Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014

Good afternoon! I was up a lot earlier than this, but my PC barfed I had to reboot after I had already had everything loaded & planned for the day. I almost hung it up for the day. Normally I would, but I got a lot of Minecraft in & decided to give it a little bit of a go. Hopefully it won't crash on me again. I'm starting to think maybe I should load up my schedules on the laptop which has never crashed on me, & just leave this as a gaming machine which was what it was built as anyway. Let tabbing around & more focused on Minecraft & Sims & it may not crash as much. Hopefully it's Firefox w/ 14+ tabs at a time open & Alt+Tabbing between firefox, Minecraft, & Sims that crashes it. I guess we'll see tomorrow when I have a
fresh boot without Firefox starting up or running at all. Right now I'll set up all my tabs on Firefox & use that for the rest of the day. I'll still post my blog from my desktop PC because I can type much faster on my Logitech G19 keyboard. I can type fast on the laptop too, but not like this. Until tomorrow ... enjoy all the Minecraft screenshots! I can't wait until this map is complete & ready for sharing!

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