Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday July 8 2017

Wood Tray Table $45
This item is used & as you can see from the photo has some dings & dents, but is sturdy & doesn't wobble around. Very nice for breakfast in bed, snacks while watching TV, or just a nice decor piece.

Good afternoon / almost evening everyone! I got another panel done on my knitting machine yesterday, the 3rd of 5. I'm past the halfway mark! I spent some time on my Modern Millenaire Minecraft server & built an enchanting room to the south of my animal traps area. I had forgotten that in 1.7.10 it takes ALL of your 30 exp. to enchant something. Dang! This is going to take a while. I was able to enchant my diamond pickaxe, but that was it. I need to build up to 30 exp. again for each of the other tools & weapons. I did manage to enchant my fishing rod on the anvil with a book I had found somewhere, & luckily that takes less exp. In Sims 3 I started a business career game & used our family. I'm the one pursuing the business career since I'm otherwise unemployed in Sims & work from home selling stuff I make like books, etc. (just like in real life). This game is in Dragon Valley & even though our household has $1.5m, the nicest available empty house that was large enough for our family of 4.5 + 3 dogs was a $100k house with 3 bedrooms & even that one has the kids sharing a bedroom. Ugh. It's cramped, but we'll survive. We can always add-on or move again if a larger house becomes available in town later. Today was our day out. We drove Allison to her dad's in Plano, picked something up that I found on Craigslist, went to a garage sale, then Golden Chick, Hobby Lobby (YARN!), & finally grocery shopping. We were in the grocery store when the thunderstorm hit. It was LOUD even in there! We could hear the close thunder & then the rain on the roof which was so strong that we weren't sure if it was hail or rain. Then the text message came in from the power company that the power had gone out at our house. And there we were, looking at all of our perishables in the cart. Luckily, while we were on the road home I got another text message that power had been restored. YAY! My ice cream won't melt! :D Have a wonderful day everyone!
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