Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014

Good afternoon! OK, LOTS of news since yesterday. MAJOR news! I'll save the best for last though. :) Yesterday was a great day. I cleaned the house, sent the grocery list out, took the dogs out & updated all my i-apps. After that it was smooth sailing with Minecraft. I built a watchtower that came out great (2nd pic), then a little building that's mostly just for hanging out since there's no back wall & a partial open ceiling (3rd pic), then another one just like it but different colors (4th pic), & this morning I built an epic castle (5th pic). It was a 5½ hour build & it's fairly amazing! All the interior pics & final pics after it's landscaped will be put on Pinterest later when it's done. Now for the huge news! I got my 23andme results back with over 900 relatives & those are
just the ones who have 23andme accounts! I've sent out 25 requests & will probably send out 25 per day until I get to them all. I've already had someone reply back to me. YAY! A relative! Now ... the absolute best news: The results are back as to which countries my ancestors came from. Now this is all on my mother's side. There's no DNA transfer from my father's side. That's how it works. So, on my mother's side (I
didn't see ANY of this coming ... I mean it's ALL a 100% shock to me! 6th & 7th pics) ... #1) Mexico #2) U.K. #3) Spain #4) Poland #5) Jamaica #6) Italy #7) Dominican Republic #8) Cuba #9) Colombia. Now ... REALLY?! I mean ... SERIOUSLY?! I was always told "Dutch" or "Greek". Maybe on my Dad's side ... but on my mother's side (she didn't know ANY of this either!) ... we were seriously left in the dark! I guess my
grandmother didn't want us to know? Is this why she shunned her entire family & I never got to know any of them? Why was she hiding all this? This explains so much though. My eyes, my hair, my ability to tan really well. But ... REALLY?! I still can't believe it. I'm Mexican? I can't even speak Spanish after taking it for 3 years in high school & I don't even like Mexican food. HA! Jamaica?? It's ALL a shock. I think the U.K.
is the only one I was expecting. The rest? REALLY??????? WOW!!!

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