 years old growing in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in California
  9. Cedars of God, grove of 400 Lebanon cedars growing in the northern part of Lebanon
  10. Avenue of the Baobabs, grove of 800-year-old Baobab trees growing in Madagascar
Otzi the Iceman, a frozen mummy from 3300 BC that was excavated in the Alps, has 57 tattoos on his body. It's thought that these tattoos were used as pain relief treatments, similar to acupunctur

Tommy's kind of a low-profile guy ... Tommy cannot get a break. Today his application was turned down to receive junk mail.

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