Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday July 2 2017

Fisherman Machine Knitted Sayelle Afghan: $75.92
Made with Sayelle yarn. As will all home crocheted or knitted items, you may find loose ends that have popped out (but will not unravel - weaving in ends was never my strong point), dog hair, &/or MY hair & has been displayed on & off on our sofa pending sale ... but this item will be professionally cleaned before being professionally shipped out to you.
Good afternoon everyone! We had no Internet for the 1st half of yesterday, so I just spent the day out running errands. When we got home, it was still off so I crocheted some of the border on the machine knit afghan. When the Internet came on I did all the stuff I normally would have done in the morning & then instead of watching TV & knitting, hubby & I played video games until 3:30a. I spent all that time on my Modern Millenaire modded Minecraft server & have a nice little place going.
It's right next to a Millenaire Norman village & I've been doing lots of trading with them. When the time comes, I'll have them build me the largest house they offer. I've had one before, years ago in single player games & it's a really nice house with a fountain out front. I also added a server-side mod that allows me to claim chunks for myself & other players so none of us get griefed. Yay! Today I plan to do 2 knit squares on the temperature afghan (since I didn't do yesterday's), log into the XE Gaming Minecraft server for the 1st time since they did the world reset for 1.12 & get a new home started on there, & work on my Lamar knit scarf tonight. Have a great day everyone!
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Friendship Bracelet Pattern of the Day
Akuto: Mad World is an award-nominated fast-paced arena action game with swords and guns. Death is common but by using your weapons and the environment, you can survive to fight another day.
A troubled youth becomes embroiled in the lives of a close-knit group of people in the wealthy, upper-class neighborhood of Newport Beach, Orange County, California.
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Cher: If I Could Turn Back Time
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Would you rather work more hours per day, but fewer days or work fewer hours per day, but more days?

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