Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 !

Good morning & happy 2014! I know I haven't been on here in a WHILE & that's because I REALLY got into Minecraft. I made a New Year's resolution to stop playing this game 20 hours a day & actually get my life back. I'm still playing, as you can see from the screenshots, but I promised myself that I'd do OTHER things, too each day. I'm not going to get into the past couple of weeks. It's too much to try to remember. I played a
LOT of Minecraft of course. :) I was trying to figure out how to start a Minecraft server so that I can share my worlds with others, but due to our slow DSL connection I wouldn't be able to have more than 3 people at a time on the server. That would be nice, but it would shut down the Internet for myself & the rest of the household, so that idea fell flat. Then I discovered Maps. I can create towns & then
upload the map for people to download & play. YAY! I'm going to do that. I'm planning on 1 a month. With that plan in mind, I created a brand new world for the new year. 2014 January LizC864 Minecraft. The 1st pic is the screenshot of the spawn point. This is where I'll start my town. The 1st home is a rustic house (2nd - 7th pics). It turned out very nice & has in-floor lighting inside & also in-ground lighting
outside. It looks fantastic & I tried to get a shot at night, so I sat around & waited for it to get dark, but then it rained all night until sunrise & the shot wasn't a good one because of this. It really does look cool though with the in-ground landscaping lighting. You can see it in the pics, but it looks so much cooler at night. :) This world is, I THINK, a swamp. It has some of the characteristics of one & I saw a slime which
are supposedly mostly seen in swamps. I had no idea what it was! I saw this little single-block green thing hop past me. A frog? I followed it into the water. A frog. I Googled it & nope, it was a slime. 1st time I've encountered one in the game. This will be interesting later when I pop out of creative mode & go exploring. I've never encountered one before & am not sure how much or what kind of damage one will do
to me. I tried out Minelands on facebook which is a Minecraft-like game, but so far I like the real thing better. I might like it much more once I really figure out what it can do other than just building & when & if any friends join it I'll see what that does for me. After building this Minecraft house, I took the dogs out & then loaded Wild Stallion Ranch in Sims (8th pic).

Believe in your dreams.

Hailing frequencies still open, sir. -Uhura (1st time speaking her signature phrase), "The Corbomite Maneuver"

Sign that you have been playing a little too much Minecraft: You try getting wood by punching your trees in the yard.

Which mob in Minecraft explodes?

World is his who enjoys it.

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